Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anti-prostitutin - a losing battle

It's absolutely illegal in New York.  Spitzer did it anyway.  It's evolution that made the DNAs.  It's a losing battle to eliminate prostitution. 

Why do they even try?  Coming up with some practical models and policies is good, but the whole world is a giant experiment since recorded history.  It's was illegal in UK some 20/30 years ago?  Then tolerated under some conditions, which became sort of legal in terms of common sense.  Now they try to change it, or did they?  Amsterdam became a world icon but they try to change it.

It's not rational debate, scientific experiments and logical collection and interpretation of the statistics.  It's politics. 

Despite all the education, democracy did not evolve as fast as it is desirable.  The majority of people do not have time for it.  What politicians mostly do is to appeal to your primal instincts - a few hunters in a pack around a small valley.  "OK, prostitution is disgusting, I'll check the box next to your name."

What fuels these politics?  There are always those who want to turn back the clock.  But evolution has it's own pace, and never turns back.  If you can turn back the clock, there will not be so much troublesome chemicals detected in most of the population.  Girls are thriving, menstruation at 10, boys are fewer, with small pennis and slower development.  It's almost fulfillment of prophecy of biblical proportions.  But that's science.

Then there's religions.  The trouble with them is that, these guys don't need results, and they have all the time in the world, world after world.  Good intentions guarantee them a place in heaven, and if they screw up, including themselves, they have another chance in another life.  Or so they believe.

Religion is a product of human evolution.  But religion comes and goes.  The Egyptian religions were replaced when other cultures ruled.  Science is itself a sort of religion.  There are rules for everything, and if you understand them, you can predict the outcomes including randomness. 

Even religion lose if it plays with evolution.  Nuns in 28 countries were abused.  They admitted it but nothing special was done about it.  Consenting adults?  These girls have no other surviving skills, no pension, sleep on the 3rd world streets if they leave.  Kids abused for 30 years.  They can't consent, can they?

The Craigslists saga was an empty victory at best.  It's a disaster.  CL was pushed to accept millions of dollars of advertisement.  And then quit the "business" altogether.  Backpages pick up the millions.  And they have no intention to give up the money.  Your greedy corporations at work.  CL is an easy target because it never intended to make money.

CL has the vision that if not there it will turn up elsewhere.  At least the erotic sections wasn't making pimp money and there is the "community" to patrol it.  Before that it was TER, and still is.  Why CL was target is beyond me.  Just to make noise, or feel better to be able to do something about it?

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