Monday, April 19, 2010

Penny Red: The Sex Work Shibboleth

Penny Red: The Sex Work Shibboleth: "Many feminists, like Finn MacKay of the Feminist Coalition Against Prostitution, feel that the purchase of sex from women is always and only misogyny: “Equality for women is a farce in a society where it is considered normal for men to buy our bodies.

“We can't be free while so many of us are literally for sale. As long as I believe prostitution is a form of violence against women, then how can I work alongside anyone who promotes it as a job like any other?”"

While so many people are starving to death, we should not eat beef.

I believe car is a murder weapon.

With feminists like this, who need an education?

Photo Of The Day – Freshly Waxed!

Photo Of The Day – Freshly Waxed!: "I got waxed recently and took a picture with my phone of the aftermath. They always clean you off so nicely and then powder you like a little baby. Finally I think I found a girl who does a decent job! Will have to keep an eye on it because you never know until a [...]"

Is there a waxing parlor like that I can go to?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Prostitution, Abortion and Death Penalty. Thinking of other issues (just momentarily :-), I thought of trying to look at the arguments against prostitution, strong enough to justify banning it.

Politicians are useless listening to. They want it banned because they get votes. Activists are similar - they just want to ban it.

At least a blogger is honest, sounded like a moron though. Basically, she doesn't like prostitution (my words, not hers), and many men use prostitutes so women should be concerned and support anything towards banning prostitution. Of course, no comments are actually accepted despite having the function.

Looking into the Swedish model, the stat made me laugh. Before the ban, there are 300 prostitutes, probably all street walkers in the red light district at the capital. Come on, I can do them all in a trip or two. Anyone praising the results should go back to school for detention for failing statistics. Spanking is optional.

Of course it's a success. Before that they have no way to control street prostitution because it's perfectly legal. And that's only 300. They have no data for other prostitutes , or no before and after comparisons.

You can listen to politicians and activists talking about the Swedish model and results. It's your right to listen to bullshit, and what you want to hear. For the sex trafficking figure, there's no before and after comparison. Sweden has a lot less trafficking than other countries, and so is the number of prostitutes, and may be the number of johns, or may be the population size.

For many voting public, opinion is just that - I don't like it and I want it gone. I doubt anybody will bother to write down their argument, check the facts, and see if their points are defensible.

The next best is to ask one's opinions on a few "big" issues. If a woman is pro-choice, isn't it not respecting others' choice about their own body? Men use prostitutes but you can always find one who doesn't (?). 5st amendment and declaration of independence is about choice. What choice is less important than life and death?

Death penalty and illegal prostitution seems to go together, both scarifying some innocent people for the common good. Death penalty will certainly kill the wrong guy, there's no mistake about it. In illegal prostitution, prostitutes are jailed for it, or for the Swedish model, prostitutes are punished by having johns of the worst kind who have nothing to lose. I'll have the Swedish model in the picture any time.

I doubt it's too common for people who are anti-prostitution and pro-death. So it's a contradiction on grounds of sacrifice. Anti-death may be just religious. I am not aware that the bible is against death penalty or against prostitution. How about the other Mary? Christians are more anti-death may be because of forgiveness, turning the other cheek. But can you forgive other people for just having fun?

I myself seems to contradict a bit, but with reasons. I'm pro-choice and anti-death. For complex issues with no clear winners, I hate to make the choice for other people. The same for death penalty. No system is perfect and I hate to be the jury to make the decision that cannot be corrected.

For the other important issue, you know my stand. But do you notice the fact that short ugly guys are much more hard working? Certainly they want to compensation for the lack of a beautiful girl friend, or any girl friend at all. They wish to have a beautiful wife if they are successful enough. Or just enough money to spend around beautiful women. If you take away that, in 18 years the world economic crisis now will seem like a little rain.

You have been warned.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It took me at least several months to realize what had Chanel done to me. If I wrote it in time sequence it would just be confusing. The problem is that I couldn't even complain.

Lunch is off the clock. I only paid for the meal so I couldn't expect much. It's awkward to eat at my fav restaurant alone. But she has to behave reasonably, or I will be crossed and stop seeing her, if just for a while. Also, there are better things to do than spanking her, but if I ask for that she will think about what she did wrong.

I encourage her, and anybody nice, to call me. I had a secret line in my phone that I can turn on and off at will. It doesn't matter to her, at least it sounded, if I can't make it. But if I do sometimes I ask for little favors. For example, multiple DxK for a total of 15 min. She would protest like a little girl until I removed the minimum time limit.

