Saturday, September 26, 2009

F/S $5.00

The title is what I saw on a sign, held by an underage school girl, in short shorts and small T-shirt. I thought I was seeing ghost early in the morning, but then I realized that it was only a funding raising car wash. Any older they will be in bikinis, which I never tried because what am I going to do after the car wash? Still, they are too young for me to watch their butts wiggling over my car.

I ran out of gas in the middle of a prime office area. For the 1st time I noticed a small gas station. I drove in and this is what I found on the other side of my pump. It was tame for office work, probably found in Macy or M&S, but a little short. Nobody actually wear that here. Too sexy for office, and too formal otherwise.
Her legs were bare like the next picture, exposing her non-native pale legs. When I got to the pump, she was just bending down and froze for a bit, retracting the hose from her dirty mustang.

It was a nice view so I watched her walking into the gas station shop and waited for her to walk back to her car. I didn't notice what shoes she was wearing or anything else, except that she has neck length straight blond hair. If Chanel is still around I would call her up to wait for me in the similar skirt I gave her, complete with matching jacket.

It dawned on me how come Mrs Player recently had a few fuck me heels. She tried them all for me, in bed. But I never had second thoughts about it. She never had the suitable occasion to wear them. And I probably wouldn't allow her to go anywhere by herself, considering my erection and that I couldn't take my eyes off her legs.

She said it was really for me, and that it cost not much more than those from sex shops, or stripper shoes. This is one of my favorite. I prefer sandal types, but the highest one Mrs Player has is about one inch shorter. Any higher than this, the shoes look like folded, and the wearers look like tip toeing.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My naughty key

This is the PO Box key that I got my naughty mail orders. I forgot all about it and now the post master resold the box and I am left with the key. Actually two keys, I left one in a pocket and considered it lost. I paid less than two dollars to get a replacement, before I found the lost one. It's lucky that Mrs Player didn't find it.

I have no rush to replace it. Mrs Player's 4 inch heels are fun to play with for now. In the past, I smuggled a tame but elegant pair of heels hoping Chanel would model it for me. But that day her own pair blown me away, saving me the embarrassment for asking.

Now I'm very certain about the USPS boxes, that they have the full status of a normal address. You can send whatever to the boxes, registered mails requiring signatures and big parcels. If anything goes wrong, the mails will be returned to sender, not forwarded to my verified home address. If I were that certain, I would have ordered a lot of naughty things. I only ordered things that could be explained away if Mrs Player found out, like it was for her to try.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Are we sexual predictors?

I read with interest the article from our friend mel. In this case, she can really ask around, john and hookers alike, instead of guessing based on special cases.

I'm a sexual predictor not any more than those cougars, who hunt in different ways. Metaphorically, I like to dangle cash or a pair of shoes in front of their eyes and see who and what they are willing to do for me.

Some students are just too pretty to do a daily 10 hour shift at minimum wage, and opt for giving two bad massage instead. If they offer extras even with jeans and bullet proof vest on, that means working a few hours per week, instead of a 40 hour week. Of course most prefer to operate as a bank, when clients lineup to deposit into your account.

Serial killers? They are as rare as their name implies. In the extreme case, escorts ask for john's work number and call the company to verify it. Most hookers will not touch those without anything to lose unless they have to. It is the lowest level of prostitutes that are most vulnerable. If you punish the johns like the Swedish model, you are just scaring the better clients with something to lose and force hookers to take more risks.

Will johns take it out on prostitutes after they are pissed by their wives or girl friends? My opinion is that it's no more than having a bad hair day, or pissed by the boss, or pissed by anybody else, and find something therapeutic to relax or let off steam.

There's always the chance of rape or forcing the prostitute to do something unwillingly. But it's impossible in a strip club. Girls will help each other out. Even pimps will take good care of the girls, protect them from unsafe sex and violence. Why? It's their investment, and they don't want any down time.

Even for girls working alone, simple precautions like check up calls from friends and agencies will work fine. Unless for the crazy guys who would beat you up and not afraid to be caught - they have nothing to lose.

Beyond that, it's not easy to get your money worth. Somebody said most clients are easy, meaning that they finish well before time is up, and escorts don't feel any hard work, whether the clients are pissed with their wives or not.

Really it's not easy to perform like porn stars. Probably those guys are sought after rather than feared.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

While I'm at it, another non-john-escort blog that I follow is Radical Vixen. It's phone sex that I know little of. There's endless supply of bizarre imaginations, and what really happened at the other end of the phone is often hilarious.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Once I recommended the Happyendingz blog. It turns out that the Happyendingz economic index is rather good! She said that tradesmen are getting work. I didn't follow anything in particular because I didn't want to know how deep my head is below water. And it wasn't as bad as I imagined, but still ...

From estate agents gossips, foreclosures are no big deal. Those negative equity properties are basically written off by the banks and taken into stock. Very few people can bid at auctions no matter how good the deal is, because it's all cash transactions. So normal people have still to borrow from the banks, go through estate agents to get their house. So the banks have some regulating powers on the supply and demand of the market. If you always have spare money, you always have to pick cash, stock or real estate. What would you do? It looks like there are some sales and some listings. At least these houses are being fixed to sale conditions.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I can understand why so many stars choose to end their life. Or in a downward spiral that the end is inevitable. It isn't a big deal when they had it all, and that living in a 3 bed house somewhere till the end isn't a life for them. It's sad to see stars of my generation fell, but the little consolation is that they choose it because they had it all. It's sad for those fallen on this day, but I'll try not to be too sad about the life they would have ahead of them, I'll celebrate the good life they already have.

