Friday, December 24, 2010

The brothel

I always wanted to open a brothel, a virtual one that I don't need to do much in order to own a brothel.  After it rained seven days and seven nights, I did it out of boredom.

It's called Escorts 360, because it existed now on Facebook as a serious of pages beginning with that name.  You can type that in the search box and they may turn up.  Because it's a collection of "pages", so it can also be called a magazine.

Basically the magazine is the extension of what you see on my blog, the falling panels and all that. Each page is a combination of feeds with different themes.  Basically the magazine is a direct reflection of what I read  in my Google reader.  I always wanted to share it and read it myself in a more interesting way.  I always wanted to mock up a magazine like the wall paper on Facebook (try the tab), but I can't do that without leaving identity traces to find hosting or register my mobile number.  Facebook pages are far from what I wanted but it's painless and effortless.  You can pick the pages you like without putting up with the others.

All contents are automatically generated, except for the Editor's pick.  The Facebook term of use isn't too bad, banning only porn, but not necessarily nudity.  That's one way to op out without disabling your feed. Also, escorts are universally legal, hence avoiding the arbitrarily enforced policies of Facebook.

My complete blog feed appears under the name Thomas Playor.

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