Monday, July 19, 2010

Nightclub hostess wearing school uniform to work

I saw the news that in one Asian country, schoolgirls of a particular high/secondary school are complaining that they are interfered by local males on they way home, who cannot tell whether they are the real thing, or the hostesses of a nightclub, which requires all hostesses to wear a close imitation of the uniform.

Say in Thailand, new schools are making big efforts in designing the uniform as part of their marketing campaign. Obviously, all other things being equal, girls will pick the school with prettier uniform.  You have only one chance to get it right.  Uniform is traditionally a big thing for the Thais, even university students wear them!

It will come to a point that a particular school uniform will become the fantasy of all males in the city or in the whole nation.  This is so for the school in the news.  It's not surprising that the nightclub requires hostess to wear the uniform.  This has to be a good club if they have the goods, that all girls can fit in one and look cute.

As for why they are wearing it to work, it's free promotion.  It's like restaurant hostess or car models or beer promotion models.  The girls may not like it but in Asia they don't have much room, or any at all, allocated for changing.  That's not a big deal as you can easily spot out of place very fancy or very sophisticated women taking public transport alone.  Very likely they are hostesses, particularly the destination is some red light districts.  And from time to time someone think of something to bypass the law and employ real students to work on something adult straight after school.

I'm sorry for the girls in the school.  I'm sure until 30, many women can fit into that uniform and look the part, with little or a lot of makeover.

It dawned on me that famous schoolgirl uniforms outlast many landmarks.  You know in Asian cities at times old buildings are constantly replaced by new ones, and then newer ones.  Schools are there for 50 years, 100 years.  I never heard of schools modifying their uniform. 

My first school is one of these schools, where the girls are the fantasy of every grown man or boy in town.  God knows how many years they were there before me entering as a kindergartner.  They are still going strong after moving a few times, at least I can see that their new or used uniform are still sold online.

But sadly, they will be closing soon.  And true to being a business, I think their cut off point is when the enrollment year ceases to be profitable.  So I still have time for a trip if I so desires.  But I'm sure their uniform will outlast the school, in private collections.

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