Saturday, September 05, 2015

The Alphabet Girls

Once upon a summer, I woke up and was frustrated by not getting laid at home. I browsed the local board, now a social network excuse me, picked the two most leggy girl and sent them a private mail. Both are young, 19 to 23 that I don't remember nor I cared. I seldom do PM because what they don't post publicly aren't likely to be included in the reply, if you get a reply in time.

But soon I got a reply even it was a Monday morning. What surprised me is the alphabet soup included in the PM. She wasn't trying to be fancy or clever. It really did specify what they provide in the order of difficulty or undesirability. To give you the idea there is FIV, so is FIA. They also states clear what they don't do even I did not asked. No anal for example.

With DFK in the PM and she is a pretty young blonde, I sent her my number and set off to finish (or start?) my business of the day. Before that the backup girl's PM arrived. I couldn't believe it. It was about the same, with a slightly different numbers of alphabetical groupings. She was sure beautiful because I brought the right to see her face pictures.

The trouble is, someone called in sick Monday morning. By the time I was free, girl #1 checked out, not answering her phone. #2 told me to get to her hotel, only to find out that she couldn't get late check out because the hotel says that the room is booked, the usual. Bad luck. So this is my tip - avoid check out day or you take the opportunity that it offers.

I was frustrated all afternoon until I decided to do one more try when I got the privacy to browse the local board, excuse me, social network.

A girl who I thought was visiting and gone turned up there. Even before all these I wanted to PM her to see if she is still in state and within driving distance. Her picture looks that good. Since she turned up it's a no brainer. Soon after my PM I got the alphabet soup reply again! That's 3 out of 3 in a day.  Did I missed the world goes by?

The money is silly but I went anyway. I was glad I did. Who opened the door? A high school senior lookalike who is in the high jump team, pretty with long blonde hair. I fainted. I was driving pass high school almost everyday. You just couldn't avoid so many girls running around everywhere in almost underwear attire in the 90 degree heat.

I told you before our high school cheerleaders don't drink milk anymore. I would say that's slim but people call that skinny. The difference from Asians is that they probably have bigger boobs and butts and longer legs on average. Anna is athletic in my book. But athletic to other people means thick. Not her. I would say she's somebody called small blonde with extra long legs. She is actually not taller than me, and I'm not considered tall. I wasn't measuring but it's the proportion.

She is exactly my type (one of) but totally different from the girl Sarah that I booked. Obviously there's some sort of mixed up but Sarah indeed gave me Anna's number in her PM.

If you put her in a dress and sent her to an agency, she could easily fetch $500+. If she post her full body glamourous pictures she can easily get that, without even mentioning the alphabet soup.

I suspected some sort of bait and switch but I paid up anyway, what Sarah asked for, wonder if Anna honour the alphabet soup.

The soup starts with DFK, what else? I wasn't expecting much as she looks 19, not older than 23. But she passed with flying colors. Can't vacuum for too long but some tongue twisting went in.

After some munching all the way down to her waist, I remembered the alphabet soup. I took out my F and looking for her V. But she said she wasn't comfortable with it. So I took my F away and used my tongue instead. No problems. I dined as long as it took and as deep as it took me. I also munched on her tights.

Then I turned her over and do the RIM. I think it's in the menu. Anyway I can't resist trying when I met 19 year olds. She was OK with it. But when I was going too passionate, she told me not to get inside. Of course I have no intention to, but I was a bit carried away.

Now she was not looking, I had no mercy on her legs. I licked, from hips to lower legs. With that sort
of proportion, her feet can't be bad. I was right, just that she was wearing some pointed shoes so her toes are all crushed together at the time. She was OK when I was playing and kissing her feet. But when I got to her toes she was a bit uncomfortable. I tried a bit and asked if I can suck. She said, "may be just the big toe". How lovely. I sucked a little bit because she was a bit ticklish. But if I washed her feet I wouldn't let her off, not any toes. And since I haven't done with her legs and all other things, I saved it for next time.

Her blowjob is very American, the big thing. It was like she is pleasing her boy friend. She is not shy, not afraid of cocks, doing all she can to please. She is totally at ease with me looking at her at work. She wasn't trying to avoid me seeing her doing nasty things. She wasn't afraid that she doesn't look pretty at it. She wasn't doing some silly porn moves looking at me. She did look at me from time to time to see if I liked it.

Another surprise, the condom didn't fit when she tried to ride me. I have to carefully put it on myself without hurting. That's how good she is. Or me?

