Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trafficking Advertisement?

Before Craig's List closed down adult services, Backpages has a steady stream of revenue, and Cityvibe is doing pretty good for free.  The latter is better than CL in many ways.  Which makes you doubt about the reason for closing down CL.  Soccer moms don't want to sell their stuffs along with escorts?

Racial profiling has many problems.  Take Koreans for example.  They have hole-in-the-wall drinking places.  They build big churches in the most expensive real estates.  They drive german cars.  They have real LV bags.  But the MP girls have the same things.  You can't tell if you are clueless, especially visiting other cities.

It's a pretty good deal if they work in US MP's instead of back home.  Visa's are pretty easy to come by.  Married, have a job, have a bank account.  There are a lot of alternatives.  You know ageism is pretty serious in the East.  But girls at their late 20's or later, are still very much popular at US MP's.  That's their working holiday.  Boy friend visas are easy too.  For college age girls, a student visa is absolutely no problem.  And language schools are big business regardless of age.

Compensated dating is quite common in the Far East.  Sooner or later they will discover the new silk route.  But because of the law here, you need to be quite mature to deal with difficult customers.  But once in the semi legal San Francisco, when you walk into a brothel on the main street, it looks like a cheerleader team is waiting for you.  Some play the role of cute Japanese porn stars, and play plain exchange students.  For the more mature ladies, they have to look good in a bikini, and they wear just that, right by the main road.

They don't need any coercion.  On the black market, it was reported that smugglers charge $75,000 to smuggle Chinese to US, and $40,000 to EU.  It doesn't make sense to compete with the freelancers.

There are more organized forms of prostitution, but as a rule they don't advertise.  My estimation is that they are bigger than CL and all escort malls combined in terms of man-hour, pun intended.  But still, they are still remotely related to trafficking.

The karma of anti-trafficking has already appeared.  If you lock up prostitutes in far away countries, and interfere with aids-work, who suffers?   You are driving them aboard where the money is, when the risk is the same.  You look at cityvibe and you will understand.  The theory may be wrong, but who can rule it out?  Also, when you get to know a guy, ask him for his passport.  I doubt if anybody will want you to know where he spent his "tour of the world" in the same few countries.  Not using a condom is stupid, but understandable when he thought he got a demure girl friend.

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