Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prostitution advertising bragging rights

I just discovered that the AIM group (a sister company of has good analysis on prostituting advertising.

You can't help but to notice that the anti-trafficking camp created a giant disaster, a 3.7 million per month advertising market.  That's the money they force onto Craigslist.

I'm sure any policeman knows this, you cannot track pimps by charging through credit card with phone verifications.  This guys can pay $10 per ad.  A cell phone cost as low as $10.  A SIM card is less than $2 including shipping and airtime.  Just pay by cash and wear a hood at the shop.  You can still be traceable in theory but you do not worry if you are not a big time terrorist. 

With Craigslist gone, Backpages is picking up the tap at over 2 million month, and rising.  Looking at the revenues of older well known sites, you know what a monster these people created.

The next best, traditional Eros, is only a fraction of the revenue.  Neck to neck with Eros is Cityvibe, which is now basically a Eros and a Craigslist side by side.

I'm a little surprised that MyRedbook never found its way and become a mom and pa shop along with the others.  The revenue can't support the salary of a decent CEO.  I don't understand why AdultSearch works when it's pretty useless.  Same for Craigslist but at least CL has a lot more useless ads to pick from. is closed about May, a few months after an FBI raid.  Again most of the ads are pretty useless (fake).

High traffic do not always translate to revenue, surprise:
TheEroticReview is high traffic as always, rank about the same, just below Craigslist and now Backpage.  If 1% of the unique visitors pay up, the revenue will still be mom and pa shops.  For 10%, it will be as profitable as Eros.

BTW, the ex-owner of TER, David Elm, was jailed for 4+ years for being stupid.  Old news.  The website is now hosted offshore.  If it's not a private company of his own, he may have been forced to sell his stake for cheap, and left with nothing when he gets out.

I do not know why Eros succeed and became the leader of non-classified prostitution ad.  The style and function of the site never changed, when Cityvibe is trying everything and trying so hard for so long.  Another nostalgic site that never change is   It may be doing fine but you have no idea when an ad was posted.

I'm sure there are a lot of local escort sites that are doing as well as those in the bottom of the list.

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