Thursday, August 27, 2009

This the current trend of shorts here, hookers and house wives alike, school girls are wearing something tamer, but not a lot. Ordinary people like Mrs player wears slippers (and of course something on top of the bra). 4 inch heels are only allowed and encouraged at home. If she goes out like that, it has to be over my dead body, meaning she has to kill my erection first.

She liked to show off like a hooker before she went out. I have been known to call her up and told her to come home early for "the" emergency. She would put on the heels waiting for her, post around the mirrors under my directions, and let me do the quickie on her. No foreplay, but usually a lot longer than "quick".
Abandonment the word now doesn't mean as bad as it seems. It could still be a better solution if you still have someone and something to abandon, rather than seeing through the bitter end. If you have been sleeping with the enemy, of the mental kind, you know. The last post was supposed to show that I'm not as bad as this one seems, but I forget about this. Just a thought, don't worry, too much.

I got some rare chance to deprogram mrs player. She once challenged that japanese porn stars have smaller chest, so I found the biggest pair in a school girl type and we watched together. She imitated the reverse cowgirl move in the movie, in which the melons not only bounded up and down, but goes forward towards the camera, and gyrate up and down, forward and backward in a circle. It's hilarious.

I must have written that prostitution has it's therapeutic values, but I must have left a lot of things out, that I won't bother to check. How can selling sex be illegal? Marriage is to a more or lesser degree. Porn? The law is due to female (mostly) insecurity, that they thinks someday somehow they can't compete with the prostitutes. Imagine that they have to do a slurpy blowjob when their husband come home from work? By wiping out and heavy punishment, their daughters will not even think about it give half the chance?

If you compare prostitution to drug addiction, slavery, you don't punish the addicts, you can't possibly eliminate marajuanna, you don't punish the slaves. To make it hell for the girls already in, to discourage girls that are not even born, that's cruel.

Just ranting when I saw another big burst of "clinics" in local newspapers. The trafficking task force may have found one trafficking victim, while an officer said that the girls are unlikely to be trafficked victims. Incidentally, in the areas they went after, the girls mostly drive MBZs to work. It is those money printing assembly lines that makes those places unsatisfying.

Prostitutes can be better than shrinks in many cases. If you want to tie someone up and beat them, go to a dungeon. The nearest dungeon that I know of from me is 100 miles. I still think the girl lied to me when she said that a handjob is illegal while a footjob is legal there. Otherwise I would be more willing to spank her on the cross. Be what you can be. I heard superheros in costumes is rather popular. Once I wrote a script for a dentist and emailed to my new regular. Though she turned up for the appointment, I should not have picked "dentist", because it sounded so weird and so painful. She was uneasy until I let her off the "dentist" chair. By chance, the suit had an armchair full of gadgets, which scared her more.

Talking to some prostitutes may not be rewarding, but get them to talk about their trouble, yours seem to be insignificant, or theirs are so trivial that they should be happy being a hooker. An hour of massage plus sex after is very relaxing and euphoric. It may not solve some of your problems like shrinks, but no drug can beat the feeling, with only positive side effects.

ps Ban soft drugs because they lead to hard drugs. Should we ban porn too?