Monday, September 30, 2013

Gangster trophy fuck

I needed sex.  Should I go to those "married still looking" scam sites or just buy what I need?

Nowadays I stayed away from anything escort, or porn for that matter, until I have morning wood or just need sex.  It's easy to find satisfaction but the only pressure is, can she beat my last one?

As soon as I started to write my last conquest, the next one overwhelmed me one way or the other.  I'm on a roll!  So, this girl is the last one I met, jumping the line to appear first.

I have a few choices with familiar bookers.  But not on a Sunday.  This G isn't even my first choice.  But then she's available, but only after a few hours, probably travelling.  I passed but couldn't find any better and faster.  When the time comes I found out that she's still available.

I went to an "luxurious" apartment complex and to a secret apartment.  As I expected, pictures are totally irrelevant.  I like the girl in the picture, probably some foreign porn stars switched with movie star's heads.  But usually the girl is just as likable in a different way.

She has a body that everybody girl would not mind to have.  She's in a bikini, standing tall, without dark curtains and dim lights.  She looks fit and healthy compared to skinny girls, and her body looks flawless.  If her legs is a little longer she can really be a cat walk model.  I think she was bare foot.  Smaller girls will wear heels and taller girls will be bare foot, not wanting to be taller than some clients when the door is opened.

Her hair is all pinned up.  But that's not unusual.  She went for the naked look, barely seems to have much makeup on.  She does make use of tapes to make her eyes look beautiful and sexy.  She looks like a very pretty house wife but her body made her a porn star, not the rough and ready type.  She's very friendly and handled herself well.  So you can's tell if she's early twenties or over thirty.  It's not that I can't tell but my wife really looks half her age.

So it's not age.  Some girl like to go for cute and sweet and some girls like her try to be friendly and accommodating.

In the bathtub naked I understand her choice of darker bikini color.   She can go for fluffy pink lingerie, innocent white, or mysterious black.  But she has tattoo fully covering her back!  It was the usual greenish dark color but probably well made and stylish.  It looks like the girl friend of gangsters as in the movies, those with expensive suits and hair styles.

Now was I expecting too much nowadays?  She didn't wash my ass.  I was expecting her to kneel anytime to suck me good.  She didn't.  When she come out from the bathroom to join me,  I was hoping she would suddenly kneel down and suck me.  She didn't.  I sat on the side of the bed next to a wall mirror.  I was waiting for her to blow me there so I can watch in the mirror.  She just invited me onto the bed.

She blew me bare, pretty good but nobody can be much better then the rest.  I can resist not to look at her, but she likes to know if I was looking and behave differently, more nasty when I just lie down.  It was really but nothing really special.  She didn't lick and suck my balls.  But perhaps she did, not in a big way.

Then came the cow girl.  I discovered that her boobs and nipples looks rather fresh and bouncy.  I barely touch them, just admired them.  I was thinking how to give her a good fuck, suck and lick when it's my turn.

After riding me without bringing me to near climax, she got off and took my place.  She lied down and spread her legs, waiting for a missionary.   I don't particularly like that.  I liked to be asked what I want to do.  I like that in a way that "I'm a whore and fuck me now."  I know I need not go in but sometimes it's not bad to go with the flow.  If you want to go behind her back all at once some will freak out.  And missionary is the simplest way to warm her up, the pussy.

Once I got in, after a few strokes, I was thinking how to pull out gracefully, and what to do next with my favourite positions.  Before that, I wanted to try if she is a GFE, totally GFE, or GFE but just not kissing.

I went mouth to mouth and kissed her lightly.  Then deeper and tightly.  There is no resistance.  Her hands were still holding my lower body if at all.  She is not trying to be a good kisser and show me how to.  She is not trying to tease me with her tongue.  She is just letting me kiss her the way I want, probably holding my waist.

It's not my favourite position but my Kirby instant took over.  I just sucked on her mouth and lips, didn't let her go, holding her and kept fucking and fucking.  I like to do that probably not may girls will let you do that.

She is so obediently and accommodating that I let go of her body, and holding her head with both of my hands.  I kirbyed her and there was no signs of unwillingness or resistance.  May be it could a scene from the game thrones, holding a severed head and deep kiss on the mouth.  But I was also fucking her body. 

Soon my cock exploded like fireworks accidentally ignored on the ground, going off all at once.  I jerked and shuddered on top of her.  She laughed satisfactorily.

I know what happened could be that, girls are afraid of two things.  One, client don't come.  Two, over time.  In my case I wasn't too excited after the blow job and cow girl.  They are not bad at all but I usually wasn't into them.  I was a bit late so she would be worrying if I started to go for multiple positions from there.  If she sensed a way to finish me off on time she would.

This is my 2nd girl like that, full of tattoo at the back.  The last one made the room very dark and never turn her back on me.  She squeezed me in between bookings without giving me the time that I am entitled.  She is also quite pretty, acted maturely, very nice body but artistically not as nice as this one.  When I complained about the light she walked into me and so I start fucking her.  When I wanted spoon she wouldn't let me see her back.  When I tried to kiss her, her bossiness disappeared and took it all in, until I cum.  That place is more like Craiglist style, never much of a GFE place.  If she is not that pretty I would never tried.

Now G wants to connect with me after fuck so I will return next week or a few times more.  I would love to.  But nowadays I don't have any pressure to see anybody regularly.  When we say goodbye at the door she did the usual trick, she let her hair down.  It was beautiful, dense, lusty and silky and below her shoulder.  I wanted to marry her.  But then I wasn't addicted to anybody.  If I have the budget then I'll come back.  But I know that she won't be there for long, a couple of months at most.

So, my worry is will the next girl I fuck beat her?