Friday, December 10, 2010

Anti human trafficking hypocrite - US State Department

From the Wikileaks obtained diplomatic cables (released and screened via 3rd party I suppose), we know that US security contractor DynCorp involved in child prostitution.  The fact is, Afghanistan nationals were prosecuted.  The cable called for the US state department to cover it up to protect the reputation of DynCorp, whose involvement in child prostitution became "the help of procurement of little boys for a tribal dance".  So the trafficking before that, the abuse and rape after that were all blamed on Afghans?

Ironically, the US State Department confirmed all these and more at, of all the places, the State Department trafficking 2010 report for countries.  Afghanistan got a grade of tier 2 watch list.  One of the traffickers in Afgan, as the United States State Department wrote "foreign security contractors". 

Who paid for these foreign security contractors like DynCorp?  People like the Embrey Family, Helen Hunt, Melissa Farley, and all the other US citizens.

 US should get a tier 4 - fail - for not doing anything whatsoever.  And this is a repeated offense.
Back in Bosnia in 1999, US policewoman Kathryn Bolkovac was fired from DynCorp after blowing the whistle on a sex-slave ring operating on one of our bases there. DynCorp's employees were accused of raping and peddling girls as young as 12 from countries like Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. The company was forced to settle lawsuits against Bolkovac (whose story was recently told in the feature film The Whistleblower) and another man who informed authorities about DynCorp's sex ring.
Again the US did nothing.  It's a civil suit.  Was there an investigation?  Anybody at DynCorp convicted?

From the documentary by Frontline, people campaigning against the practice in Afgan got stone walled.  Nobody wanted to talk about it.

There are many supporters of Wikileaks, prominent people, journalists, academics, whatever.  If you want to donate sure you can search for it.  The simple way is to sign a petition - this one is pretty good, over 400,000 in a day or so.

Attacking the attacker is a classic move when you are desperate.  Julian Assange is not Wikileaks and we don't need to go into that.  But the case is intriguing.  He got a unlikely defender - Glenn Beck!.  Even if he didn't present so many publicly known facts, he deserves your confidence for defending what he claimed a "dirt bag".

Talking about the Swedish model (of prostitution legislation), there's another Swedish model regarding rape.  Woman number one held a party in honor of Julian the date after she was "raped" and introduced him to woman number two.  If you watch what Glenn said, I doubt if you even want to be a tourist there. 

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