Saturday, February 13, 2010

Small boobs cause big storm

I hope a lot more people all over the world noticed. There has been a worldwide tightening censorship on the internet, the final outcome will be even more restrictive than the Chinese version - anonymous is no longer possible, ultimately requiring a license to connect to the internet, like a driving license. The Australian proposed laws under attack is only tip of the iceberg. Something like this is already in place in some countries.

It's a bit of success, making mainstream media saying Operation Titstorm all over the place. In the name of child porn, porn with small breasted women are banned, even if they pass the strict US rules, irrespective of age. Female ejaculation, that the no-sex-life Ausie parliamentarians never experienced, is being confused with urine and hence banned together with golden shower. What, no golden shower? There must be a lot more on the proposed laws, which are claimed to be in line with ITU (International Telecom Union) recommendations (check). The law includes hand drawn porns. I am surprised that the Ausies haven't already started a trade war with Japan.

Already, the Australian internet filter is not really just about porn. The list was leaked on, of course, Wikileak, which included pages in Wikipedia, conspiracy theory sites like frequently banned, and a dentist's site with the words "Child Oral Care" on it.

Check the facts, but there's no conspiracy theory here. Main stream globalists are all for heavy regulation of the internet more than the Chinese, including a high ranking Microsoft executive. Europeans are used to it - when they can't pass national legislation they try to push it through the EU backdoor. Now the ITU classify what is legal porn? The UN declaration of human rights is a good thing, but the declaration on blasphemy is infringing basic human rights - free speech. And the Climate-gate is obvious. If it passed there will be a global infrastructure to enforce the law and tax. It will be starting to look like Iran, with imported revolutionary guards. They global security infrastructure (that most never heard of) is already huge, and there are instances of interfering with national institutions (as reported in the news).

National govts decided they can't stand the web, more obviously after 911, beef, H1N1 vaccine, and many more. Now the Brits realize that their libel law is against their principle of any other laws - innocent until proven guilty, but with the internet anonymity even Tom Cruise has to bow. Free speech is tolerable if not much people can hear you. Wait a minute, does the US has law preventing the bad mouthing food supplies?

It's very difficult to give up freedom you already have. The Ausies just retracted their law forbidding anonymous comments before elections, due to public uproar. The law was unanimously supported by all MPs! The other way to go about it is to censor the web.

Europeans are still having fun uploading what's happening in their bedroom. But the US law basically killed the fun all over the world. If ID is required for posting anything, you will not see this blog, and many others on the roll. If there's records, there will be leaks.