Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tron - role play?

Feeling a bit nostalgic, I played Tron Legacy on Netflix.

There's not much to see, just feeling old, a bit like Jeff.  But to my surprise, my eyes can't move away from Quorra.  Actually her eyes.

She's all wrapped up in a disfiguring suit and I can't stay away from her eyes.

You fail Disney.  If she can wear shorts like Laura, I can look at her legs too.  And she may just be more popular than Laura.  But then its Disney.

From the moment she appeared, I knew I seen her somewhere.  Throughout the movie I was wondering who she is and where they find her.

After the movie I found out that she is Olivia Wilde, obviously very popular.  I still couldn't recognize her.  Then her list says House !

She was the reason I watched and tolerated House.  Before that it was the blond.  Both are good looking with glasses.

I couldn't have recognized her.  From back length hair to chin length.  She must be thirties now if not more, and still ride on the back of a motorbike with a teenager!  But she is actually more beautiful now.  When Chanel was 19, she was just another pretty face, fresh meat.  A few years later she becomes a haunting beauty.

Did anyone ask you to play a tomb raider role?

Nobody watches TV.  Not even Netflix.  I don't think the mandatory digital TV helps anybody.  When the imported cheap TV is good enough, people just plug in their netbooks, and much more interesting in that.

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