Thursday, October 07, 2010

Demand Abolition

As reported in this blog, the federal anti-trafficking act failed as in the news.  They attempted to add domestic trafficking to save the day.  It must had failed too, other than banning Craig's List while all other listings are business as usual.  They must had failed because now they started demand abolition, i.e., in order to stop international and domestic trafficking, they are going to remove all demands, another word for abolishing prostitution!

It is back to square one.  I don't see when police aren't going after prostitution, which is all illegal, a federal anti-trafficking office can do to eliminate prostitution.  When prisoners are to be released because of overcrowding, LE is not going after prostitution in any major way unless complains received.

I don't have the patient to read all the trash.  But it was said that porn is a tutorial to prostitution.  So probably they are going to go after porn too, together with strip clubs, and maybe fantasy costume and sex toy stores.  Another Prohibition is coming.  Very recently the MPAA, RIAA are all DDOSed, and so was the firm who boasted that they attacked bit torrent sites.  The British law firm which sent thousands of blackmail letters against copyright infringement is going bankrupt because all their emails are leaked, and there's no reason for anybody downloading porn or else to settle.  The British Porn Industry said they have nothing to do with that.  Good luck.  The US secret service, whose job includes tracking down teenage pranksters, hasn't commented on anything.

Indeed porn may be the enemy of prostitution.  If not for them it will be trivial to find escorts using google.  Now because everyone has whore fantasy, the first 10 pages of search results are all porn.

It's is interesting to follow the money, and see who's behind the new Prohibition.  When school classes are huge, and there's not enough money to hold more prisoners, these foundations still find money to support demand abolition ( in parallel to supporting their on going schools of course ).  Of course there's the federal funded office created for anti-trafficking.  Now they may be going after all prostitutes.

I was wrong that MP's don't use Craig's List.  As I have said, US has huge geo diversity.  In San Fran they use it to advertise, perhaps due to her tolerance as in LA many years ago.  But Red Book has MP reviews long before CL, and now still have them.

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