Sunday, June 19, 2011

What to do with legs

I'm a leg man, extensive training since kindergarten.  At the time I was in a classroom on the bottom floor, a combined school which has a collectible uniform, very short skirts.  Girls sell their old ones, but not to other girls in the same school, go figure.

I like to look, but once at close range, I don't know what to do.  For example, a model figure standing in front of the mirror, wearing bikini on high heels, let me kiss her from neck down without moving.  I know how to deal with the other parts but not the legs.

In the beginning, I usually ask to massage the escort.  It fulfills my desire of looking and touching.  It turns out that's a pretty awkward thing to do, for both.  There are many reasons.  She is vulnerable in the massage position.  She wouldn't like you to look at every inch of her, if she is not totally confident.

I met an outstanding girl who is confident enough to let me massage her.  Once I started she laughed.  She knows it is just an excuse to molest her legs.  She just laid there, smiling.

One girl has the solution.  After a massage, she spit a large wad of saliva on to my ankle.  Before the saliva drips away, she moved it up through my legs to my tight, with her tongue.  That sent a chill to my spine.

That's why when I have the urge to kiss and lick legs, my mouth will be very dry and couldn't move two inches.

I would like very much to spit on your legs, a lot.  Who's wiling?

I met a girl with great legs.  My eyes fixed on her short skirt, then her naked legs.  When I was inside her, she saw that I was distracted by her legs.  I couldn't decide to play with her legs or concentrate on the penetration.

She dealt with that by kicking one of her leg high up in the air, holding it straight with her hand.  Now that worked.  I could concentrate on fucking her hard, standing up, she lying on the edge of the high bed.  My hands are free to roam on her body.  Her leg were not too close so I can see how long and straight it was.  I could feel it and kiss it whenever I felt like it.

Fast forward to Father's Day eve.  I touched Mrs Player's legs and she played dead as usual.  I knew I would be lucky when I wet kissed her legs and she was still dead.  When my tongue was dry, I moved on to penetration.

I didn't dare to spit on her legs.

Remembering the other girl, I pulled her dead body to the edge of the bed.  I got inside.  It's not possible that she would hold her leg straight for me so I did.

I tried a few ways to hold her legs straight but failed.  Finally I reached a very conventional position.  I put her legs on my shoulders and I straighten her legs with my arms.

The problem was that, I could touch and kiss, but couldn't see.  The floor to ceiling mirror is right behind me.  Fortunately there's also a big mirror on the other side of the bed that I can see.

I saw this position for so long and I never think too much of it.  Now I can appreciate it, but only with a mirror.  And you have to hold the legs straight yourself.  Or else there's nothing to look no matter how longs the legs are.

There's no such trouble if she would let me fuck standing up on straight legs.

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