Friday, March 18, 2011

Things you wish you had done

Things you wish you had done, and things you wish you hadn't done too much.  Prostitution fits the bill.

One can't see too much hookers.  Your cash and "stamina" are both limited.  I don't consider myself an addict and I wouldn't know otherwise.  The total do adds up.  But the trick is - maintain a total to deter yourself from doing it too much, if any more.  Or,  do it with self control and don't look back, nor the balance sheet.

If you can eliminate prostitution, that would have been eliminating a lot of my therapies, and happy memories.

There are just so many, and this one didn't come to mind first as the most memorial one.  But I can talk about this.

I took a risk on her as she does outcall only.  Her pictures are definitely her own, with her face on it, modeling her swimsuit.

Her entrance made it worthwhile.  She drove right up to my room.  She got out, wearing a short skirt, something like a tennis skirt, a tight, sporty halter top, a pair of sporty sunglasses, and a pair of unmistakably stripper shoes.  I didn't know why she pick those shoes.  Without them, she is just like a 19 year old girl going out for shopping or anything else.

I think she was still 19, but instead of her skinny model pictures, she grew a little more meat.  I couldn't stand the heat and my cock started working on it's own immediately.  Also, she was wearing a sport bra or just a simple cotton bra.  When I started to undress myself, letting my hard cock out, she took hers off in no time.  All natural.

Her price wasn't modest.  She wasn't doing it full-time, and outcalls don't make you a lot of money in a short time.  But she is a very modest person.  I think she had at least a couple of months training and seen it all.

I don't remember much, as usual, but it can be said that I had something in my hand, or hands, or in my mouth all the time.  I was caressing something, kissing something, or occasionally (I hope) licking something.  She was very cooperative all the time.  So I knew she would be a good girl when I told her to get into my favorite positions at the edge of the bed, with me standing up.

I remembered the condom overflowed.  She told me after I came, added in a few more jerks to make sure every last drop came out, and rested in the warm and moist host for a minute or two.  Then she asked me to get off her politely and apologetically and checked the condom.  She was right.

After taking a shower and brushing her teeth (!), we chatted.  She started about her nose, her weak point.  I told her the truth that I think she is pretty, but what I didn't tell her is that, even with a perfect nose job, I had better, so really it doesn't matter.

And she was going to expand her wardrobe at that direction, which obviously worked.