Sunday, August 08, 2010

What to do with flat chested women?

Until I saw an ad the other day, I almost forget that I can get horny looking at flat chested women.  When I started dating, size didn't matter at all, so I ended up with quite a few.  Of course I can also get horny looking at big chested women, but that was much later, until implant technology was perfected.

Kate Hudson isn't my type, but if I post other pictures, very likely they would be banned, even by Google.  Even a topless Kate will be banned in Australia.

The one I saw was a little smaller than the one I remembered most: who is tall and leggy.  A flat chested woman is never flat like a man.  If you look closely the curves are there, shaped like a pyramid with fat tissue trapped inside at the point of bursting. Also there's more than enough to satisfy your hand, but it have to be handled differently.  On top of her shapely  legs, she has a bigger hip and curvier waist than teen models.

She is about 25, young enough not to try anything to looker younger, not any signs of nor any worries about aging.  Full of confidence including her small chest.  On the other hand she moves like a pro, with whatever in her hand or mouth, in and out of bed, vertical, horizontal or kneeling down.

Back to the present.  This girl wore a tiny vest and Brazilian bottom, which is way better than a clumsy bra.  She knew I couldn't stop staring at her tits through her wafer thin vest, and she had no rush to take it off, which was a nice touch.  After breaking the ice she sat at the side of the bed, and so I followed.

Soon my hand was wrapped round her back playing with her tits.  It started as very gentle massage on a broad area so as not to be too awkward.  Then I concentrated on fingering rubbing her nipples when she didn't mind being played that way, and her nipples reacted naturally.  Then I slowly rolled up her vest to take a good look while playing with her nipples.  While holding one of her breast from across her back, my other hand became a nipple clamp.  I applied force carefully until her nipples were erect.  Then I sort of pinched her continuously on her nipples.  I applied more force but careful not to freak her out and never return my calls again.

It could be awkward but I was totally self absorbed to notice anything but her chest and nipples.  She wouldn't care about anything because I was obviously losing my mind and wouldn't think of anything else.

I loved that she encouraged me to take my time.  She wasn't setup for high volumes, and her price made sure of that.  And flat chested were never that popular.  My hands, specifically index fingers and thumbs, took their time, until my mouth couldn't resist any more.

I let go of her tits and signed her to get onto bed, flat.  With one hand trying to squeeze more fat tissue out of her, my mouth homed in like another nipple clamp.  With all four fingers between her legs, I gripped her pussy forcefully and steadily.  With her Brazilian still on, I wasn't stimulating her down there.  For girl friends, it used to mean "you are my property", "get ready for sex".  For call girls it properly means "you are my property, I rented it".  My hand wasn't doing anything.  It's good to grip onto something and her pussy was the perfect place to go.

After I concentrated on her nipples long enough, I pulled her Brazilian, without taking it off.  Anything tight round the hips, etching into the hips like a rope, turns me on.  Then I was stimulating her pussy with fingers.  It was rewarding as she has juice, plenty of it.  The problem was that, nothing was done on her other nipple.  It was clumsy for me but I had to do it.  I got on top, clamped on both of her nipples with my mouth and one hand.  For the other hand I kept giving her a pussy rub.

She became very tense, because of the pain in her nipples, or because of the pleasure, or both, usually.  She was very tense as if having mini orgasms building up for the big one, or she was going to have a big one, but  I didn't care that much.

I was going in missionary style, but figured that it wouldn't work.  It would be a pretty sight looking at her chest, or what I would be doing on her chest, and her facial reactions.  But it would be clumsy and uncomfortable using my mouth.  And I couldn't use both of my hands simultaneously, or else my full body weight would be on her chest, supported by my fingers.

So I got behind her and pushed her sideways.  Of course it was the spoon.  I could squeeze more out of her with both of my hands than at the front.  When my hands wasn't squeezing my index fingers and thumbs were working very hard, as if punishing her sometimes.

Her Brazilian was still on because she didn't need to spread her legs.  I inserted and tried to fuck her silly so she wouldn't notice what's happening on her chest.  Of course she noticed.  From time to time her hands would be on top on my hands, squeezing uncontrollably as if she wasn't getting enough, or trying to mentally soothe her nipples.

When I couldn't control my fingers, I would give her a big warning, licking her between her neck and her shoulder, and bite on the soft tissues, gently first and then hard.  Luckily she didn't need to push me away.  I hope any teeth marks and finger marks were temporary.

It was hard to hang on, doing what I was doing and enjoying all the pleasures.  I couldn't hang on any more when I felt her orgasmic reaction.  In my mind I flooded her pussy many times over.  But probably I flooded the condom, again.

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