Thursday, September 04, 2014

Sunshine delivers

After Rita restored my hope in humanity, that a random picked girl can have gorgeous legs, I began to search for her replacement. Rita is, or similar to, the name of the Last girl I wrote. I did have a picture of her leg, a rather original post. I picked her not basing on that because I trust stand up straight mug shots more.

She was around for a few months before I discovered her, and lost her. She never came back.

And what did I find after that? Sunshine. I can testify that this is 100% her. You notice the sunlight coming in from the windows at the back? Yes, I think you just took it with her cell phone. No air brush. No distortion.

For some reasons she posted some totally fake pictures until months later, when she disappeared. Relatives or friends may not recognize her. But I would think recent clients, sugar daddies, boy friends will recognize her. Recognization may not be the real problem, which may be to avoid some people. Or she doesn't want her locals to know that she visits other cities, at other prices. So she or others just post some great models to attract new customers. She is a lot better than her fake pictures.

When she opened the door I thought she is 18 and she thought I am 20 something. (more on that later) She was in something like a white Victoria secret's angel collection. A simple two piece underwear and a lot smaller than what she was wearing in her pictures.

She is rather tall so she greeted me bare foot. She was energetic and bouncy like a teenager. She walked fast and didn't worry about keeping something from my line of sight. She wasn't hiding anything and showing off everything.

Her legs are greater and longer than Rita's. You can look at her slander fingers and project on the rest of her legs. I wasn't even focused once on her feet. There's enough to look at. The other reason is that she is bare feet so I won't go there unless there's nothing better to lick do. Also, model feet aren't that small in order to support a tall frame, but can be cute in other ways.

I don't usually look a breasts that much at first sight, but standing before you, they are the first imposing things you are aware of. Like a lot of girls, her breasts are perfect works of art. She went for a pretty big size but looks plausible. I can't forget those due to the very lack of support of her tiny bra and that she had the most awesome waist that I noticed in recent years.

She also has well maintained ass length hair, straight but with style. Very rare. Everything is a touch of class, in the sense that you can't wrap up all that hair, and that it takes time to maintain day to day.

The funny thing is that even though she has the face outline of a barbie doll, and that everything on her face looked very OK, I didn't have the urge to DFK her. For many girl, pretty, beautiful, cute, or not, DFK was the 1st thing I think of because that is not always offered. May be she dazzled me with lots of other things already.

Now I think that the reason that I didn't have a crush on her is because her face is artificial. It looked very natural because I didn't think of it at the time. But she used a little bit more colored makeup than I think she needs. And that's perhaps because she was hiding the knife marks as some movie stars that had plastic surgery. If those subtle marks wasn't pointed out by tabloids, I wouldn't have noticed it.  They are just like cheek bones under the skin.

Also, I think that she thinks her eyes are good enough that do not need surgery. I can think of two of the most beautiful woman I met, and looking back I think they may have they eyes enhanced. Haunting and mesmerizing. Other girls may tape their eyes that is also super sexy.

Am I picky? There's one more thing that I wasn't crushed on her. She has a rather different accent. I love foreign accents but her's are like tourists guides'. Usually that doesn't make a different but she rather likes to talk.

Maybe her flaws are her strength. I can concentrated 100% on her A++ figure and flawless skin. The reason I think she is older than 18 is because her body could be brand new or newly enhanced that cost a fortune.  She also has no hesitation on blow jobs, bare back style.

When I saw her pictured I PMed her per her instruction. Her ad has about one line of code. Her reply was brief, "I give you full GFE for $$$". I don't care what her version of GFE means but I had very specific things to look for - Rita's legs. If she didn't pass I wouldn't have stayed for any discounts. So I didn't comment on her full price too.

I never get to the right position to kiss her, and I didn't have the crush to. Her idea of full GFE is marathon blowjob. I had that with Emma, like playing with captured rats until they almost die, and let them live for another game.  But Emma like to kneel down or kneel on the bed so I can watch.

Sunshine likes to do it upside down. I had no problem with that because I had a great view of her butt and her legs. I didn't even remember to check her feet and toes and asshole.

She would blow me up to heaven and then at the point of big bang she would let me sink to hell, and the cycle cycles. Soon I realized I should pull her closer to me. But when I started to pull her legs slightly, she climbed over me for a 69. Actually she was ready to get into a 69 position all along. I was just having too much visual stimulation all at once to think of that.


