Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Ending 2012

I cut off cable and satellite.  I have no idea that The Client List is still going strong.  May I wish you a happy ending for 2012 and many more happy endings for the new year.

This is a quick update, but not necessarily short.  We'll see.   I have traffic school to attend by year end.  Though the good news is that because of effort to save State money, I can go to any online school instead of spending a whole day with juveniles passing "I like you" notes in class.  I have other deadlines by year end too.

Being the rare client who made it on a "newspaper" with decent circulation, I feel that I have the responsibility to show the bright beautiful side of the industry.  I'm still getting hits from that article left and right.

I think 2012 is the end of the prostitution abolitionists.  Using human trafficking as a smoke screen only give you good slogans, but didn't change anything.  Your mistake is not listening to friends and enemies.  I can tell you that charging on Craiglists won't work.  Shaming corporations to pull their ads on village voice won't work.  The circus got bigger and bigger until you became the joke.  You don't listen to sex workers who are supposed to be all victims.

You keep attacking human nature.  I know most of you are very religious and don't accept evolution.  But evolution is the accepted truth with evidence and it's a powerful force.  If you work against it you are throwing egg onto stone.

Macau, Las Vegas in the far east had already over taken Vegas in many ways.  One way Vegas can't compete is erotic entertainment.  Many tourists from the far east have no idea that the night life in Vegas is so crap.  Vegas have the most gorgeous show girls and strippers.  But they can't beat classy whore houses with full lineups.  There's so much hassle to find an escort to go to bed with you in the sin city.

Now you abolitionists know that there's no shame in money.  When there's enough money to yourself and to past down generations, you can call me anything, as long as I think I am helping someone, even prostitutes.  That's evolution, taking care of your offspring and give them a good head start.  Long live Backpages!

There are more things worse than being a prostitute if you just listen.  Like marrying a rich guy with a house by the beach.  Like the thought of being poor.  Chanel kept delaying the marriage in the hope that she could find another rich man that she can talk to.  In the mean time she kept a few old clients for living expenses.  But she is so afraid of being poor that she wouldn't ditch her boy friend without fallback.

Another obvious human nature is menopause.  Not so long ago in the history of humans, women died before they reach menopause.  Recent discoveries also allege that older fathers also contribute poor genes.  That's design by nature and it takes millions of years to change that.  But now we have nearly every woman reaching the menopause age.  Many of these women don't want sex.  What is the husband to do?

In some cities in California, men came out to play in nightclubs after their kids are sound sleep at home after 9pm.

Thanks to the Client List, giving a fair portrait of extras.  But I'm not sure it's 100% a good thing for me and some girls.  I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, that Chinese massage parlors are seemingly all over the places, from $15 food massages to the usual $60 per hour.  The reviews in YELP made me laugh a lot.  "Oh no, no extra happy endings in my neighborhood."  A woman said, "the place is crap.  After a while, the male owner came in to do the massage."  I still can't stop laughing and rolling over on the floor.

Not so long ago, parlors are easily classified into whore houses, hand job factories, DIY fantasy land and real massages places (where you may still get happy endings).  I went into a massage parlor next to a beauty salon, and ended up getting a great massage and a happy ending without too much effort.  The bizarre thing is that women also enjoy massages there.  I have seen classy parlors which were setup to be unisex  but ended up with males only. I'm sure this one has woman patrons because while I was receiving a massage and then happy ending, a woman went in for a session and left her kid at the front office that I could hear him playing.  No men will do that in a massage parlor.  I heard that women ask for pussy rubs too but I don't know any masseuse good enough to ask her how often.

My 220V clipper died.  Not really, but it ruined the cheap compact portable voltage adapter.  I am not throwing more money in it.  RIP.  I got another space age clipper that is a European brand.  A 220V fan also was broken within a few months' time.  I thought the last connection with the old 220V country is the toaster, not big enough for 4 local sized toasts but a waste of energy for 2 slices.  I was going to severe all ties but then I discovered that another 220V  kitchen appliance was is regular use.  Can't throw away all adapters.

