Friday, September 04, 2009

The beginning of the end

When I was young and vulnerable, I read a crappy sci-fi story serialized on a newspaper that uses sex a lot to sell papers. Men become rare commodities because of the environment or new virus - the usual things. Then women invented sex robots for the poor. Then the technology becomes so advanced that nobody wants men anymore. The remaining few men become prostitutes in brothels for the poorest.

I ran into this news that may be the first brothel with live size dolls. They look as nice as the Real Dolls, which I would have brought one if I could find a place to put it without anybody else knowing. I seriously considered to rent a self storage room as my second home, but as with any marriage or unions, I was afraid that it wouldn't work out in the long term because of insurmountable differences, and that I might lost interest after the honey moon.

The dolls from this brothel can moan, made in the images of movie stars and other fantasies. It's charged by the hour.

I would love to try it but it is in China.

I have done some research and it was probably from Japan, a Japanese version of the Real Dolls started at least a couple of years ago. Different from Real Dolls, the Japanese do rentals too. The industry didn't mushroom out of control, because of stigma (in Japan!) and high cost of maintenance. But they are here to stay, and export to China.

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