Monday, April 30, 2012

If you can travel in time ...

There are actually many versions of time travel, at least in sci-fi.  A physics professor is working on a time machine for real, a childhood ambition to see his deceased father again.

My version of time travel is that everything revert to the same state at the time you want to go.  So you can go back to when you are 18 again and again.  That's eternity.

There are many holes, like typical scripts and novels, but you can always fill it in as you go along.  Like buying antique stuff to bring back with you so they will be functional when you arrive back in time.  Somehow you need to preserve your memory with some mechanism to live eternally.  The simplest is to write down everything on paper and carry with you in the hope that you understand when you get there.

You are free to do anything as if you live your life all over again in the way you choose.  In a quantum universal, it's like a parallel universal, in that everything that can happen happened in one universal or another.  You are not afraid to run into yourself because probably yourself don't exist at that time and universe, or impossibly to have the same identity.  And you probably don't cross path.  Otherwise, there's the so called dead ringer to explain away everything.

You won't tell anybody else because otherwise your advantage do not exist.  You have good knowledge how the future will turn out.  You have unlimited money and power.  If you tell anybody it won't work even if they believe you.  Therefore fellow time travellers may exist but will not ruin each other's life.

The interesting thought will be, if you have limited energy and resources, who to bring with you.  You offer your eternal life to someone else.  Offsprings become not important because you don't need them to continue your DNA.  You can have them whenever you want, later.  Once you have kids, you don't want to keep them forever because they want their own life.

There are conflicting statistics of men that I have no answer but state my preference.  Some men visit the same prostitute over and over again.  Some want to have sex with as many women as possible, and paying make up the numbers a lot more.  The same with porn stars.  Some want new stars everyday but others are difficult to switch.

So if you have unlimited power and richness, you probably don't want to bring anyone with you.

From time to time, I ran into model materials, who drove me crazy with their bodies just by standing there.  That's not critical and I can snap out of that.  And if you have money, you can always have desert whenever you want.

The face is another thing.  She has to look good when wet, or dry, or sweaty, with makeup, and naked, smiling, crying, in pain or pleasure.  Simply beautiful just don't cut it.  It have to be a combination of beauty, cuteness, uniqueness, special, or anything you want to justify our choice.  It can be said of any other body parts, like legs.

And then there is the personal connection.  A kiss is not a kiss when nothing is there, no sparkle.  I'm sure money can buy some, but that's not a certain thing.

And then the character.  I have been treated like dirt, say, by Chanel when I didn't pay her enough for her troubles.  I have been abused non-violently by you know who.  Character deficiency is really difficult to fix and you don't want to face for all eternity.

And there is the option of not bringing her with you.  You can find another version of her that could be better.  Fall in love all over again, or not.

If you fancy a prostitute, you have the option of going back together, before or after she became a prostitute, or when she was still a virgin if you desire.

The first person I want to bring in mind is - Chanel.  She gave me a hard on every time.  I can always lost my mind for an hour or two with her.  I still can't kiss her enough.  I know the worst of her characters and we have nothing to hide.  I'm sure there are plenty like her, but if I have to pick one she is a candidate that I have already.

The runner up is, surprise surprise, Mrs Player.  She still gives me a hard on when naked or in something sexy, thought she likes to wear grandma's torn pyjamas at home.  I can't kiss her enough but she doesn't let me.  Her character is killing me but I'm certain 100% money will cure it.  She is the eternal school girl, even at her age.  Worse still, now she is wearing stuff as if she has a trust fund.  I'm so honoured going out with when she let me.  If she looked a bit more like a woman, people will think I'm rich and powerful.  As it stands, she looked like a good catch to me.  That it's her family who is rich, not me. It is totally opposite to Chanel, so obviously she is a gold digger, even she is rather cute.

As for why she dresses like having a trust fund?  The things that she can't sell she can keep for clothing allowance.  At the time, it's thousands of dollars, each season.  It's not her money no matter what.