Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I came across another famous trafficking victim's description of her ordeal, this time Asian Massage Parlors in San Francisco and LA.  This was a couple of years old, when the CA big bust produced few trafficking victims, and this is the only victim in the news.  I read the non-trafficking part of her story in the news, and now the "trafficking" part in humantrafficking.org.

Asians coming into US in boat loads or locked in containers is rather misleading as in TV.  This S Korean girl flew to Mexico with fake papers, and then cross the US border again with fake papers.  This explains why  SK is a major supplier of prostitutes compared to say, China.  There's no problem for a S Korean to get out of her country compared to China.

Her story did not involve Craig's List at all.  She worked in MP's licensed (for massage) in San Fran.  Her outcall ad is in Korean classified.  She has reviews in myredbook too.

Unlike the CL victim, this girl Niki wasn't physically locked up.  She can't be, because she worked outcalls and in MP's.  She was escorted by a special "taxi" driver to work outcalls.  MP's are rather open like any clinics and shops, and there are even escapes routes to escape from police raids.  She was afraid that if she didn't repay the 10K smuggling fee, gangs will give her trouble in US and her family in SK.

She ran up a credit card debt of 40K in SK.  The banks are very wrong, but in US and many countries, there are predictor lending typical of credit cards.  The law is very wrong if her family can lose their home if they didn't co-sign on the card.  It's a problem if she went to the loan sharks to cover her debt.  But it will be very wrong if the was forced to go to the loan sharks by the CC company.  This is all too common a story all over the world.  If you don't give these students huge credit limits, you eliminate many prostitutes.

Where she lives and where she works, she is the only one that is "trafficked".  The fee for transport and fake documents is only 10K, and she repaid about 50K is a couple of months.  That's the attraction for other willing prostitutes.

Another way to look at her ordeal.  She is very unpopular at first, being sold by her broker to another, and few regulars in MP's.  Nobody wants traumatic hookers.  There's no way one can tell if you work along side willing prostitutes.

Brokers and MP owners do not want violent, bad customers.  It's just don't make business sense when hookers may be hurt and go out of circulation, or just take too much time to server one customer.  There are plenty of business, especially in tolerant places like SF.  Although MP owners refund the bad guys, they are normally banned, and the refund is to keep them from tipping the police about prostitution.  These guys have nothing to lose and using their real identity, complains go far.

These outcalls are of the underground type.  It will definitely not be openly advertised on CL.  You only get ripoff outcalls in CL. High volume outcalls are high risk and easy targets for LE.  It's by referral, or when business are low, in ethnic language classified.  The customers are not main stream.  For hotel outcalls the driver cannot escort the girl all the way.  And where can you hold a cocaine group sex party?

Even for girls who owed a lot of debt like Niki, she was given incentives to perform.  In MPs she got to keep any "tips", and she can turn down special requests.  The owners only care about the $50 room fee, and make up excuses to charge the girls money such as high rent and food cost.

For the underground AAMP's in apartments, there's no chance you can lock people up.  Customers are picky about the locations.  MP's may have their own parking and security.  AAMP's rely on the apartments, often in nice gated communities.  They have no problem paying the rent.  Usually one or two girls are left there on their own.  This guarantees minimum damage when busted.

Most MP's on CL are actually legit, massage only.  This is another form of ripoff by hinting that you get anything else but massage.  Legit massage are also big business, but if you don't have much customers, a CL ad may keep you busy for a while.

Girls are more likely to be recruited by advertisement promising you 10K in a week.  They don't need to tell you that it's prostitution.  What else other than sex work?  AAMP owners are just somebody with a house or apartment.  They have girls or customers.  If a new girl really wants 10K in a week, these owners pull resources so she can have as much customers as she can handle in a week, but not for long.

The results of the CA big busts a couple of years ago are that AMPs in other areas, say LA, then have plenty of supply of  Korean girls.  They do outcalls to these AAMPs via special taxi or do incalls for a day at a time.  Unlike MP's, these girls have to dress modestly as they have to walk in and out of decent neighborhoods all by themselves.


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