Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Brits are fucking morons

Do I have your attention? Now am I suppose to prove that you all are morons, or I'll have 60 million people suing me in a class action? What were you doing when they passed the current libel laws?

Certainly I was one of the morons, in that I could have voted against it, if I knew anything about it. I didn't care about it, nor anything much else, and lived to regret it. At least, I hate London being renamed Sue, serving the rich and powerful all over the world, like a prostitute, no matter how rewarding it may be, not to my pocket anyway.

Of all people, Belle de Jour support libel reform! You may hate the Sun, but instead of shutting it down, you are free to read other newspapers.

In the name of protecting people, you can't even speak your mind if you have no absolute proof. This would have wiped out all conjectures, all theories in history.

In the name of human trafficking, there is a world wide illegalization of prostitution, coming from a religiously fanatic country whose has representatives arguing that faith base treatments against physical sickness have to be paid by the state.

In the name of global warming, there could well be tax collectors and police officers that have universal jurisdiction. In unrelated matters, there are already incidents where UN security agents interfering with local officials.

In the name of gun trafficking, govts and NGO's all over the world are supporting US anti-gun organizations, in spirit and with money. I never touched a real gun before but gradually I become pro-gun, which is a surprise to myself. You have to look at Iran, importing fanatic soldiers to suppress it's people. That's why the right to bear arms is the 2nd Amendment. It may seem outdated but how about in a 100 years' time? A thousand? What you can't do now when you can do a decade ago? At the rate of losing freedom, it will be Iran all over some day. The ease of obtaining a gun illegally has no relation to the right to bear arms.

"In the name of" legislation has no place in this connected world. So they try to filter the internet, well again, in the name of child pornography. CP is highly illegal in most of the modern civilized world. You get people knocking at your door just by downloading something. You just don't get CP through the open internet. It's secret, encrypted, whatever.

If they filter the internet, will you let your child free roaming unsupervised? You are a moron if you do. There are free and voluntary filters. You can throw money to it to make the filter knows what make people horny. You can make it illegal to not label a site with adult contents. But you cannot make it mandatory to be filtered.

ps trial without jury is being held after 350 years. I'm going to buy a gun when I still can.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Dating theories

Something reminded me of my past intention to give dating advice.

The key to long term happiness is to assume that any person can be 100% absence of any disorder, to severely having, say, bipolar disorder. You have to do a long term investigation to find out the degree of the "patient" and see if you can handle that. Also, you have to read the psychiatry bible DSM to see which of the hundreds of disorders that you can't particularly can't stand.

On the bright side, compulsive orally enclose erect penis obsession is a disorder that I can vouch for - it's real. It's an urban legend that porn fans will be disappointed in real life. Trust me, I have seen enough talented and screwed up people of all races, education level, etc.

Porn stars aren't A-list movie stars and models. How can porn fans be disappointed that much? There sure exist prostitutes that are more attractive than many porn stars and many strippers. For many reasons including shame, they cannot afford to disclose their ID like porn stars and strippers.

Real oral fixation isn't that average porn stars can fake well. In any case, watching it and experiencing it personally is no comparison. Porn and sex and prostitution can co-exist in harmony.

Some people have minor autism tendencies and didn't know about it or didn't think about it as such for all their life. Imagine that someone picks dirt on the floor by fingers after the cleaner has gone? Imagine that she lives with a scientist, who rightly belief that earth to earth, dust to dust, everything will be there eventually but as long as the vacuum cleaner sucks dust regularly in a rate faster than the rate of accumulation, you can lie on the couch and watch TV.

If you put two minor bipolar disorder people together? The sum is sure more than it's parts.

On a related note, the resistance to brain wash is something that you need to investigate. Like all of the above, you don't want your partner to have, or you should have the same disorders, or complimentary "defects".

I have seen people from hating to pay any credit card interest, graduating to maxing out whatever limit their CC company give them over the years.

Parallel universes and the "Matrix" worlds do exist and you are to make sure that your partner belongs to the same where you are. I have seen normal people anyway you look at, but in their mind the world is explained in a totally different way. If you disagree in something, there's nothing in any worlds you can do anything about it.

If you don't believe in science, you can believe in any crackpot. After all, science is historically a branch of philosophy, which has something to do with looking for the truth. To the supernaturalists, a great deal of science is dealing with the unknown, explainable. This is how new theories, new discoveries and new facts are made.

I know a man who refuse to let his kids drink different kind of reduced fat milk. He questions the doctors' advice and doesn't believe that 2% make a lot of difference and that the switching age is apparently not a precise science. He insists on bulk purchase of the same type.

On the contrary, I know a woman who insists to buy two bottle of milk every time, risking turning sour. She would not increase the frequency to the grocery store. Shopping trips to the mall are exceptions.

Any one of them is bad enough, but at least the man qualify as a thinker. Putting them together is certainly like putting Christ and anti-Christ together.