Friday, July 13, 2012

My secret weapon revealed and field tested

If you are thrilled to pay someone have to put up with your bad breath and smelly feet, while your normal acquaintance don't, my secret weapon is not for you.

I don't know how big corporation brain washed people to think that bad breath need mouth wash, mint and such.  What you need is a potent deodorizer but safe to your body.  And that's very cheap - baking soda.  Dissolve a spoonful of baking soda into warm water and use it as mouth rinse, any bad breath will be gone instantly.  Even if you brush your teeth once every 3 days (because of a deadline of a deadline of course).  Do it once at night and you don't worry about the next day, or even next week.  Of course you do need to rinse your mouth with pure water after.  Baking soda is a skin protectorant (written on the label) but it's slightly alkaline, so it's not a good idea to keep it in your mouth, even though you can eat it safely.

The same for smelly feet.  You can soak your feet (in the sink) with a lot of soda for a while.  If you are not that smelly, you can just take a bath with half a cup of baking soda or less.  For the long term, baking soda is a better and finer skin scrubbing agent, better than any micro pores that I used.  You don't even need any silly wash cloth or gadget.  Just grab a pinch of soda powder and rub it on your feet with your hands.  You will look like just coming out from a foot spa.

Baking soda is actually in crystal form, comes in fine power, and soluble in water.  The cheap chemical process, as opposed to mining from natural sources, make the find power  uniform.  Because it's soluble, it can do no harm.  People use it on their face instead of micro pore face cleansers.

And if you actually took a soda bath, you will notice the pleasant surprise that comes with it.  It acts as a water softener even though it is soluble in water.  People add it to laundries.  If you have hair, they will go fluffy instantly, and so does your bush.  Only people with whole house water softener have that type of bush, and eco friendly versions are very expensive.

Of course it will deodorize not just your feet, but your arm pit, and anything else in between.  And since people scrub their face with it, you can scrub anything else with it.  And Mrs Player won't notice that I used her micro pores for my balls.

I bet it will whiten your teeth effortlessly.  I remembered long ago an adv said that if you use baking soda, it will take you buckets, while their tooth paste is much more effective.  I would say it's just the other way round.  You can brush with power, paste, or just solution, depending on how much effort you want to spend and how fast you want to see the effect. 

The other evidence is that baking soda can clean a lot of things in the kitchen, removing 10 year old grease stains, 10 year old stain on grouts, even 10 year old stain on the porcelain sink.  My kitchen is so shining white that it's scary.  Once you apply it, it seem to have some nano technology built in.  The white will keep shining white for some reason.  I think there may be a nano layer of fine crystal structure covering the surfaces like spider web.  Like spreading a drop of oil on water. The oil layer could be just atoms thick.  New stains can't get to the old surface but got neutralized by the nano layer.

But be careful when you whiten your teeth.  I would think baking soda is safe.  But hydrogen peroxide will attack your gum instantly.

So after the first time I rinsed my mouth, relaxed in a soda plus salt bath, I looked at the classified.  I picked the first girl with milky skin and meat on the bone.  She didn't say what she would do, didn't mention GFE or anything.  I don't care.

I also brought out my Ted London outfit, even though I never saw any Ted dressing like that in London.  So guys, it may not be the soda, maybe it's just me or Ted.

At the door it was a disappointment.  But that's usual.  On second glance, she was actually what I wanted, milky skin (will explain later), looked good on sexy pyjamas, large natural breast.  Her face didn't look like Nicole, and her proportion isn't that perfect, but not bad at all on heels.

Because my tire was flat, she offered me a massage.  I let her and laid stone dead.  She started to relax and touched me with her legs, and then sat on me with her pussy.  When she was totally relax I asked, " do you want a massage?"  A lot don't and not without thinking for a moment.  But she said yes, I like it.

She really did laid down on her tummy expecting a massage.  With some meat on the bone I was right that she has a great ass, looking great lying tummy down.  I was going to go for that but I was afraid to alarm her.  So I turned her over to feed on her breast.

I had a great feast on her large breast while rubbing her pussy.  Then I just went down on her.  Then feed again.  And again ......

If you ever had bad breath, you will find out that if you kiss some place the 2nd time, you will hate yourself for kissing there the first time, because of your own smell!  I know the soda works for real because of the nothingness.

