Friday, September 24, 2010

The real Craig's List

What's the big deal about Craig's List and trafficking?  Many Johns and Janets don't even like it.  TER is only forced to accept reviews of girls advertising on CL.  In the beginning they don't accept it as a valid form of advertising on the net.

Johns don't like not being able to talk back.  Hence the popularity of TER and now the local social networks.

Some hookers view CL as dragging down the price.  Some don't even like Internet in the first place.  In the beginning those compete on lower rates receive hostile phone calls from competitors.

CL served it's purpose and it's not a bad thing to rest in peace.

The majority of CL ads are continuation of the intra-state organized ripoffs.  I have been to some cities where 100% phone book and 100% newspaper classified are ripoffs, organized.  If not, there are independent ripoff artists.

Many hookers do not like to advertise on CL if they don't have to.  Non-newbies know where to find the local social networks, discussion boards, review boards. CL is trouble in comparison.  But of course newbies can be good things too.

You know Disney World tourists took a wrong turn at the airport and got killed.  How many John's will dare to go to the most run down of the city?  The more practical issue.  You have to park your car there.  And somebody knows that you will not come back for 30 minutes or more than an hour.   My friend went to the Embassy(!) in town and he lost a wheel.  Losing the wheel is not the real issue, but why you were there is the issue if you call home for help or call the police.

Here most of the transactions are incalls in hotels, CL or not.  It was CL making it easy for traveling girls, now picking up by the local boards, Backpages, and Cityvibe classified.  When people see conventional advertising they assume that someone will answer the phone.  Without these listings, there will not be these traveling girls and you have to drive a long way for incalls.

Most of these hotel incalls are at hotel clusters, like near the airport.  If you pick a hotel out of the ordinary Johns' may doubt.  And they may not arrive in time.

The next popular meeting places are the best apartment complexes.  You know those guys in TER have so much self importance for $300.  At the cluster of most safe cities, next to the most happy place on earth, they say, "oh, there is not safe".  These are really the best, with all the security, underground closed parking, and one even cannot access without going through a toll road.  It's still a bargain compared to hotels if you have that much business.  Some traveling girls keep one in town and take turn to visit and host.

Even for the not so best apartment, the owners will decorate the house themselves or ask others, so it doesn't look like a whore house.  In the picture frames you can see stock photos of families!  If you walk in, you will feel that it is a private apartment of the girl.  Even if she share it with one other, they will avoid letting you see anything.  It will be highly unlikely to have helpers.

Massage parlors like to be in clinics in medical plazas.  Anyway a nice house/apartment downtown could worth more than one in the suburbs because all the business owners fight for it.

Especially for the parlors in old town, they have fences and CCTVs, perhaps with uniformed guards, or along the main road, to make you feel safer.  Nobody want to lose a wheel with their massage.

Even for the amateurs, they will have a decent gated apartment.  It's hard to find one without a gate.

So it's pretty impossible to hold someone against their will, or not to give them chances to escape.  Most girls will open the door and see you to the door.

I'm sure someone will want to find trafficked girls.  But it's pretty ineffective to find it in CL, in many areas.  If they have a codeword for it, they do not need CL at all.

The other main thing is what you want when you buy sex.  In some cultures it's also called buying smile, as in the Land of Smiles.  The common complain of "she just laid there" may be fitting the profile of being trafficked.  But many willing and able girls started just like that, that men do not want in general.

There are always men who want to satisfy their darker desires.  As far as the investigations go, it's not cheap as in CL.  Pimps / agents are fairly protective even for girls who works because they have a lot of money to repay.  They do not want their goods damaged or diseased.  Dress them nice and put them in a nice apartment and they will do just fine without having to do extra admin work and take extra risk.

There are pimps/agents who advertise and promise you to earn $10,000 in a week, and put you in a large whore house.  But that's another investigation.  Not on CL anyway.

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