Wednesday, April 07, 2010

NCIS on high class prostitutes? OMG, is there a race on that topic, what has the world come to? The one before on Numbers (?), of all things, and Bones!

The NCIS one seems to have something right, and they are showing off since they appear to have a consultant. The ex-callgirl ex-madam reminded me of a few persons. God knows how long they working life can be. Eighteen year olds have no chance against that (well, maybe once a while).

In defense of not so high-class call girls, having sex with whoever stranger answering the door can be a thrill to some (I have been told), but hell to others. The more you charge the more is expected of you on the menu. Some girls just can't do that. They are at ease with mechanical sex, in, out and bye, which is not a big deal to them.

The out-of-beauty-salon look and expensive labels usually works but still depends. All the accessories in the world cannot help if the raw material is bad - not good looking enough and not sexy enough.

I have seen a few girls who asked friends to drop them off to meet me, only to hide their expensive cars. Do I mind that I'm supporting their expensive lifestyle? Not a bit, so I got to see their cars sooner or later. A girl even allow me to drive hers whenever we go out, obviously I'm a much better driver and she can talk all the time. Leasing a brand new luxury car is peanuts, thought it's a complete waste of money.

Do I feel better if I'm supporting their college fees or their family? Sure, but satisfaction, sexy and attractive take priority.

I feel sorry for the NCIS guy who had a friendly dinner with the ex-madam, almost forgetting that she is/was a prostitute, only for her to receive a client call and have to go immediately, saying that it's not what you think.

Once upon a time, old story, I had been receiving calls from Chanel fairly regularly, a couple of weeks at most from the last time I saw her, at about the same time in the afternoon. I do not always answer the phone or return the call, not when I cannot talk, cannot see her that day, or have no time or money in the next few days. She even tried to call with different phone lines as if I am avoiding her. Good times. When I called her or answered the phone, she would encourage me to talk longer, even if I have no plan to see her, or she cannot see me that day.

Then she invited me for lunch AFTER sex. She wasn't in a hurry to leave the hotel or even the bed. She took her time in the restaurant, and she loved it. Of course I paid.

I began to think that, unconsciously, with me she began to relax, less calculating, and showed some human emotions of naturally friendliness.

One day when we left the restaurant, I took the wrong turn in the parking lot and saw her using her cell in the car, although I should have been gone by then. Of course that's what you are thinking. I feel sorry for myself.

It suits her when I can do the early bird session. She hanged out with me only to kill time for free and a nice meal. After lunch she started to call her clients. That's why I've been getting calls fairly regularly before that. That's not a bad thing. But I did turn down dinner with a pretty 20 year old before just because she was waiting for a flight, and I must have better things to do than doing meaningless dates. Sex is done by then.

The other reasons that I know she was soliciting clients because she didn't like to eat first and then sex. At lunch she would take calls from friends and clients. I don't mind a bit even if she called her clients, as long as it's business like schedule changes. She wouldn't chat with clients for long while I was around. So in the parking lot she must be soliciting clients. That's not my business.

But worse, I remembered sometimes she used excuses to borrow my phone. It dawned on me that she used me, used my phone to call her clients that wouldn't return her calls, as she did to me before that.

Sometimes I feel jealous when she talks on the phone for minutes, especially when I didn't know what she's talking about. She's multilingual. It dawned on me why previously she encouraged me to talk longer on the phone, and she was like in a unusually good mood. She was using me to make the other guys jealous.

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Sarah said...

Gosh. I don't do any of this! I would never - ever speak on my 'phone in front of a client. I would never make him feel uncomfortable while he was with me. It is my job - my vocation to make my clients feel good, and nothing less will do:)