I am still fond of local girls over there.  But now they will be overwhelmed by Eastern European girls.  But the good ones will rise to the occasion and their fees too, like a boat on rising sea level.  But I think I'm not going back because I can't believe that a generation who grew up on mandatory child benefits will agree to austerity.  The bankers committed crimes but governments either let most of them off, or said openly that they can't do much about it. Only fining HSBC for laundering drug money isn't very fair as so many people are dead in the war on drugs.

During tough times the different attitudes shows.  Employees over there are obviously dispirited, in the shadow of being lay off or actually had been laid off starting next month.  Here they are just happy to have a job even with minimum wage.  They treated me like a king.  Why?  It's simple.  Please rescue them from their minimum wage job.  Any job is better than theirs.  Long haired young blond collecting supermarket carts.  Very bright kids working at the supermarket checkout.  I also look like I run my own business who can hire on the spot.  When I sneak out in a Friday afternoon and shopped in an automotive parts shop, somebody actually called me boss.  That's what the guy wanted to call me for real.  But I don't have my own business.

I'm still laundering tax money (from mrs player) to keep myself on the client list.  I hired a remote assistant to handle my screening calls without compromising my privacy.  I can't be on any good list without her service.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Folies of the prostitution abolition camp

Village voice group, founders of the Village Voice and dozens of alternative weekly newspapers, and owner of Backpages, sold all the papers while keeping Backpages!

Why I haven't thought of that? But I'm not wrong.  I predicted even if they manage to shut down BP, someone in the adult industry will take its place, without worrying about image problems.  Now the owners and founders did exactly that.

It's interesting how the abolition camp cries foul or cries victory.  Some checked that VV is using the exact same offices with separation of the different entities, and that the newpapers employees may still be paying by VV group.  They vow to follow the situation and the money trail.

They don't seems to understand the newspapers are struggling and money losing business.  Sold is sold.  Nobody cares and nobody wants to hold onto them.  Everybody cares about BP.

They did manage to force big companies to pull ads from Village Voice weekly and other papers.  But they are adding fuel to the fire.  They are squeezing money out of struggling businesses.  They brought downs the papers, for nothing.

I don't know, but they should know, checking the balance sheets of the whole group.  BP is not a tiny classified part of a huge conglomerate.  BP is making huge money while the rest struggles.  The making making business, indeed the whole market, is created by the abolition camp when they forced Craigslist to take money for previously free ads.

I did say one certainly good thing that comes out of Backpages is that it can sponsor some journalist to do some real investigations.  Village Voice did some good reports in the past, and the BP money can let them keep some good editors and reporters.  But many are laid off gradually and some big names are forced out before selling.  They cannot recover to past glories at their new owners.

This shows that Craig is really dumb.  His whole team could have retired with a guaranteed handsome income for years and can do other things with the money.  That's why people start up companies and sold them for huge profits.

Of course even dumber is the abolition camp.  They don't know who agrees with their agenda, cheer them, or paying lip service to them are really laughing at them behind their asses.

For the record, have you seen those mysterious dumb ads on BP lately before the sale?  A perfectly normal escort or rubdown ad suddenly links to an article in an anti-human trafficking website.  You just irrigate law abiding patrons into hating you.

Friday, July 13, 2012

My secret weapon revealed and field tested

If you are thrilled to pay someone have to put up with your bad breath and smelly feet, while your normal acquaintance don't, my secret weapon is not for you.

I don't know how big corporation brain washed people to think that bad breath need mouth wash, mint and such.  What you need is a potent deodorizer but safe to your body.  And that's very cheap - baking soda.  Dissolve a spoonful of baking soda into warm water and use it as mouth rinse, any bad breath will be gone instantly.  Even if you brush your teeth once every 3 days (because of a deadline of a deadline of course).  Do it once at night and you don't worry about the next day, or even next week.  Of course you do need to rinse your mouth with pure water after.  Baking soda is a skin protectorant (written on the label) but it's slightly alkaline, so it's not a good idea to keep it in your mouth, even though you can eat it safely.

