Friday, June 24, 2011

Women's Funding Network committed suicide

Old news, new angle (for me at least).

Women's Funding Network is credited for closing down Craigslist, after creating a 3.7 million per month pro-prostitution advertising market.

Backpages picked up the tab, at over 2 million, per month, along with a school of smaller fishes.

The study:"Women's Funding Network sex trafficking study is junk science" is funded by Backpages!!!  Talking about creating your own enemy, your biggest enemy is yourself, this enemy created is gigantic. 

It doesn't matter if the junk science is not as widely read or as well known as the WFN.  Credible people exposed the junk science.  This will not be the end of it.  Every silly move by the WFN and the like will be scrutinised.  All their silly articles in the past will be looked at.  I would declare suicide committed.

You will find comments like this:

Why on earth would you take the time to write an article about this? Even if the numbers are over exaggerated or inaccurate (although I'd be those numbers were the best they could do) it's still a serious issue. This is probably one of the most justified topic to be sensationalized to raise awareness. Unfortunately there are many Minnesotans who don't care about these people (my theory is because they're poor, Minnesotans hate the poor).

Total failure of education in evidence, and that's what politicians are after.

As a victim, I can tell you that this is very abusive.  You say it loud, you say it often, and it will be true.  This is abusing the truth, and people standing with the truth.

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