Friday, October 21, 2011

Foreskin, hookers, and evolution

These are what I read recently from my blog rolls.  I'm glad that someone got life altering inspirations from evolution.

Everybody got some brain washing from birth.  Look at the opening scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's.  It is a miracle that evolution got in school curriculum and stood tall in some cultures, such as USA.

By training, I'm happy to be wrong.  If I'm wrong, I can do more for less money and keep the difference.  People are wrong most of the time, sooner or later.  You only need to be right at the critical moment once a while, and you will be outstanding from the rest.

Now foreskin.  I'm not passionate about it - it's your baby.  But you can see the personal bias during truth searching, and cultural brain washing in effect.

I know hookers hate dirty pennis.  Women too of course.  But circumcision is a very American thing (and some other places of course).  Like dental works (or boob jobs of course).  If you look at a corpse with perfectly white teeth all in the correct positions, you know he/she was American.

Nobody likes dirty pennis, foul mouth, flaking skin and hair.

Europeans don't do it.  Asians (non-Muslims) don't do it.  Jews and Muslims do it out of religious reasons.  Catholics condemn it and Christians are probably neutral about it (probably under US pressure).

I think it started in US during the cross over times.  You perform "medical" surgeries without knowing germ theory.  It spread to Canada and Australia, but declined in recent years.  Except for US, still going strong.  The other exception is S Korea - in which it is another US sin, where 80% of boys are cut.

If you don't like it, justify it with whatever you may, but the medical defense is laughable.  Oh yes, the rest of the world will die.  US will save the world once again.

I'm sure the often referenced study is correct.  You don't need any more studies.  That's elementary germ theory and elementary probability.  If you have a dirty pennis, you get infections.

But does that justify circumcision?  A no for me. 

If you care for your baby, you will look after his pennis well until he can look after it himself.  For first born with ignorance mothers, the first sign of inflammation will remain both the mother and son to keep the pennis clean for the rest of their lives.

Tell me if the medical conditions so developed are dangerous and will not be cured 100%.

As for aids and other STD's, why would you do unprotected sex with casual partners? You can bend the odds a little but you won't any money if you don't gamble at all.

As to the reasons for not to cut, it's so overwhelming for the un brain washed.

His father is cut.  Girls like the clean look.  More or less masturbation.  Those are laughable reasons for me.  If you go for those, please do.  I'm not talking about those.

In the pre wars years, one in a few thousands babies died during circumcision.  How many are botched?  Of course hospitals are far better since then. But now we have super bugs and hospitals can be more dangerous than the home during outbreaks.  People die from that with no cure.  Why you want to cut open your baby?

Why don't you give your boy the choice when he grows up?  "He will thank you because he doesn't need to go through the pain."  Oh, is that painful?  Of course.  The argument for it is that babies won't remember the pain?  What !!!  I won't do it to my cat!  It's outright cruelty.

I don't understand why it's still painful to cut it in adulthood.  For babies, you could have whole body anesthesia, which is a always a danger of not waking up, botched dose, especially for new born.  Or you do it WITHOUT anesthesia.

If you have doubts, you are invited to watch a circumcision in progress. 

It's common sense or science.  It's much more difficult to cut off a tiny piece of skin off a tiny pennis than a big fat one.

You have to be very sure about the people doing the cutting.  I doubt if you get a highly skilled surgeon to do it.  If not, it may be the high cost of insurance.  Your rabbi?

I happened to walk into one, the aftermath.  In the baby I was curious why two babies couldn't stop crying very loudly, more like screaming.  They were watched by two old man in plain clothes. I walked by them by chance, took a glance and noticed the bulk of cotton covering his pennis.  It was obvious that the cotton were stained with blood.  It's a lot for tiny babies.

It must be the reflex reaction on my face.  The guy started talking to the babies, "I'm here to help you".  The babies kept screaming.

It's not just any hospital.  Nearby there's a harbor full of yachts.   And private maternity rooms are always fully booked.

