Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spell (and tongue scraping)

Sex work has a lot to do with spell.  It's not exactly addiction.  Sex workers use various way to make you come back for more, for the same girl.  Not so much for main stream escorts, with main stream prices.  Their nets are wide.  You lose some but you easily win someone else.  GFE is a kind of spell.  If you do that you have a lot less competition.

Strippers and masseuse depend on spell more, the lesser "extra" they provide.

In a strip club, I was sitting on a "public" VIP area, on the same bench with other customers.  The stripper next to me sit right on her client's dick, legs around on his back, arms around on his neck.  They speak softly occasionally and he just enjoyed the moments.  I can't see much in the dim lights but she had a nice outline and if her face wasn't up to standard, she wouldn't be sitting face to face.

He must be her regular.  Of course this was also self advertising.  If I returned to the club, who would I ask for?  You don't get anything if you don't invest enough time and money, which is something I am afraid of.  Once the spell works, it's not easy to get out of.  Strippers may go out and go all the way, but with a price.  If that stripper would go all the way, she wouldn't be wasting time sitting on her client's lap.  I'm sure I would enjoy that sort of thing, just like her clients.  But at the end it would not be totally fulfilling.  It isn't worth the investment, well, before you get any spells on you. 

Massage is different.  At least you get a massage.  An escort once hinted to me that a professional one hour massage cost $50 to $100, more in a spa.  Giving you a nice long massage plus fucking just don't add up for the going rate.  I agree.  But I tend to find two girls who are best at their specialty.  Imagine how happy I was when I discovered a secret clubhouse down the road from my fav masseuse's place.

I'm quite afraid of masseuses' spell.  At the end of a massage a client is very vulnerable.  They know how to give you the best view of their face and their hair.  If they want an erection, they know where to push your buttons legally, with you having no options.  If they don't, they know where your floaty air valve is,  and you will never have an erection.  I have done things and girls that I'm not proud of - and that's an understatement.

Once my fav masseuse's place was temporarily closed down by the city.  The city will find any excuse to close them down.  But I wish they provided any extras.  The next door business owner gave me a business card.  The massage parlor's owner also own another "clinic" about 20 miles away, where I worked.  So I tried.

The masseuse came, who looked outstanding.  Tall and slender.  Very long stylish hair.  Better than my fav except for the face.  She never took off her doctor's white coat.  The room was pretty dark.  And she managed to avoid showing her face in one full hour.  Without my glasses I can't figure out how she looked.

Her technique is professional, they all are.  But she didn't want to be there, and I'm sure it was me.  I don't fit her typically client profile so she wasn't motivated.  Middle aged, well to do clients, with love handles to show for it, know how to tip enough.  Without decent tips it's a very miserable job.

The other reason is that young single datable guys are very much potential troubles.  I have seen college guys come to hit these college girls, 19 year old come to hit on 18 year old, etc.  Older guys are more likely to come for the massage only, though hard working pretty girls get all the clients.

The place is so strict that I can't even have the chance to tip her.  She walked out when time was up.  I had to leave the standard issue from the ATM down at the night stand.  I could have saved the money but I might come back, curious to see her face and how she looked with the doctor's coat off.  There's no other places to go anyway, for the massage.

The next time I asked for Christina but the owner wouldn't give her to me.  I knew because I often walk in at the best of times.  Miss Plain came in instead.  It was a big disappointment.  She was so plain that it could have been deliberate.  She is a little small so she could be in high school.  She is very polite, obedience and must be a teachers' pet or parents' dream.  There's nothing sexual about her appearance, hair, clothes, shoes included.  But she isn't ugly, fat, or tomboy.  She is just ... plain.

She is those silent workers who gives 100%.  Maybe she can't compete on other levels.  I couldn't break up a standard ATM bill for tips just because she wasn't that beautiful.  I was happy getting her a few more times.  When I got the spell and ask for Miss Plain, the owner wouldn't give her to me.  Even though her girls are the most trust worthy I have seen, regarding extras, she didn't trust them to me.

Christina came in instead.  Just when I bounded with Miss Plain, the owner tried to break us up.  You have to know why the owner didn't trust her most trustworthy girls.  Christina came in like a different person, giggling, and close the door as if she was locking the door and throwing away the key.

It is one of those times that make you wonder if not wearing the ring is an advantage.  At the least, during the dreadful hour, it gives her the chance to fantasize to have such a boy friend.  Then she could be shopping instead of giving the massage.  Let the other pity girls do the massage.

She gave me decent foot massage - that nobody at her age (and much older) did.  My fav didn't even touch my legs much.  Her killer move was the abdomen press, as if squeezing semen out of your dick.  You have to try it sometime.  I really wanted to show her my erection, but I couldn't.  Maybe I was really really tired, that's why I came for the first place.  Or she knew how to deflate a floaty first, before doing any moves that have sexual side effects.

She respects that I don't talk much, but still trying to strike up some conversation.  It came up something like I am so tired and I feel so good.  She said in a very cute girly amusing voice, "But it's only Monday!".

That's the last time I saw her.  I was afraid that I would be checking into Hotel California, and may never leave.

My fav's parlor reopened after they sort out the legal troubles.  I told Sam that I went to the other place.  She was almost angry.  "They are very good.", she exclaimed, and I know.  Probably they are from the same massage school, and corporate trained by the same owner.  I understand from Sam's viewpoint that I have no reason not to see Christina instead of her.  Worst of all, I worked near Christina, while Sam was at least 20 miles away, much more than an hour's round trip in traffic.  I calm her by saying that I travel a lot, and her place is just a turn off the freeway on my way home.  That's almost true, when I'm seeing other escorts worth seeing, except for Chanel and Emma.

It's a pity that so many nice things hit you all at once.  Caught between Sam and Christina, I hesitated and hesitated, and at the end didn't see any of them any more.  After all, Chanel's spell is irresistible (and unfortunately more expensive).  Going all the way with a pretty girls isn't that unusual.  What irresistible about Chanel is that she does tongue scraping, mutual of course.  But I can't say it's really mutual with her all the time.  She is a natural when it comes to giving you just enough to keep you.  She isn't that calculating, but have that natural instinct.

When she took me for granted, she would stick her tongue out after some DFK, like a little girl making a funny face, without the funny part.  You can scrap whatever you want but don't expect that she would reciprocal in kind.  But when she sensed that her number one position is threatened, she would scrap you back, more suction DFK, more intense nipple sucking, even a little wet ball kissing, but not scraping it.  But she can't even blow well, and you never expect to cum anywhere else except in the condom.

So, if your dictionary don't have tongue scraping, scrap it.


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