2001 signifies another downhill trend of America. It had been a walk in the clouds for about a decade for me. On the whole, it wasn't too big a blow. Then things starts to go down hill. But I saw wars, births, deaths, SARS, now a possible pandemic, and of course the financial meltdown. I can take blows one or a few at at time, especially with my adorable sexual punch bags.

My childhood is pretty much like others with parents of working class/small business owners. But we never worry a thing, and that I have my parents to thank. On my own, I also had clouds over my head for years, but I got out of it. Basically I have been very at ease and at peace with myself.

Married a drama queen is another matter. I had no idea of what I was getting into, and I didn't see it coming. If only she went to shop, while I went to work, all would have been perfect. Even at the best of times, she always see that something is not right, demand fixes, ask for something, as if everybody else owe her.

I love some of my old public housing friends. (BTW they have more disposable pocket money and some are rich faster because of the cheap housing.) They appreciate things a lot better. The girl that I had a crush on went to work all summer, didn't get paid because the joint went bust, and she just managed to loot a radio for the only compensation. And she put the radio in the living room to enjoy. I had no chance with her because she started work early, wanted a secure future now and then everything. Her brother told me she had a boy friend with parents doing OK, and he had a decent job and decent car. That's not bad when we were still studying. She would be in heaven if she waited for me. She's probably the ones who do budgeting, financial planing, while I just play computer games at work and at home.

Monday, September 07, 2009

GFE or dolls?

It dawned on me that I have been looking for dolls all along - pleasing to the eyes, choice of positions, choice of accessories, simple buttons to push such as open, spread, or tongue out. Simple sound tracks and implanted programs are sufficient as long as they turns me on.

Sophistication is desirable but there is the possibility of virus, having a mind of it's own. It's only worth taking the risk if you want some better genes to pass along. A financial independent doll is good for your wallet, but you can always go rental, by the hour if necessary.

From my experience, there aren't anything in particular that an escort should look like, but what haunt me most are two beautiful girls. Cute and pretty can only go so far, but stealing your heart is another matter. One beautiful girl is a masseuse, whom I never touched except for a light hug and a perk on the face after every session, months and months of them. The other is Chanel, whom I spent a lot of time inside.

I met an older woman, not older than me type of old, who must be going downhill. But looking at her face, I knew she had a lot of mileage left. My mind was struggling whether to see her again, but when I got there, seeing her in an elegant black lingerie that looked like a body suit, my pant made me very uncomfortable because of my erection. I had been thinking of what I was going to do to her along the way. The black outfit was the last trigger. It didn't help a lot after I dropped my pants. Some skin tissue down there were being pulled harder than usual.

There was another woman who must be in her 30's or more. She is average in all departments but she knew how to take good care of herself, staying in shape. She has an incall location in an upscale apartment complex, with retail spaces for nail, hair and beauty salons. She loves these things and it shows on her. I could have an erection looking at her sitting down answering the phone, wearing a simple dress and healthy sandals. I like her subtlety - zooming in, what she wore were sexier than lingerie and high heels on her.

Now the visuals. The Real Dolls website used to have some pretty pictures a couple of years ago (?). From the current models on offer, I think utility won over artistry. In contrast, there are at least several companies in Japan, specializing in different things. The company who made this doll seems to only care if the lips are beautiful, rather than whether the mouth can be opened wide.

I prefer hair styles that enhance the face and body, rather than distract and distort. As a general rule I prefer straighter, simpler but feminine styles. Long and high volume are sure things. Nothing can beat those ionized volume-less straight hair that hangs like sand in the wind, if you look beautiful in that. But since the style cannot survive overnight, practically you have to live over the hair salon like the woman above, or have plenty of time like Chanel.

I prefer style over color, and that brunette goes well with most skin colors. If blond goes well with you skin tone, red is probably better. Long live the Scots! I don't like color strips and hate visible new hair roots that are not yet dyed the same color as rest of the hairs. But as long as I can pull and shake, I don't mind anything.

That's only for the hair... wait till the toes.

Friday, September 04, 2009

The beginning of the end

When I was young and vulnerable, I read a crappy sci-fi story serialized on a newspaper that uses sex a lot to sell papers. Men become rare commodities because of the environment or new virus - the usual things. Then women invented sex robots for the poor. Then the technology becomes so advanced that nobody wants men anymore. The remaining few men become prostitutes in brothels for the poorest.

I ran into this news that may be the first brothel with live size dolls. They look as nice as the Real Dolls, which I would have brought one if I could find a place to put it without anybody else knowing. I seriously considered to rent a self storage room as my second home, but as with any marriage or unions, I was afraid that it wouldn't work out in the long term because of insurmountable differences, and that I might lost interest after the honey moon.

The dolls from this brothel can moan, made in the images of movie stars and other fantasies. It's charged by the hour.

I would love to try it but it is in China.

I have done some research and it was probably from Japan, a Japanese version of the Real Dolls started at least a couple of years ago. Different from Real Dolls, the Japanese do rentals too. The industry didn't mushroom out of control, because of stigma (in Japan!) and high cost of maintenance. But they are here to stay, and export to China.