It's all good before I found out the circumstances. She had regular clients in the morning (I was one of them). She wouldn't watch the clock as there's nothing to do before lunch. Then she went for lunch with client. After lunch, she would stay at the parking lot and call her other clients in the car (I was one of them). She is all dressed up, made herself beautiful, but nowhere else to go. I am jealous. I am not complaining except that I tried to see her in the morning before. She arrived like a dead fish as if she had an overnight party. She wasn't happy either, as if she didn't want me to wake her up. So I never tried again in the morning until I have to. And if I know "free" lunch is included, I will compete/bid for it.

When I wanted to see her I usually call in the morning or lunch. If she can't make it I would say goodbye and until next time. She may be with friends, family, other clients or boyfriend! But sometimes she would encourage me to have a conversation. Like what am I up to lately, am I seeing somebody else (joking), she will "explain" why she can't make it (other than booked), and suggest other times (always tomorrow). It was never long, less than a minute or two, but it appears more like a call from a regular/friend than from just a client.

It's all good because sometimes I know she is with a VIP, once even on her way to Vegas for the weekend. She was shouting on the phone because of the road noise. She wanted to keep me on the phone a little bit. It's a way to show off that how popular she is.

As a side note, I had a partner in crime who would text me in secret to call her and chat. Then I knew she was with a new client. It's our way to make him jealous and easier to fall for her other little tricks to keep him longer as a client. It took me a while to realize that it's a complete waste of time with her. She looked great though at 20.

Sometimes I called Chanel at lunch and she couldn't make it for the afternoon. I thought she was alone but still she wanted to chat for a minute. I thought it was a nice friendly gesture, at least to ease my frustration.

Chanel is rather professional in that I don't remember she checked her phone on the clock. Maybe when it was about time to go or fully clothed she would check it. At off-the-clock lunch I can't ask her to turn off the phone. It's a popular time to sort out one's daily schedule, hookers or johns or anybody else. Even with her friends on the phone she is reasonable because even though I'm not paying for the moment, I'm still a client, and that she wouldn't want me to know too much what she is up to.

When clients call I would know, even if they speak other languages. Her mother, father, step-father - that's at least three languages. School is forth. If she knows her grand parents much it will be fifth. I would give her a wicked smile and looked away to be polite, but in doing so my ears will be turning a little toward her. Anyway, I would be interested to hear what she has to say and she knows it.

If I glance at her causally she would give me the victory look, that how popular she is. She only keeps a handful of clients and by referral. I'm one of the few who didn't give up on her long ago. And I doubt very much if I can refer any "friends" to her. Fucking somebody faceless is tolerable. Otherwise I can't resist asking him or her what they did. It could be fun but I doubt it if that's her.

She never talked long with her clients with me there, out of politeness or just don't want me to know what she's up to. But anything will trigger jealousy. "OK, 2 o'clock, see you there". Only a few words, that's regular. It's worse if she smiles on the phone, or says some nice words. The consolation is that we just come from the hotel, and I'm there at the table, not at the phone. But then it all comes back to me when I was calling her, usually lunch time. She is usually talking carefully and I though she was with friends and family. When she's talking extra nice she could be alone. Now I think the reverse is true. And substitute friends with clients.

When she thought that I was avoiding her, I got her calls from other numbers. I thought she borrowed fellow hookers' phones, or just borrow anybody's phone at the shopping mall. I would let this stranger use my phone for sure. Tourists almost demand that you handover your phone for them to use at the airport. I felt important. Now that I know she borrowed her clients phone at lunch I boiled over. But I was too surprised to react at the time, just to watch her using my phone talking. The consolation is that she knows that these people well and aren't trouble makers, sort of an exclusive club, fucking the same woman, repeatedly. I missed her the most is that I couldn't spank her good for that.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

NCIS on high class prostitutes? OMG, is there a race on that topic, what has the world come to? The one before on Numbers (?), of all things, and Bones!

The NCIS one seems to have something right, and they are showing off since they appear to have a consultant. The ex-callgirl ex-madam reminded me of a few persons. God knows how long they working life can be. Eighteen year olds have no chance against that (well, maybe once a while).

In defense of not so high-class call girls, having sex with whoever stranger answering the door can be a thrill to some (I have been told), but hell to others. The more you charge the more is expected of you on the menu. Some girls just can't do that. They are at ease with mechanical sex, in, out and bye, which is not a big deal to them.

The out-of-beauty-salon look and expensive labels usually works but still depends. All the accessories in the world cannot help if the raw material is bad - not good looking enough and not sexy enough.

I have seen a few girls who asked friends to drop them off to meet me, only to hide their expensive cars. Do I mind that I'm supporting their expensive lifestyle? Not a bit, so I got to see their cars sooner or later. A girl even allow me to drive hers whenever we go out, obviously I'm a much better driver and she can talk all the time. Leasing a brand new luxury car is peanuts, thought it's a complete waste of money.

