Friday, September 18, 2009

Are we sexual predictors?

I read with interest the article from our friend mel. In this case, she can really ask around, john and hookers alike, instead of guessing based on special cases.

I'm a sexual predictor not any more than those cougars, who hunt in different ways. Metaphorically, I like to dangle cash or a pair of shoes in front of their eyes and see who and what they are willing to do for me.

Some students are just too pretty to do a daily 10 hour shift at minimum wage, and opt for giving two bad massage instead. If they offer extras even with jeans and bullet proof vest on, that means working a few hours per week, instead of a 40 hour week. Of course most prefer to operate as a bank, when clients lineup to deposit into your account.

Serial killers? They are as rare as their name implies. In the extreme case, escorts ask for john's work number and call the company to verify it. Most hookers will not touch those without anything to lose unless they have to. It is the lowest level of prostitutes that are most vulnerable. If you punish the johns like the Swedish model, you are just scaring the better clients with something to lose and force hookers to take more risks.

Will johns take it out on prostitutes after they are pissed by their wives or girl friends? My opinion is that it's no more than having a bad hair day, or pissed by the boss, or pissed by anybody else, and find something therapeutic to relax or let off steam.

There's always the chance of rape or forcing the prostitute to do something unwillingly. But it's impossible in a strip club. Girls will help each other out. Even pimps will take good care of the girls, protect them from unsafe sex and violence. Why? It's their investment, and they don't want any down time.

Even for girls working alone, simple precautions like check up calls from friends and agencies will work fine. Unless for the crazy guys who would beat you up and not afraid to be caught - they have nothing to lose.

Beyond that, it's not easy to get your money worth. Somebody said most clients are easy, meaning that they finish well before time is up, and escorts don't feel any hard work, whether the clients are pissed with their wives or not.

Really it's not easy to perform like porn stars. Probably those guys are sought after rather than feared.

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