The same for smelly feet.  You can soak your feet (in the sink) with a lot of soda for a while.  If you are not that smelly, you can just take a bath with half a cup of baking soda or less.  For the long term, baking soda is a better and finer skin scrubbing agent, better than any micro pores that I used.  You don't even need any silly wash cloth or gadget.  Just grab a pinch of soda powder and rub it on your feet with your hands.  You will look like just coming out from a foot spa.

Baking soda is actually in crystal form, comes in fine power, and soluble in water.  The cheap chemical process, as opposed to mining from natural sources, make the find power  uniform.  Because it's soluble, it can do no harm.  People use it on their face instead of micro pore face cleansers.

And if you actually took a soda bath, you will notice the pleasant surprise that comes with it.  It acts as a water softener even though it is soluble in water.  People add it to laundries.  If you have hair, they will go fluffy instantly, and so does your bush.  Only people with whole house water softener have that type of bush, and eco friendly versions are very expensive.

Of course it will deodorize not just your feet, but your arm pit, and anything else in between.  And since people scrub their face with it, you can scrub anything else with it.  And Mrs Player won't notice that I used her micro pores for my balls.

I bet it will whiten your teeth effortlessly.  I remembered long ago an adv said that if you use baking soda, it will take you buckets, while their tooth paste is much more effective.  I would say it's just the other way round.  You can brush with power, paste, or just solution, depending on how much effort you want to spend and how fast you want to see the effect. 

The other evidence is that baking soda can clean a lot of things in the kitchen, removing 10 year old grease stains, 10 year old stain on grouts, even 10 year old stain on the porcelain sink.  My kitchen is so shining white that it's scary.  Once you apply it, it seem to have some nano technology built in.  The white will keep shining white for some reason.  I think there may be a nano layer of fine crystal structure covering the surfaces like spider web.  Like spreading a drop of oil on water. The oil layer could be just atoms thick.  New stains can't get to the old surface but got neutralized by the nano layer.

But be careful when you whiten your teeth.  I would think baking soda is safe.  But hydrogen peroxide will attack your gum instantly.

So after the first time I rinsed my mouth, relaxed in a soda plus salt bath, I looked at the classified.  I picked the first girl with milky skin and meat on the bone.  She didn't say what she would do, didn't mention GFE or anything.  I don't care.

I also brought out my Ted London outfit, even though I never saw any Ted dressing like that in London.  So guys, it may not be the soda, maybe it's just me or Ted.

At the door it was a disappointment.  But that's usual.  On second glance, she was actually what I wanted, milky skin (will explain later), looked good on sexy pyjamas, large natural breast.  Her face didn't look like Nicole, and her proportion isn't that perfect, but not bad at all on heels.

Because my tire was flat, she offered me a massage.  I let her and laid stone dead.  She started to relax and touched me with her legs, and then sat on me with her pussy.  When she was totally relax I asked, " do you want a massage?"  A lot don't and not without thinking for a moment.  But she said yes, I like it.

She really did laid down on her tummy expecting a massage.  With some meat on the bone I was right that she has a great ass, looking great lying tummy down.  I was going to go for that but I was afraid to alarm her.  So I turned her over to feed on her breast.

I had a great feast on her large breast while rubbing her pussy.  Then I just went down on her.  Then feed again.  And again ......

If you ever had bad breath, you will find out that if you kiss some place the 2nd time, you will hate yourself for kissing there the first time, because of your own smell!  I know the soda works for real because of the nothingness.

Having finished her front side I pushed her to turn over.  Then I fed on her ass just as I fed on her breast.  Then I spread her butt cheek to have a clearer look.  She didn't resist and it looked good.  If she's deep tan you couldn't have seen anything.  It's like an African catching crow in the dark.

Before I dived in to rim her I remembered that I had to do it first.  I kissed her face from her back, then her lips.  No resistance.  So I turned her over to kiss her properly, then insert my tongue, deeper and then deeper.  Then I invited her tongue out to do tongue scraping.  It's not a proper scraping but I can suck her tongue out.  Gone with the wind style, but with tongue sucking.