I'm sure they don't remember a thing when they grow up.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Pictures with locations

This time it's not about fake pictures.  Not about GPS info in pictures, although it's not a bad idea.  Not everybody have the goods to take a picture in difficult to photo-shop backgrounds.

It's not bad to have too good to be real pictures.  And that's not today's topic.

But it's better to have as many real things in it, other than "you".

Too many pictures seems to be taken straight from European and Asia porn magazines.  That's true but it's not today's topic.

Have a real furniture.  Sit on a real chair.  Even if you are in a studio.  Have a real plant.

Then it comes to the point that many pictures irritates me being out of location.  You sell yourself in the West Coast and you take pictures in front of a brick wall?  There's no bricks here.  It's worse than fake pictures taken out from porn magazines without any backgrounds.  I hate pretty girls in front of brick walls, just as many hate pretty girls stand in front of stucco.  That's culture.  I like bricks but I don't have it.

The other extreme is pictures taken on arrival, in cheap motels with cheap cell phones.  It just shows that your cell phone is cheap.  Or you really need the blur function without the blur software.

A once successful international site was successful because they can send photographers to your hotel to take very decent pictures.  They had to move to overseas servers and keep some distance, as the photo service is too close to pimping.

It's better to take pictures in your home if you don't mind.  Hotels will do.  Studios?  What for?

I was once on a model's weekly cam show.  She was the only one I ever subscripted.  Perhaps I felt that she was local.  When I complimented the architecture and furnitures of her home, she freaked out.  She insisted that her address is just a drop box - she don't live there.

Of course I can tell.  I drove pass there everyday.  I have been in so many houses, apartments and hotels.  An apartment in that address will be build and furnished just like her home.

It's interesting to see how the mind works.  For a starter there's the very old declassified CIA interrogation manual.  All you need to know is that you can force persons to do something they are unwilling to, without physical violence.  Advertising, sales, management, they are all at it as much as it's legal.

The other day I revisited the opening scene on Breakfast at Tiffany.  She is so much a brain washed girl, just like 99% of us.

In this case, if you want clients to think real, put in as much real things as you can.

But it can be a disaster.  Depends on what sort of client you are after.  If you ask for $500 or more an hour, you hope your clients know how to tell good pictures from bad ones.

You can always put on a blond wig, put up another ad on blackpages with cell phones pictures.  Make you have another phone number and name. 

Chanel can tell you that it doesn't matter $1000 an hour or $150 half hour.  The best clients are those who don't mind a lot of lube.  Get in, jerk off intensely inside a pussy, and then get out fast.

For anything else you really need a Mastercard or any cards with high limits, after you spend all your disposable income.

Tron - role play?

Feeling a bit nostalgic, I played Tron Legacy on Netflix.

There's not much to see, just feeling old, a bit like Jeff.  But to my surprise, my eyes can't move away from Quorra.  Actually her eyes.

She's all wrapped up in a disfiguring suit and I can't stay away from her eyes.

You fail Disney.  If she can wear shorts like Laura, I can look at her legs too.  And she may just be more popular than Laura.  But then its Disney.

From the moment she appeared, I knew I seen her somewhere.  Throughout the movie I was wondering who she is and where they find her.

After the movie I found out that she is Olivia Wilde, obviously very popular.  I still couldn't recognize her.  Then her list says House !

She was the reason I watched and tolerated House.  Before that it was the blond.  Both are good looking with glasses.

I couldn't have recognized her.  From back length hair to chin length.  She must be thirties now if not more, and still ride on the back of a motorbike with a teenager!  But she is actually more beautiful now.  When Chanel was 19, she was just another pretty face, fresh meat.  A few years later she becomes a haunting beauty.

Did anyone ask you to play a tomb raider role?

Nobody watches TV.  Not even Netflix.  I don't think the mandatory digital TV helps anybody.  When the imported cheap TV is good enough, people just plug in their netbooks, and much more interesting in that.