Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Client 9 Conspiracy

The rape charges against Julian Assange has been reported and analyzed in some detail by Reuters.  I didn't read it first because I didn't search for it, knowing that it dubious and doesn't really matter to Wikileaks itself.  Now that I have read it, I really think it will affect tourism somewhat, a tiny bit?  I have seen at least one rape counselor made comments defending Julian.

The reason I mentioned Glenn Beck's defense of Assange because Beck hated him.  Beck brought up some interesting conspiracy theory regarding several sex scandals.  Eliot Spitzer went after AIG and subprime lending.  He was blocked by the banks' lobbying.  Then the prostitution scandal broke out.

How he was exposed I did not research.  But honestly, all of America is using basically a don't ask don't tell policy.  If nobody complains, LE do not normally go after prostitutes and clients.  If nobody make waves, LE would not have gone after Craig's List.  Exceptions are, eg, election times when LE actively pick some visible targets and do some clean up.

Conspiracy cannot be proved at present time, otherwise it is not conspiracy.  But Spitzer did go after the banks, and he did lost his job because of prostitutes.

For the implications look at Iceland, which is bankrupted by the banks, because the regulators are in bed with the bankers.  Iceland is so friendly with Wikileaks that their parliament summon the local head of Visa asking why they dropped Wikileaks, and probably go after the credit companies in some way.

So if prostitution is legal, we might just have avoided a global financial crisis.  And if prostitution is going to be legal, we will not go all the way like Iceland, until everybody can see what's wrong with illegal prostitution, even Melissa Farley.

Spitzer may not be that hypocritical.  I enjoy commercial sex from time to time but I do not recommend anyone to do sex work.  The odds are not that great and I didn't write too much about the obvious.  Like many clients and escorts, Spitzer may not see his high price hookers as prostitutes, or being a social problem.  He probably meant it when he said he would crack down on prostitution, but his hookers do not count.

The new (few days old) Wikileaks documentary.

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Liras said...

Prostitution should be legal. We waste resources and demonize people for sexual activity that is consensual.

I do not see a conspiracy--I see revenge once a group of people get pissed off.

I helped and thanks for doing the pencils on SV.

The Player said...

I hope that more see that as a straight revenge. Then they will see what if prostitution were legal. More money around for xmas shopping?

Blogger said...