Monday, November 02, 2009

What not to do at Halloween

Luckily it didn't happen to me anywhere near Halloween.

I saw a brief ad without pictures asking for the top going rate at a location near me. Most would ignore it, others would dismissed it as a rip-off, when 99% at my area were. I bet it wasn't, and taking risks have their rewards. It was an incall so I could pull out at the door. It wouldn't waste much time as she was close to me. There weren't that much chance nearby to take risks.

It was a decent motel, so a long term relationship wasn't likely as compared to her home. Living in a rip-off state and county, I train myself to say no thank you, turn away or just run whenever something doesn't seem right. I repeated the drill in my head and then knocked at the door.

The door opened just enough for me to get in. It seemed that the electricity to the motel was cut off due to accidental overload or something. She made do with some faint light in her room. She was standing behind the door so I could see nothing. I wouldn't go in that way.

During the standoff, a head suddenly popped out from behind the door, which made me jumped! It was a witch.

Stupid witch. It was her idea to block off the bright sunlight outside, and made atmosphere in the room using candle lights! Did she read the news about how many houses were burnt like that?

She actually looked like a witch with tall nose, sharp chins, wide thin lips pointing upwards, small piercing eyes, long eyebrows pointing downwards, and ghostly white skin. She wasn't ugly or old. She might be early thirties or younger, but her face would look older than she actually was. Worse still, she was in black lingerie, a teddy like outfit that wasn't showing much, more like hiding her age.

After the initial shock, she looked good enough for me to get inside, and a counter offer would fix anything. I asked for more lights and she did it apologetically. She looked better in the light and she didn't seem to have anything to hide. She wasn't tall but she had nice legs, and she was in good condition overall. So I accepted the offer without modification, knowing that she would be willing to please, and not a rip-off.

Actually her body was great, organic and slender like a 20 year old. Somebody goes for perfect tan, like the golden crust in a pizza. Somebody have to go for deep tan to hide things, like a Kentucky Fried Chicken. She went for the flawless pale look, which was perfect as a sashimi (and bloody raw steak) lover like me. Color-wise, it have to be like Hawaiian style tuna, slightly cooked at the outside. Spontaneously I asked if she would take a shower with me. She agreed with a mature woman's voice, and like nothing that she could not handle, very unlike her young looking body.

My idea of a shower is of course me applying body wash (or if there isn't any, shampoo) all over her from neck to toes. I wasn't sucking toes then but I instinctively washed her toes one by one. She was rather small and so was her feet. Her skin was perfect, or so it felt. She appreciated my attention to her body, and signed:"why don't boy friends do that?".

And so I did it, like many times before. Then I rolled over, recuperated, and chatted a bit.

I think I told the story before. She was an exercise equipment model on TV. Small is good because the equipments looked big. And she didn't have to show her face much.

When I was ready to go I got up and put my clothes back on, while she was lying casually, diagonally on the bed, fully naked with light on. Most girls show their best at the end, so you will remember and come back. Her best was fully naked, not that I can say about many others. I slowed down and got even slower. I was aroused, not that much physically but mentally. I told myself what a waste if I couldn't consume this piece of prime meat once again.

I asked if I could do it again. She just accepted in a mature sort of way. I was rather gentle with her anyway, my usual for the first meet. She wanted me back because there would not be many people in town who would take that much risks. It was hard work.


Pete from Cal said...

what you say is true... with risk sometimes come great reward... as in this case, it worked out... I love a happy story ending.. :) may I ask it there was a subsequent meeting with her? Thanks.

The Player said...

It was a case of out of sight, out of mind. I didn't have any pics or website to remember her by. The way she did it, I assumed that her number would only be good for a while.

Pete from Cal said...

ah, I guess the one time encounter makes the memory even more memorable... :) guess she was more or less a civilian just doing this to make ends meet... even better cuz I love those types..