Monday, June 22, 2015

Names, pictures and plastic surgery

You all need a name to advertise and to be addressed. A proper stage name shows class, your wit and your heritage. But that's difficult.

The name I remembered most is Betty Boobs, and she has the breasts to show for it. Better still, she doesn't advertise in it. She told me privately that's she is affectionately know as Betty Boobs, her nick. How cute.

If you can't think of anything good, just pick a neutral first name. It is common to have a adjective in a full stage name. If you have something original, I don't mind, just don't sound boring. I can't stand is a verb phrase as the name, and with third persons in it like she, her. I don't think names are important anymore as in most advertising places you have to have a picture icon.

You don't earn money for clicks so don't try to steal clicks. Like put up a bikini icon but don't include any bikini in the gallery. Or a beautiful face as the icon but don't show your head in the gallery. You will be hated for time wasting.

I think I might have mentioned it before. There are always new agents, management, or just pimps that comes along and reinvent the wheel. When you never thought you will see that again and let down your defenses, somebody do the head transplant into models' body again. There may be a new twist. After the transplant they blur the head, somewhat so it's hard to detect and there's no proof. But why you want to do that? Why not just blur the model's face?

I always there are too many pictures to distract if the sites don't charge per picture. All you need is face, standing up front and back, if you are up to it of course. And they should be recent selfies, what else?

Now there are more local social sites that keep your profile established date. Somehow some girls prefer to keep their profile for a couple of years. Of course you earn the right to keep your pictures a couple of years ago. But without recent pictures, new clients will be worried.

I have mixed feelings about these girls. My ATF Chanel is one of those. She survived the initial intensive drilling and was much hotter when she retired a few years later. Though she didn't do that much because she is picky and offended many clients. She could afford it. Some girls I didn't want to pay too much for when they are new (I have Chanel). But when I managed to see them they ballooned into twice as big. Some girls I never saw but I watched them from 19 year old cutie becoming hot MILF. These are long stories but now...

I saw the ad of a girl who is totally different than last time she came. Initially I thought she put up new fake pictures. Full face, full frontal and back standing up. Totally model material. Then I realized that it is more likely she did plastic surgery and proud of it. Me too. If she didn't keep her pictures from last year her old clients won't recognize her. And some old clients may feel cheated if they run into her. But she is totally not bad with her old body. Even if she did something her old body will be good enough. Body surgery is the harder part.

Her face is now totally beautiful. You don't worry close up defects because the technology is here now. Damn, if I don't have recent commitments I will book her. She just reminded of my ATF hooker Chanel and massage girl that I don't even remember her name. But I remembered their face and eyes. I can jerk off watching their face any time. If I met them now I will certainly think they enhanced their face. But that was long ago. Maybe they are pioneers or they are just naturally beautiful.

It's not like they need a face lift. And at 19 they just want to be picture perfect, or just want to be beautiful.