With that done I went down to rim her.  Maybe it's their trade secret too.  Nothingless, no fragrance, no nothing, just starfish and ass.  I spread her legs wide apart and eat her pussy too.  It was good to be in control and in a candy jar, don't know where to start again and again.

After riming her to my heart's desire I went up again to DFK her and twisted her tongue again with my tongue.  Before that I kissed anywhere in between.  With some meat in the bone her skin is milky and silky to the touch.

I didn't remember how many times I went up and down, each time I couldn't let go of the other side.  After I'm done, I laid down and tried her oral skills.  I was a bit disappointed when it was covered.  I thought we had closer connections than that?  Think of where my tongue and lips had been.  But sometimes you just need to ask for it.  But I didn't remember nor did I care.

When she blew me real hard, I got at the back of her and inserted.  It was my favourite spoon position, and super for her big ass.  But only after a minute I had to give that up.  I turned her around and put her right in the missionary position.  Then I inserted both my cock and my tongue in different positions.

It was waves after waves of lingering kiss and tongue sucking and twisting.  When my cock delivered the last drop, I pulled out my tongue too.

I was too exhausted to even open my eyes.  I just rolled over and laid dead.  I felt that she pulled the condom and cleaned me up with tissues.

I was imagining her to rush over to the bathroom and clean herself up, for I was kissing all over her body, and much more than that actually.  My eyes was closed maybe so she could run faster without pretending to walk.

But surprise surprise I felt a hot body clinging onto me.  So I opened my arms, held her by the neck, and let her cling onto me and put her legs over my legs.  Lucky that I don't had bad breath, or I would had smell my own odour on her.

When I rested enough I wanted to get up and go.  But she wouldn't let me.  She told me I had time.  I was trying to be considerate.  I don't need the time but she can make good use of it, like taking a shower, preparing for the next client.  But she was good to cuddle.

Some girls feel awkward if there's no talking or doing nothing.  But not for her.  She just cling onto me with her head on my chest, leg on my legs.  Now for the first time I was feeling a bit awkward for the nothingness. I stretched my arms and my whole body to say that I was all recharged and ready to go.  She wanted another shot.

I told her I was tired ( was I always?) but in my mind I was hoping for miracles.  She caressed my cock for a few minutes.  That didn't work.  After a few minutes she would caress my balls.  Then after a few minutes she would feather massage my nipples.  She meant business.

When she knew it was hopeless, I got up, and she took her leg off me to let me go.  But she stayed in bed.  I went for a shower so I didn't have to when I got home.  She just stayed in bed.

When I came back into the bedroom after the shower, she was still laying in bed full of confidence like Nicole, but fully naked.  It was a spacious room with some wall to ceiling mirrors as closet doors, and a king size bed.  It was rather bizarre with a fully naked woman  lying in the middle of the bed.  It was bizarre because she didn't move a muscle when I put on my Ted London outfit.  It was bizarre because the proportion of her facial features, and the proportion of her legs with respect to her body, is not that A-list as Nicole, but at that moment she behaved like she had.

She even whispered "silly penis" very affectionately.

After I put on my clothes I didn't know what to do but just walk out of the bedroom.  Finally she got up and saw me out fully naked.  Behind the front door we did a full body hug.  I could had DFK'ed her but I already rinsed my mouth with silly mouthwash.  Luckily I didn't had bad breath, or else I would have caught my own bad breath from her body and got it all over Ted.

ps To be responsible, beware of frequent and long term use of baking soda.  It's in everything, even medical procedures, so it's pretty safe.  It does make you dry if you over do it.  The other ingredient I use is pure glycerine diluted with water.  It's the moisturizer found in most commercial formula.  I use it as a final rinse for everything, or just use it to wash anything.  For me, no more conditioner, thick body wash, body lotion.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Positive thinking

I woke up today with hard wood.  At my age it's not that usual.  Against all odds, I eat well, sleep well, stresses well.  I reached for Mrs Player to see if her school girl pyjama was on.  But all I reached was a pillow in between, meaning out of bounds.

