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Eat me more — head to toe person care rundown for billionaire mistresses

I'm on a roll!  I couldn't remember when you are spoiled for choices like this at my area.  You can pick who have the best legs and the pictures are decently real.  They are quite GFE too, kneel down and blow your mind away with no warning at all.

I haven't come round to write reviews yet as I don'twant to see their pictures too often, which get me all horny again, and have to pick up the phone.

Now for something different.  These are what my mistresses will use daily even when I'm a billionaire.  They are cruelty free, organic or otherwise as natural as pure water.  As with the most essential things in life, they don't cost much.


Use liquid Castile soap for shampoo.  Soap is basically a salt of an "alkaline" and a fatty acid.  Solid soap is made of sodium (as in common salt) as the "alkaline".  Potassium soaps are liquids.  Castile soap is made from olive oil as the fatty acid.  Not all fatty acids are equal, the same as that the "alkalines" are not equal.  Castile soap is known for it's gentle properties.

Commercial high quality shampoos are actually very gently, yet giving you the illusion of a lot of soapiness.  They put in a lot of goodies like moisturizers into the shampoo rather than cleaning agents, which you don't really need that much for a daily basis.  Also, a lot of things cannot co-exist with soap so they have to formulate something else for removing oil, but yet giving you a very soapy and clean feel.

So, Castile soap is the closest to commercial fake soaps - very gentle.  Cleaning agents do the same thing - remove oil.  For oily hair you can use every day.  For dry hair, some can go without shampoo for a week and still have very beautiful hair (see youtube videos).  That explains a lot of people can use baking soda only to rinse their hair, which doesn't do much for cleaning in solution form.  But if you fuck up your hair, you can sprinkle solid baking soda to deodorize and then rinse thoroughly.

With Castile soap, the hair doesn't feel that good after shampoo.  A famous brand that is certified organic have enough glycerin in it, which is universally used in personal care products as moisturizer.  With normal hair, you should feel perfectly fine after your hair is dry, without conditioner.

If your hair get all tangled after shampoo or otherwise still feel the need for conditioner, don't.  Conditioner coat your hair and takes much longer to dry.  A good detangle bush will do a good job for detangling without using any chemicals.  The best conditioner for me is dilute glycerin.

Organic Castile soap and Organic glycerin made from vegetables are both roughly about $10 a bottle ( about 32 oz, 1 L).  Liquid Castile soap can last a lot longer than a bottle shampoo because of the concentration and the amount you need.

Glycerin comes in the form of a very thick clear liquid, usually with a very low amount of water in it.  For one part glycerin by volume, anywhere from three part to ten parts of purified water can be used to dilute it.  It depends on personal preferences and application and of course cost.  With three parts of water, you can immediately feel the difference when your hands are dry.  With 10 parts, you are probably not aware of it but the glycerin is there.  It's like oil clinging onto your skin.  No mater how much you rinse the oil is still there.  Glycerin is soluble in water, but it clings to your skin, and retain water with the molecules.  It is sort of self regulatory.

You can rinse your hair with diluted glycerin but the more cost effective way is to spray with an "atomizer" or mist bottle.  Start with 8 parts of water and spray as much as you want and see how it goes when dry.

Don't use tap water for leave in sprays, as hard water contains a lot of dissolved solids.  But it doesn't cause any harm, as much as taking a bath with tap water.  Use filtered or distilled water.


Castile soap followed by glycerin rinse or spray.  A lot of women use 6 parts of water for spray.  To "foliate" I recommend baking soda powder that is as fine as anything else and dissolve in water on contact.

To kill germs you can add vodka to the glycerin solution up to 20% alcohol content.  Standard vodka is 40% alcohol by volume, which can but not sufficient for first-aid that uses 70% rubbing alcohol (which is a different non-eatable chemical).  If you add equal part of water to vodka, you get 20% alcohol solution.  Not suitable for first-aid if you have rubbing alcohol, but effective in killing germs nevertheless.  Perhaps glycerin and vodka mixture allow the alcohol to cling onto the skin for longer, making it more effective as in hand sanitizers.  20% solution is tested on animal (me) for totally curing some germ related recurring skin problems.  Any higher or lower concentrations you have to test it on other animals (you).

You can use other alcohols as long as you can drink it (my title is eat/drink me more).  Just that Vodka is rather high concentration, pure, and colourless and nearly odourless.  Red wine is good for your skin I heard, but you don't want a red stain.  Dilute vodka is also recommended in some face beauty treatment.


Rinse your ear canal with glycerin and all your problems will vanish.  Glycerin dissolves oil and along with it the odour and accumulated dirt.  It is also a mild antiseptic as germs cannot grow in it.  You can use glycerin neat, but must rinse your ear canal thoroughly after.  Pure glycerin will absorb a small amount of water from your skin if it cannot find enough in the air.  But commercial available isn't usually 100% glycerin even though it's thick and almost pure.  For infections you can try diluting 3% hydrogen peroxide for first-aid with equal volume of water first.


Equal part of glycerin and purified for dry lips.  Sweet.  To me bloody red full thick lipstick is always a strong sign of Not to Kiss warning.


Use Castile soap for body wash, followed by glycerin body spray if needed.  I used to have a huge bottle of body moisturizer with a pump by my side.  If I don't use it enough I will have outbreaks due to dryness even if I use Dove for body wash.  I don't need any lotions any more.

I have seen somebody with nice and delicate skin.  Their skin is in very good condition, good to see and good to touch.  But the thought of them all lotioned up is not appetizing.  Glycerin spray achieves the same purpose and more.  It's appetizing as it is actually sweet and used for (expensive) sugar substitution.  That made me think of human sushi plates.

Glycerin is actually good for skin health.

Private parts

Other than Castile soap and glycerin spray, you can use baking soda to deodorize and foliate.  You can get to awkward areas and do not need a separate towel or pad.  I'm not a doctor but you can research glycerin rinse as in ear canal above.  Glycerin is a mildly antiseptic, used in lubricants and used medically when inserting something in the pussy or ass.  Again, I'm NOT a doctor but perhaps I still have the costume in the closet.

Feet and Toes

Now my fav parts.  Spray your skin down there with glycerin (3 to 6 part water) whenever any dryness can be seen or felt.  You skin will be soft and smooth without any scrubbing.  If you suspect any nail or skin problems, add some vodka to the spray mixture.  The thought of it make me orgasm - bitter sweet - Vodka on the toes.

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