Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy ending

I sat high on a chiropractor's examination table, I suppose, fully naked, with an erection pointing to the sky, dangling my feet in the air like a kid waiting impatiently at an doctor's office on an adult's chair. But I was calm and patient in a quiet huge room, which was probably converted from the waiting area and office area of a clinic. They need no staff and don' t allow waiting patents here.

It's just a large massage table, but not made from wood, with tasteful metal beams supporting a very thick and sturdy "mattress", a lot like a hospital bed with a lot of fancy gadgets possibly hidden.

Then my "surgeon" walked in gracefully in a full set of real hospital scrub. She's mature in her early 30's, one of those who couldn't get fat, and way passed her skinny teen years, who looks good in her uniform. She wasn't outstanding but I was very fond of her at the end. I only tried her because the one I was seeing quited.

I smiled at her, this time a little wicked, because I was plotting something. I saw her a couple of times and we got comfortable with each other. She knew something was up, trying not to come near me without asking me to lay down first. But I stayed up, so did my penis. When she was within grabbing distance, I held her arms gently and pulled her to stand between my legs.

I crossed my legs gently around her at her waist, and put my arms gently around her back, so she couldn't possibly escape without decisive actions. She could move freely but cannot walk away easily. Then I started kissing her cheek. Next I kissed her tenderly on her lips. She resisted a little, but then responded like a date, which surprised me.

She could say "I don't do that". She was in demand so she didn't need to offer anything extra. This is one of the rare full services places with a difference. She could handle me by giving me a sealed lip type of kiss. Of if she didn't care about it, she could just switch into mechanical mode and let me had what I wanted. But she responded to tenderness, we making out like fresh dates. I probed a little with my tongue and hers responded in kind. I didn't turn into vacuum mode and insert my whole tongue into her mouth. It was one of those moments that you didn't want to spoil.

I didn't know that she could be that cute. That's why I didn't thought of kissing her until that day, nor kissing is usually on my mind. When kissing is included, it may not be mechanical, but often too routine and trying too hard. I like spontaneous on my part. I like the irresistible urge to kiss, and sometimes they know it and it works wonders. But sometimes the spontaneous response is yuk, oh no, here comes the gems, which aren't worth carrying on, but all don't really matter. Sometimes it feels like a service. Other times it feels like ordinary people.

If I really want to kiss somebody premeditated, I would call my professional girl friend. She knows what she is getting into. She knows that she is irresistible, meaning there is no other realistic choice at hand. She changed from "not on my cheek" to DFK, DJK. She is very cooperative, and very encouraging, with back caressing and all that. But she made sure that she didn't show that she enjoyed any of it. Once she started taking back for giving away too much. The next time she called me I said I have to kiss her for 10 minutes. She replied childishly that no other girls will be willing to promise that. But I didn't think I would like to kiss anyone for 10 minutes. It's not that she's irresplacable, but it takes time and by chance.

Between and during kisses, I did what I had been doing to her every time, slipped my hands under her loose scrub, in which she wasn't wearing anything but a black throng. That was a type of fantasy, and she would only take the whole outfit off when I told her to.

Then we made love on the massage table, which wasn't a massage table so we both could barely get on it and be comfortable.

She is rare because her massage was as good as anybody else. Her loving making is an extension of that. It was always slow motion, that any massage should be. Can't I call it slowpoke? This place in particular was always on high alert because their neighbors in the medical plaza didn't like them. But she wasn't infected by the nervousness. She would stay naked on the table as long as I needed. She would stop her massage any time you desired, and then carry on from there when she cleaned you up after sex. She never cheated on the clock.

This place has no competition, in a medical plaza close to home, clinically clean, great massage skills, goes all the way. The girl who left earlier was better in massage, younger, prettier and has an all natural body that beats enhancements. They are their own worse enemy because neighbors don't like them, even though they tried to keep very low profile and limits the foot traffic. Nobody dare to go full service or even happy ending in such areas.

Other services like escorts are surprisingly few, overpriced, and lack of choice, because they don't want to be busted here. The other options are to drive long distance, make advance bookings.

Everybody loves a good massage, which isn't cheap. Many escorts can do decent or even good massages, but it doesn't make economical sense unless they charge the full price for both. The price there is a pretty good bargain. I like sex more. In an ideal world you make two appointments back to back, with an masseuse and a call girl, that I have done enough. But it's logistics, and well, money. So you settle with just some happy ending, and save the time and money for another day.

I think the first girl thought I was not typical clients who are overweight, back not aged well, have money to spare. I must be there because I must be as bad as overweight, couldn't get laid and didn't have enough money for escorts. And so I didn't know she did full service. So every time it was a great massage followed by costume fantasy and ended with a happy one. Finally, we played so close to full sex that prompted me to ask her. She started a little high and was surprised that I took the offer without bargain. Just when I though it was the start of a beautiful relationship, that was the last time I saw her. I doubt if she did much full service. It was her grab the money and ran mode. I let her got away easily on the massage table, because I though I could more than get it back next time, paying good money for it.

That was the same with the 2nd girl. After I kissed her the first time, the place was closed. I could remember the "what the hack" look in her eyes when I tried to kiss her. She knew it was the last time and she couldn't get into trouble one way or the other. She let her guard down and looked like she enjoyed it, or so I hoped. Once she kissed like that she could have troubles. If she didn't, I wouldn't expect anything. If she couldn't keep it up I would easily be disappointed or offended. I could have developed other ideas. Also, imagine if I kissed and told, writing a review on her? Everybody would demand GFE, how miserable for her, I imagine.

One of the blogs I like is Happyendingz. Relatively speaking I don' t know that much about what's happening inside a massage parlor in other places, so I like to find out. And the local variety is endless. Here my gardener and a CEO didn't look much different when they are off duty. You can't tell if a girl is a rich housewife, a locally born and bread college student, or an erotic masseuse. My scrub girls could be on ER and you couldn't tell, that they are not real nurses.

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