When I have guest that doesn't know each other well, when they see the master bedroom, I think the wives want to swap.  Not wife swapping, but want to be in Mrs Player's shoes, literally.  They want to linger a bit more at the door and wander a little inside with some excuses.  Of course I only notice the highly fuckable ones because I pay attention.

It's a huge queen bed in a decent sized bedroom with on suit bathroom.  A huge Mrs Player's wedding picture high up on the wall.  On one side there is a ceiling to wall wardrobe.  Overflood the wardrobes are Mrs Players clothing allowances - a rack of shoes, a rack of outfits, even bags, all trust fund worthy stuff.  Some wives want to masturbate there and then if not having an organism.

From my experience with women (haha!), it's about what to put up with to get what they want.  From what they told me, and my guess work, the worst are fat pigs on top of you, bad breath or simply don't brush teeth enough, denture not cleaned properly.  Hair and skin flaking out.

Simply by not overweight (with well hidden love handles), no need to turn away with eyes open when making love, lots of hair, allowing what Mrs Player do what she pleases in the master bedroom, everybody rather sleep with me instead.

The other day I had time to kill.  Of course I though of massage, that's addictive.  But out of action for a while, finding a good massage AND THEN a good fuck is really difficult.  Not even a compromise if I want to.  I can't easily get through screening all of a sudden.  That saved me a lot of money by not getting what I want.

I vaguely have a solution for time killing if not anything else.  I just happened to drive through a massage joint, that was always there for as long as I remembered.  I never went inside as I never heard of anybody talk about it.  The area and the strip mall isn't promising in any sense.  But I have nothing much to lose.

I went in, saw a half hour promotion at the door.  It could mean anything.  I was surprised the joint is one of the clinically clean ones.  A mature woman greeted me.  She is not old and overweight.  Still attractive in a way.  She passed.

My heart sank a little when I see that the rooms have a salon door. Haven't encountered that for long time.  It's worse because the room is really small, just big enough for a massage table and no more.  Anybody walked pass is like walking pass your feet, naked.

My hundred dollar bill came back as a lot of changes on the chair, started working its magic. It was a really good massage and she was into it.  She whispered in my ear to see if I wanted the full hour.  Usual stuff.  I decided to disappoint her but changed my mind at the last minute.  Really I have only one hour to kill and I may have to go earlier.

Just to be naughty, I put my hand on her bottom when I told her I want to complete the hour.  At her age she is not shy and I don't get too much sanctification on her jean covered ass.

It was even better because she worked hard for her next appointment.  She jumped on bed, did the feet massage, and leg joint massage, but not trying to sex me up.  She had no intention to. 

Then I touched myself under the towel.  That was my vague plan.  In the past I refused to touch myself even though some joints are designed for that, with cheer leaders outfit, but you can't touch them nor they touch you there.  I rather enjoy the eye candy and stimulating massage and then go somewhere next for hardcore sex.

There are times when I gave up and touch myself, the woman went as far as possible and gave me a scalp massage!

When she knew for sure I was touching myself, she hesitated for a moment and then said, like a little girl in a soft girly voice, "what are you doing?"  At the same time she pressed something, must be a warning light.

I retreated with with a wicked smile on my face as if I just did a prank.  She kept on the massage as if nothing happened.  After a while, I knew she would come to her senses and know that I am no trouble.  The massage is more intimate without sexing me up. 

Then I put my hand under the tower again.  If not for the salon doors I would have pulled the towel.  After the initial chaos, she actually helped along.  She would massage as far as my tights would go and not touching anything else.  She would also rub my chest sensually while blocking the door with her body.

When I came she gave me a lot of towels to clean up and asked me to throw them all on the ground so she didn't need to touch them.

One more thing.  She wanted to compliment my feet while massaging it.  For what I could tell she was holding it like having an oral fixation.  She couldn't find the word probably she knew it's wrong to say it's beautiful, and can't find another word.  At the end she said firm and ended the topic hastily that she started.

For the background, I developed very tough skin at the heels since the swimming season last summer.  I decided to do something about it recently so it was like coming out of a foot spa most of the time.  On top of that since I don't walk that much, I discovered I developed quite some clean pretty nails without realising it, on in-good-shape long toes.

