Sunday, May 16, 2010

The vertical spoon

I don't do positions by the book. I know what I like and the positions I take will also depends very much on the other person, and on circumstances. It's instinctive. You don't think of what you are going to do. When the girl at the door isn't what you have exactly in mind, there's not a lot that you can do to her. When she is a pleasant surprise, you are on auto pilot, doing the same favorite things over and over again.

One day, it dawned on me why I didn't think of trying the vertical spoon? (Not sure what it's called.) I love doggy but only to watch. Where you are at it yourself, there's not much to look at and not much to grab. Pulling her up, doing it behind her while both kneeling is a different story.

I like spoon but there's nothing much to see while doing it sideways on the bed, even with a mirror close by. Once I caught a glimpse on Chanel's face. She was a little crossed like a little girl. You can almost see two pocket of air in her cheeks. She was not happy because I was having a very good time behind her, grabbing her hard all around uncontrollably, and was pounding her harder and longer than usual. I'm sure she was happy for me, and had no intention to disrupt me. She was just blaming her luck that day. It was so cute.

BTW Chanel admitted that she didn't even like to blow. If I don't ask she would stop after a preset time. She don't like me to watch and she will cover her head with her long hair. Once she promised to do it by the mirror. Once she promised to use a big hair clip to wrap up her hair like before a shower. But I forgot about it, or she ducked her way out.

After a doggy, all I have in mind is to try to press the girl down, fucking her like two pizzas on top of each other. It doesn't matter if we are flat on the bed, on a pile of pillows, or bended on the side of the bed. Of course it usually ended up in a spoon with more penetration and more freedom of the hands, and more comfortable.

Why I didn't think of pulling her up instead? Of course there has to be a mirror to watch everything. Both of my hands will be free to do whatever, though I doubt if they will leave the breasts for long.

Even if Chanel is around, she doesn't like to be watched. She is not shy but like she said, to be caught in the face and naked, and with someone, is the end of it. It applies to her clients with spouses as well as her. Anything else you might explain away, and everybody wants to hear what they want to hear. She is particularly sensitive to late model cell phones and laptops. She won't go near them. And she like to remain horizontal so she cannot be recognizable.

On the first date I doubt if anybody will want to do that. More often you don't want to look at the girl that way. And even more often the woman will not want you to look at her like that, so you may come back next time.

So I tried on Mrs Player. But you have to wait on the right alignments of the constellations. I pulled her up successfully while on the doggy. I have no problem fucking her kneeling down but not as intense. She is still a looker, even naked. Just when my hands started to roam around, she slipped down onto bed. So we fall back onto the spoon. She likes it because she can masturbate her clitoris while I'm penetrating. That guarantees an intense orgasm and may be multiples. That's something I lead her to do. And that's the few things she picked up gradually without too much encouragement.