Friday, October 05, 2012

Folies of the prostitution abolition camp

Village voice group, founders of the Village Voice and dozens of alternative weekly newspapers, and owner of Backpages, sold all the papers while keeping Backpages!

Why I haven't thought of that? But I'm not wrong.  I predicted even if they manage to shut down BP, someone in the adult industry will take its place, without worrying about image problems.  Now the owners and founders did exactly that.

It's interesting how the abolition camp cries foul or cries victory.  Some checked that VV is using the exact same offices with separation of the different entities, and that the newpapers employees may still be paying by VV group.  They vow to follow the situation and the money trail.

They don't seems to understand the newspapers are struggling and money losing business.  Sold is sold.  Nobody cares and nobody wants to hold onto them.  Everybody cares about BP.

They did manage to force big companies to pull ads from Village Voice weekly and other papers.  But they are adding fuel to the fire.  They are squeezing money out of struggling businesses.  They brought downs the papers, for nothing.

I don't know, but they should know, checking the balance sheets of the whole group.  BP is not a tiny classified part of a huge conglomerate.  BP is making huge money while the rest struggles.  The making making business, indeed the whole market, is created by the abolition camp when they forced Craigslist to take money for previously free ads.

I did say one certainly good thing that comes out of Backpages is that it can sponsor some journalist to do some real investigations.  Village Voice did some good reports in the past, and the BP money can let them keep some good editors and reporters.  But many are laid off gradually and some big names are forced out before selling.  They cannot recover to past glories at their new owners.

This shows that Craig is really dumb.  His whole team could have retired with a guaranteed handsome income for years and can do other things with the money.  That's why people start up companies and sold them for huge profits.

Of course even dumber is the abolition camp.  They don't know who agrees with their agenda, cheer them, or paying lip service to them are really laughing at them behind their asses.

For the record, have you seen those mysterious dumb ads on BP lately before the sale?  A perfectly normal escort or rubdown ad suddenly links to an article in an anti-human trafficking website.  You just irrigate law abiding patrons into hating you.