Monday, April 30, 2012

If you can travel in time ...

There are actually many versions of time travel, at least in sci-fi.  A physics professor is working on a time machine for real, a childhood ambition to see his deceased father again.

My version of time travel is that everything revert to the same state at the time you want to go.  So you can go back to when you are 18 again and again.  That's eternity.

There are many holes, like typical scripts and novels, but you can always fill it in as you go along.  Like buying antique stuff to bring back with you so they will be functional when you arrive back in time.  Somehow you need to preserve your memory with some mechanism to live eternally.  The simplest is to write down everything on paper and carry with you in the hope that you understand when you get there.

You are free to do anything as if you live your life all over again in the way you choose.  In a quantum universal, it's like a parallel universal, in that everything that can happen happened in one universal or another.  You are not afraid to run into yourself because probably yourself don't exist at that time and universe, or impossibly to have the same identity.  And you probably don't cross path.  Otherwise, there's the so called dead ringer to explain away everything.

You won't tell anybody else because otherwise your advantage do not exist.  You have good knowledge how the future will turn out.  You have unlimited money and power.  If you tell anybody it won't work even if they believe you.  Therefore fellow time travellers may exist but will not ruin each other's life.

The interesting thought will be, if you have limited energy and resources, who to bring with you.  You offer your eternal life to someone else.  Offsprings become not important because you don't need them to continue your DNA.  You can have them whenever you want, later.  Once you have kids, you don't want to keep them forever because they want their own life.

There are conflicting statistics of men that I have no answer but state my preference.  Some men visit the same prostitute over and over again.  Some want to have sex with as many women as possible, and paying make up the numbers a lot more.  The same with porn stars.  Some want new stars everyday but others are difficult to switch.

So if you have unlimited power and richness, you probably don't want to bring anyone with you.

From time to time, I ran into model materials, who drove me crazy with their bodies just by standing there.  That's not critical and I can snap out of that.  And if you have money, you can always have desert whenever you want.

The face is another thing.  She has to look good when wet, or dry, or sweaty, with makeup, and naked, smiling, crying, in pain or pleasure.  Simply beautiful just don't cut it.  It have to be a combination of beauty, cuteness, uniqueness, special, or anything you want to justify our choice.  It can be said of any other body parts, like legs.

And then there is the personal connection.  A kiss is not a kiss when nothing is there, no sparkle.  I'm sure money can buy some, but that's not a certain thing.

And then the character.  I have been treated like dirt, say, by Chanel when I didn't pay her enough for her troubles.  I have been abused non-violently by you know who.  Character deficiency is really difficult to fix and you don't want to face for all eternity.

And there is the option of not bringing her with you.  You can find another version of her that could be better.  Fall in love all over again, or not.

If you fancy a prostitute, you have the option of going back together, before or after she became a prostitute, or when she was still a virgin if you desire.

The first person I want to bring in mind is - Chanel.  She gave me a hard on every time.  I can always lost my mind for an hour or two with her.  I still can't kiss her enough.  I know the worst of her characters and we have nothing to hide.  I'm sure there are plenty like her, but if I have to pick one she is a candidate that I have already.

The runner up is, surprise surprise, Mrs Player.  She still gives me a hard on when naked or in something sexy, thought she likes to wear grandma's torn pyjamas at home.  I can't kiss her enough but she doesn't let me.  Her character is killing me but I'm certain 100% money will cure it.  She is the eternal school girl, even at her age.  Worse still, now she is wearing stuff as if she has a trust fund.  I'm so honoured going out with when she let me.  If she looked a bit more like a woman, people will think I'm rich and powerful.  As it stands, she looked like a good catch to me.  That it's her family who is rich, not me. It is totally opposite to Chanel, so obviously she is a gold digger, even she is rather cute.