I did this and that, ending up in spooning. I pulled, stretched and held her leg in all position and orientation. She helped along because she knew what turned me on most. I was satisfied in all dimensions - physical, psychological, spiritual, mental?

On the way out I met a pilot in uniform. From his conversion with another stranger lift passenger, I think the pilot is a bit depressed when he has to work so hard, while I was in leisurely beach attire. I think he knows what's going on on that wing.

I though she is visiting. I asked her if she is still around and she said for the week. Sadly, my schedule for the week is full. Except the following morning. So I texted her again when I woke up. She joked if I wanted the other girl that I originally booked.

Indeed when I PMed Sarah that day asking her what was going on, she just said it was a mistake. And she is available the next day. I told her I'll want to see her in the future but I need some rest. That was true. But then I didn't want to hate myself for missing Anna.

That morning was even better.  I went into the bathroom to take a shower. The bottle of shampoo that I opened yesterday was as it was. I could be there earlier but she needed the time to prepare herself and the room. I was impressed that not older than 23 girls do that. Can I say well trained?

She was very pleased to see me, and that I didn't want Sarah instead. Longer DFK. Longer BBBJ. It was a total show off. I asked for 69 and she refused. It wasn't bad at all. We did it in turns. She knew I love her pretty face and I could hold off indefinitely. Did I say it was a total show off?

This time I brought my own cover. Since she had no chance to change cover, she was glad that I did. After the session she said with some emotion, "much better". I didn't think it was 100% her feeling. I think some of it is that she knew what I felt. And I would say "muuucccchhhh beeetteeeer".

Of course I spent more time on her legs. Then I noticed that her feet was cleaner and her toes wasn't crushed together again. I sucked the big one, and the others, until she giggled. I left her alone.

This time I remembered the positions. I pulled her by her long legs to the edge of the bed. I did the missionary holding her legs. Then to my surprise, I discovered that when I pull her legs straight, her feet was behind my ears. Maybe the first time in my life I encountered that long legs have their disadvantages. Maybe I always find small blondes or small anything irresistible.

Then I turned her over for the doggy. When she was almost ready, I realized that she was too tall for that. Usually when I was standing by the bed, I could enter irrespective of the height of the bed. Usually I have to lower myself a little bit. Not for her.

But then she knew it before I did. She wasn't on all fours on the bed. She went off the bed too. One leg straight and one leg bending half way on the bed. What a lovely sight!  I worked really hard but I was invincible.

So I thought it was about time and I wanted to give it to her in the spoon position. With yesterday's experience, she wouldn't want me to hold her so tight behind her. It's a bit of sideways but I got to see her face and breasts. It was a total show off of her legs. Again I molested them in every way I could think of while fucking her hard.

When I was about to cum, she was bright enough to hold and stretched her leg herself straight to the ceiling.  My satisfaction now adds one more dimension, visual.

After all that I found out that she is local. I am happy that I didn't find out sooner. I won't miss this day for any future encounters.

The analysis:

I think something was going on, something evolved. I got sent another girl's number. Some are worst. Two girls sent him exactly the same PM with the same number. But I don't think it's evil.

I think they knew each other, or sort of facebook friends on a social network. I think they have a syndication of sort. I think they have helpers or do the work in turns. Being not too bright, it was a mess sometimes. Or that they have good intention to send you somebody when someone else was doubly booked. Or they try to maximum the profit and use the hotel rooms they already have to the full.

Who would want to be on facebook for hookers and clients? I hated it. Imagine somebody liked you and you can't refuse! The fact is, you can lookup who you went to bed with, worse, who went to bed with those you went to bed with - imagine friends of friends! Yuk!

But then the "social network" survived all these years and blooming. I think the girls took advantage of it. If somebody "liked" you, it's as good as any reference. The site itself can't do any tricks. If you can buy fake likes and pay to delete something bad, someone will complain and everybody will know.

Looking at the Cityvibes, I think even GFE became incriminating code words. But in private emails, anything goes. It's better than reviews. In the past, girls don't want to give you the alphabets so guys tried to deduce from the aggregated reviews. There's no need for reviews if the girls told you the first place. And selfie seldom lies. But they can hide.

In summer you get area codes of all sorts. After that, they may go back to their home base as Anna did. But really if they are local, at most they have a few clients per week. The impression of travelling is because everybody tries to pack the clients into a day and do other things for the rest of the week or month. Whether you travel or stay in the same place is up to you.

I hope to see her again and she's really local. But with her low profile, she might go somewhere else where the money is. That is, if there's such a place nowadays.

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