Saturday, November 07, 2009

Compensated dating

Chanel is particularly jealous when I went abroad with compensated dating services. Her clients told her all about it. I even asked her to give me reliable contacts but she refused. Those types in the news are more for referrals among locals. Since prostitution is semi legal, group members are more likely to have met each other, and that's the usual criteria to get insider information. Unlike in US, where you may refer your online buddy to your regular, without telling her that you never met your buddy, who could be a serial killer.

But you don't really need referrals. Dating can be included if you want. You really want to hang around someone who look the part (old enough) to have dinner and watch a movie. You can find some online something a bit like Craig's lists.

They are close to happy hookers in my book. You have to meet them outside some shops or stations, telling them what you are wearing. I'm sure if there's something not right, they will not appear. Some girls ask for travel expenses beforehand, if you decide not to go ahead after meeting them. And potential clients honors the practice. These girls are not that confident or they are too hot and their time is very precious - you never know.

I suppose they are common but looking at the whole industry, they are just sand in the desert. For the price you can have model types twice over, if you want to skip the dating part. If you have time and money to spare, hostess clubs are more mainstream. Anyway, the dating part is increasingly by special request only.

It's an irony if you think that these girls are victims, but in US they punish the victims to deter others from becoming victims. ???

It's naive to think that the problem don't exist in US. Because it's illegal, it turns into something more risky. We have teenagers turning into rip-off artists, because you can't even break even being no-touch dancers, or fully legal escorts. Whole books are written on how to do it. Girls and clients are murdered because of rage.

I met a girl from the fly over zones who probably dropped out before 19 and went to DC as an escort, another went to Hawaii. She hated it and became a semi rip-off artists since. When she showed me pictures of her class reunion, she could point out that many became hookers too. I also met a few of her friends, who she met in cook school or something, who were also game.

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