Saturday, September 24, 2011

The end of advertising and listing?

I vaguely remembered some escort ads, mostly agencies.  More relevantly, there are the listings.  Craig's lists is a good example.  They know how to find you as long as you are on some lists.  Indeed you need to be on and off to have some time to yourself and a life.

Escort reviewing is way ahead of Amazon.  But sadly no body was bold enough, had a vision, or not for profit enough, to link listings to reviews.

But Amazon did it and live to tell the story.  Indeed, it forced it's model on all the online retailers.  But no one can catch up with Amazon.

Recently I brought some gadget on eBay, because it wasn't on anywhere else for that sort of price.  It was trouble.  I have a few bad experiences in a row.  It doesn't matter if the seller is excellent.  We are not buying the seller, aren't we?  We are buying the goods.  Today eBay try reviews, buying guides, rate sellers, but still wouldn't allow reviews on the goods on sale.  It doesn't matter how good the buyer's protection is, it's a waste of time.  I'm not going to get anything again if I don't have to.  Anyway, returns are processed by the sellers, so it just trouble even if they are willing.

Target, Homedepot, Lowes, Sears, they all have reviews, and most other small online retailers.  The problem is, they check your reviews before letting it out after a few days.  It's totally sanitized.  Indeed words such as stupid, may get you filtered out.

Amazon is free for all, totally uncensored (not very true).  They do check what you write, but in the past it's almost invisible.  The best thing is that you can comment on the review directly too - something that review sites dare not to do.

Does it work?  After a couple of years, it pretty good.  It's almost perfect if you are familiar with escort reviews.  You know how to interpret it.

The reviews are colorful.  True, the average ratings doesn't reflect the real features of the product.  But you can look at the reviews themselves.

Some morons rate the products with no good reasons.  Actually for bad reasons.  Because it beeps too loud, when you actually can adjust the volume or disable it.  So the crowd come down hard on him.  But he deserves it.  Everybody else beeps the same.  It could be usability, user-friendly, issues.  But once you know it, it's easy to adjust it or disable it.  Now you know it.  You can always change your review or ratings (I think).

It would be on route to a perfect world if you need to write down why you vote.  Of course anonymous if you want.  So it should be one person, one vote, one review, for others to see, like counting the vote.  You can see which candidate attracts morons.

Basically, your wife left you, your kids don't listen to you, you boss hate you, no body wants to work with you.  Your dogs want to escape.  But on voting day, you are treated like god.  So you play god.  For once in you miserable life you can do what you want and people are begging for it.  You don't need to listen to anybody.  Nobody will criticize you.  You don't need to do any homework, its hard for you.  Your opinion is highly valued, even though your vote is one of millions, and you don't have a clue.  Most likely you are brain washed and vote for the guy who give you less.

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Oh yes, I'm doing movie reviews too.  But Hangover I and II is positive about prostitution without saying it.  They were filmed in Vegas and Bangcock after all.

With suspense all the way, Hangover is a movie worth watching.  Critics say Hangover II is not as good, or bad, but it's always difficult to make a better one.  It's a lot easier to make another one.  If you are a fan of Hangover, the sequel is not that bad.

First of all, you can really drive LV to LA is 3 hours or under.  Check.  If you have a reliable car that don't shake at high speed, and you are prepared to pay fines.  Just don't push your luck too much right around the city edges, and at some well known black spots, you will be fine.

In the sequel, the team says that they lost one of their own to Bangkok.  It doesn't mean that the guy got lost, killed by enemies, kidnapped or whatever.  It means that somehow the city swallowed him in one on it's many ways.  Check.  I got the same feeling after "one night in Bangkok".  Even though I booked non-nonrefundable hotel for a couple more days, I called the taxi and boarded my original flight before I changed my mind.  I was stranded somewhere before.  Not anything dangerous but  I have to waited for a week before I can fly home.  At the time I already sold my camera, my credit card haven't got a lot in it, I have only one card, and no body else know where I was.  I was also afraid that I was losing my mind at the land of smiles.

The Dentists says, "I fight my daemons.  I went to hell and come back."  It wasn't a great speech, but I understand what he is supposed to say.

In a recent study, 40% of EU people have mental disorder, depending how broad you define mental disorder.  That reinforces my dating theory.  Say a person can be characterized by dozens of "dimensions", for example, philosophy competence.  Each dimension has an ideal point, say understand how logic works.  Then most people have something wrong in one way or the other.  And that's normal.  You can't put two people together that are fundamentally against each other's characteristics.

Everybody have some daemons.  I wouldn't say I confront them, fight them, but I face them and manage them.  Given in to temptations.  Check.  I still have fond memories of my beginner's luck visiting prostitutes.  Sex with TS.  Check.  Mine are all beautiful, I wasn't drunk and I didn't regret it.  Battle with international criminals.  Check.  I can't even tell you about it.  Brush with drug dealers.  Check.  I could have taken to jail, charged with possession or even dealing, depending on what they found in my car that didn't belong to me.  I am totally innocent but I could be punished for totally stupid to let a teenage courier/pusher into my car and speed away from the police. 

If you look at those so called anti-prostitution feminists, they probably all have strong daemons.  A photo of the chief looked like she's a failed specimen of evolution.  She's totally unattractive to the opposite sex (I can't tell about the other), and she's proud of it.  Evolution is about passing on your DNA.  The mechanism is sex and the bottom-line is that you have to be attractive to the opposite sex.  Age isn't the problem.  You don't have to look repelling irrespective of age.