Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Prostitution and non-violent spouse abuse

When a spy is caught, his/her fate is sealed.  They may be vaporised into thin air and never seen again.  Or they may be kept forever with the same effect.  When torture is not allowed, so why they still confess or tell what they know?

So that all will go away.  So they can have peace and quiet.  Left alone to rot in their cells.

Once I came across CIA interrogation techniques, it dawned on me that my spouse is doing the same thing.  With reasons not leaving the relationship, the home become a real prison.

Then I came across non-violent spouse abuse, which is what I'm suffering.  It is so common.  The problem is, me and my spouse don't realize it.  I know she has a problem, going ballistic so easily (so do many people).  I have the victim thinking  that I'm also to blame.  If she is shopping all day probably she wouldn't be triggered into ballistic behavior.  I think she is a bit mental, like autistic, so I gave her some slacks.  Obviously, she also inherit the behavior from her mother.  Her mother is well known as the verbal abuse type, even when I was dating my spouse.  But they all like me so you wouldn't discover in a million years, until ...

So another excuse to thank you for all the prostitutes, escorts, call girls, massage girls that I met, for being good spouse abuse counselors.

If you read how the US treats it's prisoner of war, you got the idea.  Humiliation, yelling, random verbose abuse.  You will give them anything so it will go away.  Even though you will still be in prison definitely after that.

Prostitution can be seen as exercise in the yard, library privileges, when you are on life imprisonment without parole. 

I can explain why I am not, say, emptying the garbage bin on time.  Once I'm late in emptying the full bin, she goes ballistic on it.  Not yelling, but random loud bangs on the kitchen cabinet doors, dishes, etc, and talking to herself why she is so unfortunate since ... as long as she can recall, and time to tell it.

So I am dramatized about the incident.  Then traumatized.  It's like PTSD.  You need something like regression therapy to handle it.  You go back to the incident so you can face it without stress.  But it is the other way round for her.  So the garbage bin build up to be a gigantic trauma in my mind and I wouldn't even see it and think about it, "forgetting" to empty it.  So it becomes a downward spiral.

For me hiring domestic help worth anything.  Remember that I would say and do anything in order for the abuse to go away.  But she thinks that hiring help for trivial things is a big waste of money, money that she can spend.  You will have a hard time hiring unless for a couple of hours everyday, or tolerate some stranger to live in your house.

For the 19 year old massage girl.  It's an honor to donate to your college fund.  When I was sucking your perfectly formed breast, you are being therapeutic in much more ways you ever know.  That's why I wouldn't let go easily.  Your handjob sucks, but you will learn along with your education.

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