Thursday, February 23, 2012

Classy prostitutes

This girl is not a prostitute but a model at work (but you never knows).  She's just here to illustrate my point.

I had said before why would you want to dress like having a trust fund, when in fact you don't.

I understand that there are good reasons, like gold digging, bragging, but hardly for sex.  In public my radar will be legs, butt, breast and face, may be face right after legs.

But like watching porn versus picking your prostitute, the criteria for judging is different.

I will have an immediate hard on if a working girl dresses like that, works better than cosplay, or lingerie.  And that's from experience.  There's no need for meat exposure because I know that I'm getting to see it all and feel it all.  It's better not with strangers, because I will know what I'm getting into.

Long story short, Chanel turned up one day in my motel room like this, well, a little.  She didn't wear a jacket, and her dress probably didn't worth more than the fashion jewellery that the model is wearing - about one grand for nothing precious in it. 

But anyway I couldn't stop smiling, and my jaw is so tired thinking about it.  I grabbed her waist and sit her on the bed.  I sat next to her and put my hands on her knees.  I wouldn't want to go any further because I was afraid she would get up and start taking off her clothes.

I just gently caressed her legs while listening to her, and she would stop the advance of my hand when it got too close to her private.

She was in a good talkative mood that day.  I tried to listen but all I was doing was pretending while looking at each of her eyebrow hair and anything else I could see.  And do my best to repsonse so as to keep her talking and sitting there.  Her raw hair looks good like this model.  Today she had her hair done, expensive and very subtle.  If I don't know her I would think her hair looks like this everyday.

Some people have eyebrows all wrong.  Some have to trim it often like cutting the lawn.  Some just don't look right no matter how you trim it.  Her eyebrows are always alright.  But trimming probably comes bundled with her beauty salon treatments.  For her it was like cutting raw diamonds into diamonds.  I was close enough to watch every hair that left.

She was on official business and would go to her sister's company after lunch.  Probably true, but it could also be that she was going to meet her VIP client.  I could be jealous - she wouldn't go through all that trouble for me, for my compensation.  I could raise that, but instead I tried my best to get there first.  Indeed once she complained that her expensive naked look make-up got completely sucked out of her face.  She had to do it all over again for her afternoon engagement, whatever it was.