As for why she dresses like having a trust fund?  The things that she can't sell she can keep for clothing allowance.  At the time, it's thousands of dollars, each season.  It's not her money no matter what. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Canada stands up to the axis of evil

Current prostitution laws have the practical consequence of forcing prostitutes to work in circumstances that add significantly to their lack of safety. In Ontario, that will change. By next month, prostitutes will be able to hire a bodyguard and, a year from now work from a house. Prostitutes in other jurisdictions, like Quebec, must still in theory work the streets alone, unprotected by authorities other than police.

Canada ruling

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Classy prostitutes

This girl is not a prostitute but a model at work (but you never knows).  She's just here to illustrate my point.

I had said before why would you want to dress like having a trust fund, when in fact you don't.

I understand that there are good reasons, like gold digging, bragging, but hardly for sex.  In public my radar will be legs, butt, breast and face, may be face right after legs.

But like watching porn versus picking your prostitute, the criteria for judging is different.

I will have an immediate hard on if a working girl dresses like that, works better than cosplay, or lingerie.  And that's from experience.  There's no need for meat exposure because I know that I'm getting to see it all and feel it all.  It's better not with strangers, because I will know what I'm getting into.

Long story short, Chanel turned up one day in my motel room like this, well, a little.  She didn't wear a jacket, and her dress probably didn't worth more than the fashion jewellery that the model is wearing - about one grand for nothing precious in it. 

But anyway I couldn't stop smiling, and my jaw is so tired thinking about it.  I grabbed her waist and sit her on the bed.  I sat next to her and put my hands on her knees.  I wouldn't want to go any further because I was afraid she would get up and start taking off her clothes.

I just gently caressed her legs while listening to her, and she would stop the advance of my hand when it got too close to her private.

She was in a good talkative mood that day.  I tried to listen but all I was doing was pretending while looking at each of her eyebrow hair and anything else I could see.  And do my best to repsonse so as to keep her talking and sitting there.  Her raw hair looks good like this model.  Today she had her hair done, expensive and very subtle.  If I don't know her I would think her hair looks like this everyday.

Some people have eyebrows all wrong.  Some have to trim it often like cutting the lawn.  Some just don't look right no matter how you trim it.  Her eyebrows are always alright.  But trimming probably comes bundled with her beauty salon treatments.  For her it was like cutting raw diamonds into diamonds.  I was close enough to watch every hair that left.

She was on official business and would go to her sister's company after lunch.  Probably true, but it could also be that she was going to meet her VIP client.  I could be jealous - she wouldn't go through all that trouble for me, for my compensation.  I could raise that, but instead I tried my best to get there first.  Indeed once she complained that her expensive naked look make-up got completely sucked out of her face.  She had to do it all over again for her afternoon engagement, whatever it was.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Two new year fantasies

No resolutions means I don't have to do it and possibly fail.

The popularity of anal hair removal triggered my memory of an old boys talk with a dentist in training, about promoting full body anesthesia with the tag line - "you won't remember a thing".   Of course he will be offering it to attractive patients who worth his efforts.

I'm fantasying to open a beauty salon, specializing in hair removal, and in particular anal hairs.  First, my reassuring assistant, a motherly figure like a experienced nurse, will make every patient sit on a scanner.  It's a bit medical looking equipment to draw from a CAT scan, but in reality it's really a scanner, the sort you use on desktops to scan pictures.

Of course they have to take off their panties and spread their legs.  Sit in thin air and then on the scanner surface.  Of course patients will never be shown their real scans.  If their arse pass the scan test, my assistant will bring out the doctor, me, in full professional gown and makeover.

I will not offer full body anesthesia because I don't think I can get away with it.  I will take a couple of minutes to explain that anal hair removal is a very delicate procedure, requiring that my laser probe has to be stabilized by as many fingers as possible all the time, around very sensitive areas that patients are not used to be touched.  All this time I will be waving the probe like a wand for the hypnosis effect, and moving all my fingers in an artistic manner all over.  That means I am not going to use a glove and her silence means acceptance.

My assistance can do the job for male patients.

It can't happen in real life unless you are a full time hair remover.  For the hassle you can do at most a patient or two every other day, and you probably have to find an assistant who will blow you afterwards.

Now turning to something that could actually happen.  To marry a whore.

