Saturday, December 31, 2011

My top posts

Blogger doesn't list top blog posts for the year, but the all time popular posts and top posts of the month are basically the same.

By a huge huge margin, Club Black of Buenos Airs, Argentina leads the pack, together with other clubs and posts.  Being discovered by the media is one thing, showing that there is a market for that is another.  We all know the bargain basement sex tourists and their boards.  I don't mind being one, looking at what the other 50% does (or experiencing it?), but you get hostile reactions from them, as if you alone can ruin their pocket.  Now if someone can tell me where to find Thai university students in their sexy uniforms asking for compensated dating, I will get there on my next break or detour.

I have no idea why my soft porn post is so popular, relatively.

Advertising is a hot topic, meaning there are always new girls thinking about it.  If I write about it more I will be assisting cheating.  Girls know about these things.  They often put up a few ad in different places and markets with different names.  They know how their ad is doing.  Basically get them to the door and get them to stay with your charm even if they are a little disappointed.  Sometimes new girls don't know what pictures are stocks, highly photoshopped, or real.  They don't know their competition and used the wrong strategy.

Ah, I don't know that flat chested woman is so popular, or the thought of what to do with them.  Pinching, pinching, pinching. I do that to my wife, so I am not trolling.  In the heat of the moment she can take it well.

Nevada brothels capture American's imaginations.  I'd rather remain silence as I never set foot in it.  I don't live there nor I have a deep pocket.

Surprise, surprise, many of you have anal hair problems.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fetish anyone?

Some blog triggered me to look up fetish.  The pedia isn't helping.

As in the infinite range of human behavior, if it doesn't cause anybody any harm, and you can live with it, why not?

The whole food, and especially fast food industry is out there to get you.  If nobody is looking out for you, like your parents, you are doomed.  I mean some accept some degree of obesity without doing much about it unless they can't walk out of the door.  Some struggling with weight and still occasionally treat themselves with unhealthy food.  Some just can't get fat eating anything.

I really want to ask is, do you prefer toe sucking, DFK or tongue scrapping?  Or being heavily spanked or spank other people?

If you can't stand the thought of people licking your dirty and sweaty feet, you are not alone as many people can't fly.  You can make up some food and spice mixture and brush some on your feet to simulate the dirt.

If I were an escort, I would pick the easy thing to do and charge more.  Spicing things up cost more.  Asking me to do something others will think weired will cost you more.  I'm not being tied up and beaten up, but I will happily do it on you.

Firstly, the development of fetish, like all other things, are blamed on traumatic experience or your mother.

My alternative non-theory is common sense as in many other disciplines.  Instead of traumatic I would say intense.  The bio feedback mechanism is somehow ending up not as most people do.  Equilibrium is disrupted.  Positive feedback becomes overdrive, oscillating, resonance, unchecked, until limiting by some other forces, or until something bad happened.

Take sex.  The body is built what the body can, and want to, do.  You crave for sex.  You have sex sooner or later.  You are satisfied.  You craving subsides temporary, until next cycle.  What if you don't have sex?  Most can understand or imagine.

Shoes.  You can't blame your mother or any traumatic experience.  There are numerous designers past and present, whose only objective is to make shoes a sex stimulant - the fuck me shoes - obvious or subliminal.  You just can't blame yourself but the whole culture if you have shoe fetish, and feet fetish is closely connected.

Some said the same for schoolgirl uniforms.  The designers put all their adult male fantasies into it.  The rest should be blamed on the girls themselves.  Put them together and they will compete for attention, with the length of their skirts or otherwise.

School girl uniform fetish is easy to explain.  They are everywhere with impossibly short skirts.  You can't do anything about it as you are in elementary or middle or high school.  Worse, I was in a boy school.  You have an erection.  Then hard on.  No mitigation.  It develops into an intense craving or you can say traumatic experience.  I sympathize adults who develop it too.  You have no control on what triggers your erection.  Hiring somebody to wear what you want is a pretty good way to restore the equilibrium, and avoid developing into a serious condition.  Fully grown girls with the right stuff will be much hotter though.

I had a high school girl friend.  Naturally she was wearing the uniform a lot.  At the time naked for me is better than wearing anything.  When she graduated, she kept the uniform.  I spotted it in her wardrobe and asked her to wear it to make love.  She was OK with it but felt weired, and then she said she threw the uniform away.

I noticed her shoes, socks, and feet too.  I was a bit into it but there were too many other distractions.  In cold, or hot and muddy places, people cover up their toes for warmth and for respecting other people.  I forgot all about it.  But when I relocated I noticed most woman flaunt their toes and nails, and there's a whole industry for it, down every strip mall.

The first time it was autopilot.  The escort is almost 6 feet tall.  I always love legs but what can you do with them? Seriously?  All 6 feet or it?  I went down to look closely at her pretty nails.  That is a small enough area to focus on with you eyes, your lips, and you tongue for that matter.  A few happy experiences later it developed into some habit.  I can always find time to do that if she has a pretty feet.  And duck out of it if not.

I can totally sympathize why someone will bring his wife's clothings for an escort to wear.  My wife spent a fortune on shoes, and say, little black dresses.  But she wouldn't let me fuck her in any of it.  I actually brought one of her pair to see Chanel.  But it happened that the day her shoes were much better.  If I don't have to do the laundry, and her clothes is more robust, I would have brought the entire wardrobe.  It's free, instead of expensive gifts for Chanel, hoping she will wear it at least a few times. 

Talking about trauma.  Actually Chanel don't want to put on any gift that she really likes.  Actually she wants to wear it on her other life and don't want things to cross over.

Bringing step daughters clothes?  Actually I have the fantasy of asking a girl, totally stranger on the street, irrespective of age, where she brought her shoes or skirts or dress.  If the piece of clothing is sexy as hell she and I will understand.  I will say for my girl friend or wife.  For step daughters you actually got the clothes already.  As I said, you can't control your erections, but you can control who you fuck with.