Sunday, July 03, 2011

Real men are dumb

Bono has his critics.  Many high profile celebrity activists have some.  Oprah's school is a typical failure.  Madonna should be smarter? But her religious charity folded.  Jenny McCarthy got a lot of kids killed because she believed a doctor who lied to move to Hollywood.

I don't know how Aston Kutchy build up a 7 mil following in Twitter.  But that's nothing in China's standards.

What does he get from Twitter?  "Please follow me back, I'll die happy."  That's probably someone from Kenya who got her first computer.

Twitter has value if there's no available reliable source of information.  This is hardly the case in anti-prostitution and anti-trafficking.  These guys always tried to shut up their oppositions.

Aston isn't raising awareness either.  He's trying to shout down the opposition.

These twitter guys are trouble.  He may be thinking the whole day or the whole week for a half decent sentence, and then tweet as if he's the greatest man in history.

His followers I imagine are like Paris Hilton.  When she's sober and seriously want to do something good for the morning instead of shopping, she may read a quote from a great man.  She thinks it's good.  The next minute she goes partying as if nothing had happened.

Aston is so dumb as to invade other's hash code #DNA.  Does he thinks that everybody knows him and everybody else will give up the hash code for him?  Or does he even heard of DNA?  People who had been using DNA are enough to drown him.  Now the spammers join in.  A fraction of the 7 mil will be interested in Gucci, LV bags, etc.

Does Twitter followers worth anything?  Most of them probably don't read news.  Retweets are illusions, a measure dreamed up by Twitter.

Twitter is basically a spam machine (so are many others).  You can buy large blocks of accounts cheaply.  Retweets are then next to free, worthless.

Facebook deals with spammers by using plenty of international secret agents, whose actions are unacountable to anybody.  FB also force you to use your real name, to reduce spammers and to force feed you with their own spam.

But you can't defeat spammers.  No matter how you filter, censor, using robots and humans, all celebrities resort to verified accounts before you can leave any message.  A phone number cost less than $2 so spammers have to think about the break even point.  But for others, there's no need for such consideration.

Twitter has no chance.  It is old and not prepared for that.  It has no resources to do what FB does.  And FB had yet to proof that it can survive the rebellion against verification, spreading from US to all parts of the world.

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