Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cougar 2

If I don't complete this, I will be leaving her hanging on.

Recap: she was standing in front of the head to toe dress mirror. I was kissing, sucking and licking her head to toe, and watching myself too.

Actually I did more like digging into her with my tongue. The private part in front is easier but not that satisfactory to me. The back side is nearly impossible but I got to linger on her butt. You need something to spread her legs standing. I did that before but there's nothing around the mirror to help.

Before I finished on the 1st mirror, I remembered the 2nd mirror by the bed side. See? I'm sensitive to mirrors. I finished with her toes and didn't think it was right to go back and forth, up and down too much. So I led her to the bed side with the mirror, holding her hand.

I pushed her slightly and she fell onto the side of the bed, both legs up, spreading and revealing her private part. Then I kneel down on the bed side and went ahead. If she wasn't that natural looking I swear she did the laser removal (pubic hair) and bleach (pussy). I applied my lips, tongue and a bit of fingers on her pinkish pussy. I watched myself too but it was not easy. Her perfect position would be laying parallel to the short side of the bed, at the edge of the long side so her legs had no place to hang except spreading in the air or supported by me. The bed side mirror was installed at the perfect height but I had to turn to six o'clock to watch myself in action. But you can't put you mouth in the 12 o'clock position when the eyes are six o'clock!

When I was satisfied with one side, I rotated my index finger and she knew to turn over showing her butt, feet in the air and legs spreading. I did the summary oral treatment to her butt and then some, trying to finish what I couldn't accomplish while she was standing. When she knew I wasn't going to stop digging all the way, she shook her head a little and uttered something like no.

I learned not to do something they were not prepared to do, especially in unusual places that could have many capabilities.

One word of advice, don't call yourself bombshell in ads. It is used too often and doesn't mean anything to me, perhaps I don't often book bombshells.

This cougar is the bomb. You don't need to arm her, shoot her, or throw her. You just need to drop her and once triggered she will devastate a large patch of territory around her. No mercy, no exceptions.

When I did all the oral examinations, I lied flat in the middle of the bed expecting more blowjob. Of course she knew what to do withing any hint. My vertical cock was the hint. She had skills, but didn't flaunt it. She made me very comfortable, rock hard, without trying to blew me away.

She had been having the worrying / a little scared look on her face. It was about my cock. She had the look when she was looking at it, and not hiding it. It could be some form of compliment but she over did it, but I don't think it was intentional.

When she thought that I couldn't possibly want more blowjob, she put on the condom, still with the worrying look. Since I didn't move a muscle she rode me, or attempting to rode me. She changed her mind in mid-air and reverted to the seiza position (sitting with knees bend).

She was sitting there right beside my cock, with the giving up position on her face and heads turning a bit. I think she was too shy to say my cock is too thick for her to sit on.

I never liked cow girl. If I have to give up control, it have to be something that I can't do otherwise, like blowjob.

For whatever her reason, with no hesitation, I got up for a fraction of a second and pulled her down by her hand, and captured her into the spoon position. My one hand went under her body and grabbed her very elastic breast. My other hand helped to insert my cock into her pussy, then went over her body to grab her other breast. I changed my mind in a split second and went to grab her pussy.

Suddenly, I felt something wrong. I felt awkward grabbing her pussy and didn't finger her or rubbed her. My hand went for her other breast. I understand later that she was on my wrong side when I pulled her into the spoon.  I ended with my left hand on her pussy and didn't feel right.

Feeling totally natural and highly elastic, I doubled my usual effort to squeeze her breasts while banging her. It was really hard but I stopped a split second to ask her if she was uncomfortable. She was OK with everything. I would think girls prefer cow girl, then doggie, then spoon. It's about control. But she seemed to have issues with cow girl but not spoon.

I would be very happy to come that way leaving all ten temporary finger marks on her breast. But then I knew she is a total GFE. I got up, turned her on the right side up, in the seiza position myself and went for her mouth. She knew I would be coming for her that way. In the split second that we were eye to eye, I could see that she was all smiling, with her eyes too, and welcoming me into her arms.

So we kissed and then I sucked hard while I punched downstairs. A few girls didn't like to finish that way even they are quite GFE. This cougar had no problem and seemed to be welcoming it if not enjoying it. With our mouths securely docked, I concentrated to finish the business down there, pulling out all the way and thrust back in.

After we kissed goodbye, she said the seasonal greetings. I was at first startled because I forget about all the festivity. Then I returned the flavor with a big smile and got on my way under the influence. For my ATF Chanel it was worse. She wasn't that nice all the time but when she was, I left my wallet on the motel bed, and in other times my glasses too. I drove all the way to the hotel exit and then realized that why the world was suddenly so blurry.

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