Friday, July 30, 2010

Callgirl clients' are intrinsically boring, so are their blogs.  That goes for callgirls but much more can happen in a single day, and that I am not qualified to say anything for them.

If you don't have special reasons to do sex field "research" all the time, you can imagine the sort of person you are getting - single couldn't get laid, addicted to sex with pretty or not so pretty woman, unhappy marriage, etc.

Clients do not usually have personally interaction online.  Online is about anonymity.   Those who chat too much about who they see will inevitably giving out their identity.  These vocal groups, if you don't belong, will be more boring (single, not afraid of revealing their identity, ...) and they paint a distorted picture that is not of interest to you.

The more interesting groups are group hunters, doing it together.  And I don't mean multiple clients doing it at the same time, thought you can of course try.  The most interesting I heard are a group of middle aged friends sharing a play flat hidden from their spouses.  I have many invitations from these groups, but sooner or later you don't want the commitment.  If there is a amazing girl in town and it may be your turn to try and report back to the group.  Also you may not hide your favorite.  It's not a big problem but if you know the other guys fucking the same woman, you tend to be less connected and even less communications even for the trivial things.

People expect reviews from clients, free or otherwise, on boards or your own blog.  They want to get the best girls with the least money.   I once had my own review blog and I had plenty of followers in the general sense.  But most of them weren't even willing to open their mouth.  If they say something they are afraid that I will find out they are just another freebie reviewer seeker, discouraging me to write more.  By silence they encourage me to write, hoping that I give up some useful information in the process.

You cannot write something that is secret or semi secret.  Confession to illegal sex is one thing, inviting someone to go after you is another.

Writing reviews don't work either.  No body is interest in how you fuck another nameless woman unless there's something new.  Writing for review hunters, sooner or later you will be either discredited or being taken too seriously.  You can't publicly criticize an agency who sent you a lemon once a blue moon, or once a while.  You can't just write that her picture is taken 10 years ago but you had a wonderful time.  I always tried to be uninfluenced by writing reviews that happened months or even in recent years, and that I only write about girls that I see once or twice.  But I think some girls know who the writer was, just by comparing notes - who is the suspect who met them all.  I think once my play number is in the blacklist of some ripoff agencies.  They don't even bother to return my calls - but otherwise every call is a prospect for them.

I also suspect that I got VIP treatment by some girls that I never met, went to the hair and nail saloon just before seeing me, or put on their best outfit.  Though occasionally I got VIP treatment because of some other more tangible reasons.  Say if you are an Arab, that I'm not (or am I?), you can play the oil prince card or the student card or the spy card.

Men look for graphics while women words.  So I doubt if my words have any sexual appeal at all, apart from the occasionally funny story or useful off-the-beaten-track information.

Again confessional goes only so far.  The really deep, dark secrets (do I have any?) will turn off many, that you can do without by not writing.