Friday, October 29, 2010

Size matters - it's official (brain related)

Some time ago, I read an article from my blogroll that male brain sizes are a few percentage bigger than females on average.  Another reports that many detained in jails have a mental condition, and females are twice as much (in ratio only, I hope).   So, do you believe me now what I'm going through?

The article also says that more significantly is how the brains are wired.  The female brain is significantly different - which explains that they are better in multi-tasking (and you have no idea how this word is so dreadful to me).

You probably want to browse another website at this point, such as the devil not in disguise anymore.  You have been warned.

Man don't ask for directions.  They read maps.  (Or drive around endlessly with a wrong map in their head.)  Previously I agree that some people are better at visual, others verbal.  But it is deeper than that.  Verbal people are overwhelming female, they just can't say this in corporate training.

Directions make you stupid.  Or, you don't gain anything by directions.  If you remember everything correctly, if you didn't make a wrong turn, then you may get there.  Next time you may remember some visual landmarks.  The skills involved are very primitive.

Or may be it's a culture thing.  Females will never think of anything else but ask for directions.  Once I was driving 19 year old Jordan, looking for a special lingerie store in a mall that I have never been to.  I looked at the map briefly before hand.   I was doing fine and on course, but of course there were doubts in every turn.  Once she saw that, she immediately stop a car at the lights next to her, shout out where she wanted to go, and got the directions.

Map reading needs skills.  Even if an explorer has GPS that has his exact location, that's only part of the story.  Navigation GPS have pretty small screens, which do not have the whole picture.  They are just glorified direction givers.  My theory is that - it's equally valid that men's brain is bigger because they exercise them more since childhood.  Say, not asking for directions may contribute half a percent, and all the things that men do and women don't adds up.

By map reading, men are building a super map in their brains.  Previous destinations are like pieces of jigsaws, with new destinations updated all the time.  It's not a simple memory thing as everything is connected - that's how you learn and recall things.  For example, if a female driver is going to miss a freeway (motorway) exit, she will come at you at all cost, whether your car was blocking or not. She has no other way to redress the mistake.  Directions cannot be translated easily once you are off course, not even in the same intersection but different exit.  A male driver will just wait until the next exit.  With a sense of direction developed over time, even with very limited information such as the directions relayed from his wife, he can probably find the destination starting from the wrong exit.

Practically, directions are unreliable.  Complicated directions are easily forgotten or mis-recalled. When you are off course, everything will not make sense at all.  But if you translate the directions into a mental map first, it's much easier to recover and find the alternative route to get there.

On-board GPS is a good thing, and every female should have one.  Again, that doesn't make your brain bigger.  Better safe than clever. 

Women take exactly the same route into and out of a mall, and inside the mall, even though big shopping centers have multiple exits.  They use the same route even though the route is very inefficient for the shops they are visiting.

A long time ago I saw on TV that a man (or his wife) brought a wall clock, but never come round to hang it on the wall, even thought it's a one minute job, or two.

For a multi-tasker, this is unforgivable.  But for problem solvers, you have my sympathy.  I do the same, especially if that's what my wife brought.  Tackling one problem at a time, the tasks are all automatically prioritized.  If you can's solve the first one, sooner or later you are not getting paid, and any other things will be insignificant by comparison.

Multi-tasking is not a bad thing, but the danger is that it can degenerate into "cooking while chatting on the phone", which will not make your brain larger.  You may not devout enough time to crack the most important problem.  You have no priority any more.  You plans becoming filling up the diary.

Have you noticed that in multi-party porn, females always multi-task, while males will do the females one at a time?  Is that a reflection of the reality?  Is that pure physical or brain related?  I do find doubles distracting.  Or, since porns are mostly watched by males, can men not concentrate on more than one woman at a time?


Liras said...

You got it. Men cannot concentrate on one woman at a time.

The Player said...

Thanks for the validation. So I'm not at all dingy for not doing doubles.

Liras said...

No, not dingy or daft. Just in doubles!

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