Do I feel better if I'm supporting their college fees or their family? Sure, but satisfaction, sexy and attractive take priority.

I feel sorry for the NCIS guy who had a friendly dinner with the ex-madam, almost forgetting that she is/was a prostitute, only for her to receive a client call and have to go immediately, saying that it's not what you think.

Once upon a time, old story, I had been receiving calls from Chanel fairly regularly, a couple of weeks at most from the last time I saw her, at about the same time in the afternoon. I do not always answer the phone or return the call, not when I cannot talk, cannot see her that day, or have no time or money in the next few days. She even tried to call with different phone lines as if I am avoiding her. Good times. When I called her or answered the phone, she would encourage me to talk longer, even if I have no plan to see her, or she cannot see me that day.

Then she invited me for lunch AFTER sex. She wasn't in a hurry to leave the hotel or even the bed. She took her time in the restaurant, and she loved it. Of course I paid.

I began to think that, unconsciously, with me she began to relax, less calculating, and showed some human emotions of naturally friendliness.

One day when we left the restaurant, I took the wrong turn in the parking lot and saw her using her cell in the car, although I should have been gone by then. Of course that's what you are thinking. I feel sorry for myself.

It suits her when I can do the early bird session. She hanged out with me only to kill time for free and a nice meal. After lunch she started to call her clients. That's why I've been getting calls fairly regularly before that. That's not a bad thing. But I did turn down dinner with a pretty 20 year old before just because she was waiting for a flight, and I must have better things to do than doing meaningless dates. Sex is done by then.

The other reasons that I know she was soliciting clients because she didn't like to eat first and then sex. At lunch she would take calls from friends and clients. I don't mind a bit even if she called her clients, as long as it's business like schedule changes. She wouldn't chat with clients for long while I was around. So in the parking lot she must be soliciting clients. That's not my business.

But worse, I remembered sometimes she used excuses to borrow my phone. It dawned on me that she used me, used my phone to call her clients that wouldn't return her calls, as she did to me before that.

Sometimes I feel jealous when she talks on the phone for minutes, especially when I didn't know what she's talking about. She's multilingual. It dawned on me why previously she encouraged me to talk longer on the phone, and she was like in a unusually good mood. She was using me to make the other guys jealous.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

RapeLay and Sex Trafficking

Somebody living under the well saw RapeLay and "uproared" about it. Amazon banned the sale of it. Now anybody who wants to see it saw it. It's a lesson to do gooders.

I wouldn't have seen it because as I expected, it's a disappointment. It's a poor approximation of main stream Japanese porn. Also the tech was pretty old, and I thought I mentioned it sometime ago. There's little to do with rape, except for the indecent assault at the beginning in trains and train stations. The rest and everything appears in porns all the time.

Maybe the uproar was because of that Amazon sells it. The only deterrent to kids is that they have to buy it. Now you can see what happens - you can download it everywhere for free. Also, are do gooders attempt to isolate the culture of a country from the rest of the world?

To ban the evil game you have really to filter the internet. But then you have also to filter out plenty of porn films - they are the same things with real people instead of cartoons.

Filtering the internet is really a parental thing. For small kids any porn is unacceptable. So you ask the govt to filter out everything? There are plenty of voluntary filters to join, some free some not. Whereas parents don't worry about child porn, which is highly illegal everywhere and the chance that your child come across some for free is almost impossible.

Another thing. Is it possible that attacking porn drives more models/stars into prostitution? Many porn stars are available for personal meetings on and off, depending on how well they are doing.

Sex trafficking is a bad thing, but using it as a weapon for anti-prostitution is also bad. The argument that with legal prostitution, sex trafficking is difficult to detect. If you believe that you can believe anything. Anyway, if we want to eliminate child porn, we should ban all porn, right? And they are trying already, starting with the small chested females. How about alcohol?

Parlors staffed with Asians or Eastern Europeans aren't necessarily trafficking. Indeed it's about zero chance that any public can just walk into a joint and see trafficked slaves. In where I live, with illegal prostitution, even if you want to join some private clubs for something slightly different than one hour stand, you probably need to be blind folded, pick up by a big van with no privacy, or pick up by a driver if you are VIP. Or someone will vouch for you.

Use sex trafficking to interfere with other countries' internal policy is worse. You can't make your kids to do something they don't want when you are far away. The result is probably more prostitutes being locked up, who went into the trade because of poverty. That's triple whammy.

Are do gooders running out of things to do? Are there enough homeless and pet shelters already? Things aren't always black and white. It's like medicine with healing properties and side effects. For bigger issues more people will get hurt.