Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prostitution for stress relief

I wrote on the subject of prostitution and therapy.  It is therapeutic.  You can argue that a ball game is just as therapeutic.  But civilization is about variety, adding things that do not yet exist, which serve some useful purposes.

Imagine a world without happy ending - and most of the adult population in the English speaking world knows what I mean.  At the end of a long massage, you can walk out and do a lot of other things, including patronizing escorts that I sometimes do.  But happy is a popular ending.  Very therapeutic.

Women who go to day spas will understand.  I have been told women also ask for pussy rubs from masseuses.

It's good entertainment, therapeutic, all harmless natural fun, and yet it's illegal.  Make a checklist of the top 10 arguments against it and most are controversial at best.

Now let me explain where my stress comes from and why prostitution is a good relief. 

An individual can usually cope with stresses on him because otherwise he would have exploded.  But some people don't acquire this skill - typically your spouses.

Specifically some people don't think rationally.  In the open society these people will normally be crushed into pieces in no time unless they have a sheltered life - including sheltered by their own talents.

Authors observed that some people behave rationally on the outside but they behave irrationally when it comes to relationships.  If you treat me nice I can be your Bonnie. 

Selective rationality isn't rationality at all.  They just use logic when it suits them in winning arguments.

So, some people do not have the mechanism to due with their own stresses.  They relay the pressure onto other people, typically spouses.  It's not like coping with twice the stress, but it's a downward never ending spiraling.  The pressure will be on as long as you can cope.

I don't need to praise the people that do a great service for mankind.  They know that.

I need to say that the demand abortionists are nuts.  They said something like it's not important for researches to disclose findings that oppose their views.  (Quotes from Laura's blog?)  I don't know how their spouses cope with the stress.


The Player said...

ps Advertising is free here as long as it looks good and about sex.

Sarah said...

A pussy rub? the very idea!


The Player said...

Why don't you give it a try? and report? I'm not qualified, lol.

Liras said...

Stress relief is dumping the mental and rolling in the physical. :)