Never really think of that before.  And it seems to be too impossible to think about it.  Not long ago I was the sort of guys who only want to marry virgins.

Now in a remote, disconnected, calm, distance, rational state, I can say that's not that impossible.  All I need is a way out of my miseries, and a way in, the right whore.

It's not about sex and fresh young meat.  It's not because Chanel is still well under 30.  My wife will still win some putting them in a lineup, despite decades of age difference (about two).  In school uniform my wife will have the upper hand.  Chanel turns out to have a very beautiful face, after losing her baby fat since 19.  But my wife isn't at all weak.

I tend to forget about age.  In the last Halloween, when I took my kid out to trick and treat, I still got candies because I was in costumes.

Chanel's boy friend is just over 30.  I think I ran into them once.  And like Chanel, I have no problem dumping him given half the chance.  But for Chanel, dumping him could mean a life of poverty, ending up like some of her "colleagues", and nobody cares.

I'm still attracted to any one of them from head to toe.  I am sure about Chanel because she finally let me suck her toes and proud of it.  Can get near her ears though.  I am not that sure about my wife because I remembered I did but in recent memory I couldn't get her to take a bath together and then suck away.

I can still kiss any of them passionately as if making out in the back seat.  I know Chanel takes my tongue as a service, but that's good enough.  It's better than my wife who doesn't tolerate it.  Perhaps Chanel is more than providing a service.  You need some connection and acceptance to start being DFK's in the first place.

There are so much screwed-up people, or you can say incompatibility.   I know what the worse Chanel will come to.  Take my money and run?  There's an app to avoid that.  She doesn't really like me?  Maybe better than my wife.  I'm certain that I will not marry my wife the 2nd time.  But Chanel is like dating for a couple of years (it seems), and I think I know all of her daemons.  No surprises.

The alternative?  Like the single blond mother who showed off her bikini body in front of me in the swimming pool?  It's the same thing.  If I am not perceived as rather successful, nobody will bother.  Not Chanel.  Not my wife.   And if I am more than rather successful?  Single blond virgins, or college girl gone wild.

Can I live with her past?  In hind hind sight, it's not that difficult.  Far from her numbers, I have done some women.  Some are gorgeous but some I cannot be proud of.  (in the middle of the night, no alternative other than my own hand job)  And I know and have seen how's it's done.  If you need money quick, and you got a good madam, it's almost condom to condom doing incalls.  I have ran into clients and pimps that are rather repulsive.

Some men are into wife swapping.  But I'd rather find a whore myself.

It's funny how Japanese categorize their porn stars.  Some don't do sex and show the three points.  The censored stars have higher status than those uncensored ones who have to probably make the movie outside of Japan and the uncensored version is for export only.  Age from under aged (no sex, no points) to as mature as you can get while still attractive to some.  No points, censored, uncensored, amateurs, non-pro, civilian?  All in the mind.

Despiting satisfying all the male fantasies, the young girls are still behaving like angels.  The matures are so proud being able to make a porn movie.  Indeed all are proud.  For some it's like souvenirs when they are at their prime.   I don't think they have trouble finding eligible mates.

I have another girl, about the same age as Chanel, who likes to dress up and go out with me.  She even invited me to her local Starbuck alternative in the evenings.  It's like a cross between a Paris cafe and a British pub.  It's a place to look at other people, get dates, get laid, and show off their gadgets.  There are high school kids who were doing their homework, gossiping on Facebook, but mostly are younger professionals who would be proud to discuss the last book they read.  But somehow we didn't click.  I like her, sure.  Her body?  Great.

But it's Chanel who got my heart somehow.  Once I booker her in the morning.  I was on her chest recuperating after sex.  Then I discovered that I lost a few hours of time.  I remembered we were talking.  If not, I would have accused her of giving me date rape drugs.  Then she asked me to lunch.  Then we lost a few more hours in the restaurant until all other patrons left.  I'm almost sure she was up to something.  But I can't complain.  If we don't get along she could have pulled out any time.  I wasn't bribing her with anything other than the meal.

OK, back to now.  Looking for kindle books for kids.