Friday, October 21, 2011

Foreskin, hookers, and evolution

These are what I read recently from my blog rolls.  I'm glad that someone got life altering inspirations from evolution.

Everybody got some brain washing from birth.  Look at the opening scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's.  It is a miracle that evolution got in school curriculum and stood tall in some cultures, such as USA.

By training, I'm happy to be wrong.  If I'm wrong, I can do more for less money and keep the difference.  People are wrong most of the time, sooner or later.  You only need to be right at the critical moment once a while, and you will be outstanding from the rest.

Now foreskin.  I'm not passionate about it - it's your baby.  But you can see the personal bias during truth searching, and cultural brain washing in effect.

I know hookers hate dirty pennis.  Women too of course.  But circumcision is a very American thing (and some other places of course).  Like dental works (or boob jobs of course).  If you look at a corpse with perfectly white teeth all in the correct positions, you know he/she was American.

Nobody likes dirty pennis, foul mouth, flaking skin and hair.

Europeans don't do it.  Asians (non-Muslims) don't do it.  Jews and Muslims do it out of religious reasons.  Catholics condemn it and Christians are probably neutral about it (probably under US pressure).

I think it started in US during the cross over times.  You perform "medical" surgeries without knowing germ theory.  It spread to Canada and Australia, but declined in recent years.  Except for US, still going strong.  The other exception is S Korea - in which it is another US sin, where 80% of boys are cut.

If you don't like it, justify it with whatever you may, but the medical defense is laughable.  Oh yes, the rest of the world will die.  US will save the world once again.

I'm sure the often referenced study is correct.  You don't need any more studies.  That's elementary germ theory and elementary probability.  If you have a dirty pennis, you get infections.

But does that justify circumcision?  A no for me. 

If you care for your baby, you will look after his pennis well until he can look after it himself.  For first born with ignorance mothers, the first sign of inflammation will remain both the mother and son to keep the pennis clean for the rest of their lives.

Tell me if the medical conditions so developed are dangerous and will not be cured 100%.

As for aids and other STD's, why would you do unprotected sex with casual partners? You can bend the odds a little but you won't any money if you don't gamble at all.

As to the reasons for not to cut, it's so overwhelming for the un brain washed.

His father is cut.  Girls like the clean look.  More or less masturbation.  Those are laughable reasons for me.  If you go for those, please do.  I'm not talking about those.

In the pre wars years, one in a few thousands babies died during circumcision.  How many are botched?  Of course hospitals are far better since then. But now we have super bugs and hospitals can be more dangerous than the home during outbreaks.  People die from that with no cure.  Why you want to cut open your baby?

Why don't you give your boy the choice when he grows up?  "He will thank you because he doesn't need to go through the pain."  Oh, is that painful?  Of course.  The argument for it is that babies won't remember the pain?  What !!!  I won't do it to my cat!  It's outright cruelty.

I don't understand why it's still painful to cut it in adulthood.  For babies, you could have whole body anesthesia, which is a always a danger of not waking up, botched dose, especially for new born.  Or you do it WITHOUT anesthesia.

If you have doubts, you are invited to watch a circumcision in progress. 

It's common sense or science.  It's much more difficult to cut off a tiny piece of skin off a tiny pennis than a big fat one.

You have to be very sure about the people doing the cutting.  I doubt if you get a highly skilled surgeon to do it.  If not, it may be the high cost of insurance.  Your rabbi?

I happened to walk into one, the aftermath.  In the baby I was curious why two babies couldn't stop crying very loudly, more like screaming.  They were watched by two old man in plain clothes. I walked by them by chance, took a glance and noticed the bulk of cotton covering his pennis.  It was obvious that the cotton were stained with blood.  It's a lot for tiny babies.

It must be the reflex reaction on my face.  The guy started talking to the babies, "I'm here to help you".  The babies kept screaming.

It's not just any hospital.  Nearby there's a harbor full of yachts.   And private maternity rooms are always fully booked.

I'm sure they don't remember a thing when they grow up.


Liras said...

Nothing wrong with being wrong, Player. But it is very good, to be right.

No matter what, I think the trauma makes a man scream, no matter if he is 7 days old or 7,000 days on earth.

The Player said...

And I can still remember the non-stop screaming.