It was the perfect position. I was comfortbly laying down a little on the pillows and the headboard. She was dead center on me sucking my dick in a 69 position. All I had to do was grabbing her butt and pull her down a little so my mouth was dead center on her pussy without having to move any muscle. It wasn't easy for her because if she stacked on top of me she would lost her knees to support her body. There's a lot of manuover she couldn't do skillfully with only her hands and mouth. But we had all the time to compromise and settle down.

This can easily be my favorite position but you need a girl like her - everlasting oral skills, liked to be eaten unlimitedly, perfect legs and butt.

We could do it forever. So I gave her a spank on her butt to signal her that I wanted to cum inside. Since she didn't any intention to kiss, I went behind her and did the spoon. It was very satisfying to grab her perfect breasts while pounding away with her butt length straight hair trapped between us. I could also do a little leg (hers) manuover to get me excited and ready - twist them into a kinky post, pulling them and push them up dangling in the air.

I came inside her warm body. I released my grip from behind her so she could roll over or pull out. But she knew what to do by not moving. I had my hand still holding her left breast, my right hand on her hip, and my head burried between her neck and shoulder.

I gave her a good tip that she couldn't forget. I thought it was one off but I saw her 3 times or more.

The other time I saw her just before Valentine. I couldn't wait long and I didn't want to see her at Valentine, feeling weired. She is a straight shooter, another reason she seems to be younger than her age. She asked why I didn't visit her on Valentine instead! Well, I'm not against it. I don't want somebody to freak out without prior notice. May be the extra romance would turn out to be awkward.

But her question was perfectly valid. She accused me of saving the day for my favorite (escort). She was new to the area so that'a a good point. In the past I would save my sperms for the day in case Mrs Player want it. But it's not necessary. I could do it again in the evenings after a few hours of recuprating.

The only other girl I would see at Valentine is of course Chanel. But maybe she had to juggle a few clients' request on the day. Or she would call up her clients and hit them up for extra. But I don't think it matters Valentine or not because she always wanted to down play the romance part but emphasis the service satisfaction part.

Of course I liked Chanel more but I would prefer to fuck Sunshine. No hassle. The works. Complete satisfaction. But she also charges full price.

Chanel doesn't want trouble. Of course I would marry her any time in hind sight, given Mrs Player is still pretty hot, doesn't want sex, and doesn't ran away with somebody else. That's a no brainer. Her ex-clients aren't a big deal compared to whether she likes me and if she can like anybody. Seeing that she mellowed over a few years, and hearing her talking her hopeless relationship with her rich boy friend, I woud think I know her well enough if her yes is really yes. But then I probably don't have enough for her to say yes, and that if I have enough I may change my mind. That's life.

The 2nd time I saw Sunshine she wore stripper shoes and then sat down on the sofa for some relaxing conversation. She knew I like her legs. I wouldn't mind if she shows them off on high heels and looks taller than me instead of small. But I wasn't sitting next to her. I went for her feet straight away.

She liked the attention and giggled and smiled. It wasn't intense as I was eager to explore her all over again, and then straight to the 69. A kid inside a candy jar. It ended up the same routine all over again. And I was doubly satisfied. What else can be better?

About the 3rd time she told me I looked about 20 something when she saw me 1st time. Isn't she a straight shooter? I don't know if it's a compliment. Sure I looked half my age with all the hair, designer shorts and slippers. But is my performance declined to middle-age now?

But I'm always the VIP. She invited me to lunch and mentioned shopping. That was my favorite words a while back, especially from her mouth not mine. Of course I wanted to go with her but I didn't want her to be disappointed about my pocket. I declined. I could imagine everyone drewling on her - wondering if she is a hooker or a gold digger - ass length hair, model material, and tall.

I didn't lose my mind and took her to lunch because she was wearing 50's heels, tough, pointed, blood red, and stab me to death heels. Those are popular but I never got any interest in them.

If I have money to spare I would take her out with her wearing something like that in the pictures - bare shoulder and belly button, and a hot short pants. And of course cute high heel platform.

Chanel looked like a normal person at lunch, girl friend to a successful person and even looks classy in casuals. We are always given the best tables or very private tables. Even though I may look 20's but hanging out with 19 to 21 year olds don't feel good together on the looks. The only good thing about it is that they don't burn my pocket as fast. The tall blonde Grace may look better. I think she's in high end retail. Sometimes she comes in a classy jacket, or classy dress, but most often I think she changed into casuals first. The problem is that she is 6 ft. I didn't know why she invited me more than once. And I think it's just lunch and no shopping.

Those were the days.

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