Having finished her front side I pushed her to turn over.  Then I fed on her ass just as I fed on her breast.  Then I spread her butt cheek to have a clearer look.  She didn't resist and it looked good.  If she's deep tan you couldn't have seen anything.  It's like an African catching crow in the dark.

Before I dived in to rim her I remembered that I had to do it first.  I kissed her face from her back, then her lips.  No resistance.  So I turned her over to kiss her properly, then insert my tongue, deeper and then deeper.  Then I invited her tongue out to do tongue scraping.  It's not a proper scraping but I can suck her tongue out.  Gone with the wind style, but with tongue sucking.

With that done I went down to rim her.  Maybe it's their trade secret too.  Nothingless, no fragrance, no nothing, just starfish and ass.  I spread her legs wide apart and eat her pussy too.  It was good to be in control and in a candy jar, don't know where to start again and again.

After riming her to my heart's desire I went up again to DFK her and twisted her tongue again with my tongue.  Before that I kissed anywhere in between.  With some meat in the bone her skin is milky and silky to the touch.

I didn't remember how many times I went up and down, each time I couldn't let go of the other side.  After I'm done, I laid down and tried her oral skills.  I was a bit disappointed when it was covered.  I thought we had closer connections than that?  Think of where my tongue and lips had been.  But sometimes you just need to ask for it.  But I didn't remember nor did I care.

When she blew me real hard, I got at the back of her and inserted.  It was my favourite spoon position, and super for her big ass.  But only after a minute I had to give that up.  I turned her around and put her right in the missionary position.  Then I inserted both my cock and my tongue in different positions.

It was waves after waves of lingering kiss and tongue sucking and twisting.  When my cock delivered the last drop, I pulled out my tongue too.

I was too exhausted to even open my eyes.  I just rolled over and laid dead.  I felt that she pulled the condom and cleaned me up with tissues.

I was imagining her to rush over to the bathroom and clean herself up, for I was kissing all over her body, and much more than that actually.  My eyes was closed maybe so she could run faster without pretending to walk.

But surprise surprise I felt a hot body clinging onto me.  So I opened my arms, held her by the neck, and let her cling onto me and put her legs over my legs.  Lucky that I don't had bad breath, or I would had smell my own odour on her.

When I rested enough I wanted to get up and go.  But she wouldn't let me.  She told me I had time.  I was trying to be considerate.  I don't need the time but she can make good use of it, like taking a shower, preparing for the next client.  But she was good to cuddle.

Some girls feel awkward if there's no talking or doing nothing.  But not for her.  She just cling onto me with her head on my chest, leg on my legs.  Now for the first time I was feeling a bit awkward for the nothingness. I stretched my arms and my whole body to say that I was all recharged and ready to go.  She wanted another shot.

I told her I was tired ( was I always?) but in my mind I was hoping for miracles.  She caressed my cock for a few minutes.  That didn't work.  After a few minutes she would caress my balls.  Then after a few minutes she would feather massage my nipples.  She meant business.

When she knew it was hopeless, I got up, and she took her leg off me to let me go.  But she stayed in bed.  I went for a shower so I didn't have to when I got home.  She just stayed in bed.

When I came back into the bedroom after the shower, she was still laying in bed full of confidence like Nicole, but fully naked.  It was a spacious room with some wall to ceiling mirrors as closet doors, and a king size bed.  It was rather bizarre with a fully naked woman  lying in the middle of the bed.  It was bizarre because she didn't move a muscle when I put on my Ted London outfit.  It was bizarre because the proportion of her facial features, and the proportion of her legs with respect to her body, is not that A-list as Nicole, but at that moment she behaved like she had.

She even whispered "silly penis" very affectionately.

After I put on my clothes I didn't know what to do but just walk out of the bedroom.  Finally she got up and saw me out fully naked.  Behind the front door we did a full body hug.  I could had DFK'ed her but I already rinsed my mouth with silly mouthwash.  Luckily I didn't had bad breath, or else I would have caught my own bad breath from her body and got it all over Ted.

ps To be responsible, beware of frequent and long term use of baking soda.  It's in everything, even medical procedures, so it's pretty safe.  It does make you dry if you over do it.  The other ingredient I use is pure glycerine diluted with water.  It's the moisturizer found in most commercial formula.  I use it as a final rinse for everything, or just use it to wash anything.  For me, no more conditioner, thick body wash, body lotion.

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