Monday, June 13, 2011

Evolution vs homephobic

Oh yes, she is a born man, and still have a big gun beneath.  But no, I wish I have seen her.  It's just a picture I came across on the net to make my point.

I guess I can suck her cock any time.  But if you look around the net, shemale porn that attract me is about nil.  What's the point of finding needles in the hay stack when I am so attracted to women, porn or not?  I'm very happy eating pussy.

It's evolution at work, and all is written all over your DNA.  There's no need to phobic about.

Imagine if you have the cash to do a global search, and end up with a hot porn star.  All you get is heavy investment.  See her boobs and she probably have a butt job as well to make all the curves.  The first thing is that these thing do not last.  Secondly, if you notice long enough, you will find that men is different from women.  The curves will be slightly different no matter how good it looks at first sight.  So, short term entertainment is good, but not something you want to wake up to, everyday.

I have no problem with gay pride parades, but I wouldn't turn up to see something that turns me off.   Attractive lesbian / shemale porn will be different.  I'm very happy to donate to the cause.  I suggest the same targeting female.

You left school too long.  You forget about science.  If you don't like the dirty word, call it law of nature, philosophy, or common sense.  Don't worry about how little boys and girls turn up.

You should try it sometimes.  You may even like it.  Bisexuals have all the luck.

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