Monday, May 11, 2009

Is it possible to get serious with a call girl?

I never thought it was possible to have a call girl as a serious girlfriend. But then once upon a time, did you think that only virgins will do? Now that I'm completely over her, I think it's very possible with the one who used to be my professional (paid) girl friend. It's possible but it doesn't mean that I can do it. This is a personal experience that doesn't represent anything.

I never thought about that when I was seeing her regularly, and mostly her. She said she only had a few regulars and it seemed true. May be I thought about it momentarily, but since I never thought that she would think about it, I didn't register any of it. I don't think she thought about it. Maybe she did, but since she knew I wouldn't give up my status quo for her, she wouldn't think too much about it.

Maybe both of us have a lot to lose, so it didn't seem possible, so we can relax about it, without worrying that the other got the wrong ideas. We also told each other things such as how lune Mrs Player is and how she didn't want to marry her rich boyfriend.

A current call girl is out of the question. I don't think I can stand it yet, unless I need a lot of financial assistance to keep my lifestyle. I can possibly get over what an ex-call girl went through.

I'm attracted to her, never failed to get hard, never hesitated to deep French/Japanese kiss her when she was up for it, and on a good day I had lots of sperms to show for it. I can't say how beautiful she is, but it's a joy to stare at her face while doing the missionary, and to watch her blowing me. Otherwise she isn't a model material, but has good genes, and everything is nice to look at.

I was with her through thick and thin, really. She was school girl thin, photogenic with bikini on when I first met her. When she was low, I met her once when her hair was pink, once her lips were dry with almost flaking skin. Once I called her out when she had been closing her room door, smoking cigarette and talking with her friends for hours if not overnight, her hair in a mess full of cigarette odor. Once her big toe nail was broken. Once her skin was so badly taken care of that she needed to see the doctor, while I knew it was only caused by prolonged dryness on delicate skin - I got the same problems.

She got fatter when she was on the pill, though I found out the reason much later. She once resorted to wearing all black coming to the motel. But I found it rather sexy like a sexy housewife with some meat. When we first met, she always liked to walk around naked, or I should say she didn't try her best to hide her naked body. After sex, she would walk to the bathroom and walk back naked, or even chat with me sitting naked. But when she was fat, she deliberately stood in front of me and changed slowly, wanting to get my comment on her body. She knew she was fat.

Her body wasn't terrible then, but everything seemed to be going hill, and I thought it would be the end of our relationship. She wasn't that good to me, perhaps not to give me wrong ideas, and then what would I be paying for? Her delicate skin looked like a woman's face cleared of makeup. Unlike girls who never use makeup, you can see tiny flaws here and there. Her well shaped, bigger boobs looked like they swelled a little, but not drooping yet, and her nipple a little blurred. She wasn't thick but her killer waist was gone. She wear medium skirts on occasions, so I thought she has nice legs, until one day, I didn't remember when, she agreed to put on a school uniform. Her tights were thicker than I thought. Another time I watched her silhouette when she was making motel coffee for me naked standing up. Her messy hair and lose muscle tone terrified me for a second.

All those didn't stop me from calling her, well, a lot of times she called me. Changing the angle and she would look a lot better. If I stopped seeing her, it would be that I feel unfair for the money I gave her, that I could have better. And also I wouldn't want to watch her going downhill all the way, feeling sorry for her.

But then she got back in shape, just by staying off the pill I think. She got back in shape that was unmistakably unmarried without children. Her hair and skin became perfect again, added with perfectly done nails. Sometimes she wore clothes and makeups like she was thirty something, when in fact she was 10 years younger. That was pretty hot and I wondered who she was going to see next. The last time I saw her she was school girl thin, wearing teenage uniform with trendy T-shirt, jeans, and perfectly matched pink manicure and pedicure. OMG.

I wasn't attracted to her because she is young. Otherwise I could prefer a mail order bride. Indeed I wish she was a lot older, same attractiveness of course. One reason I am attracted to her because her looks would last very long. I knew a number of women that could fight off teenagers at 40 something, and would be attractive well into their 50's. Mostly they are not call girls, otherwise they will be to expensive for me to see. She is the next generation, so I would predict her self life would be approaching 60 or more, and at the time I would have nothing to worry about.

She started to take calls most likely because she couldn't resist the temptation of money and life style, she was naive, and many of her peers do it. It could be more complicated but nothing new. Later it doesn't matter that much once you started. Instead of marrying her boyfriend, she tried to delay, taking calls when she needed money for her independence. Since she lived with her mother, a few calls from her regulars would help her through the month with decent pocket money to spend.

The morality may be hard to swallow but there are worse things, desperate cheating wives, lune civilians and mail order brides that you know nothing about.

She did play fair. If she is going to marry, she will marry, have kids, and that will be it. If she played games, she could get away with a mil or a few more just by getting married and then quit. Though her boyfriend may ask her to sign something at the last minute, but she never thought of that sort of thing.

If she played dirty, she could have gotten a lot more money from me. She never asked me to go shopping with her, which I couldn't have resisted. She played fair, and wanted no trouble from clients.

To me she remained carefully on a professional level, but would be nice to me given enough compensation. She can make me happy, other than sex and looks. We had spent several hours in bed, and also hours in restaurants, while I totally lost track of time, as if only one hour had passed.

I can't tell you her feelings for me, if any. I only know that her requirements aren't that stringent. Yes, she wanted a rich husband, but her boyfriend isn't that rich, having a nice car, a nice house, and a secure future. But still you can easily lose everything no matter what. Life is a trade-off, and perhaps she would settle for less cash, more talent, and someone she can talk to - that seemed to be the only thing that's important to her other than money.

Well we talked. We talked about cheating. She even asked me my advise on the fact that she didn't want to marry so young and have kids. If I can overlook her past certainly we would have much more to talk about. But it was like when we talked too much, we regretted it afterward for crossing the line. We, at least I, refrained from asking some questions even though I wanted to know very much, and when we ventured into something different, we kept it short, casual and shallow, all in the name of a professional relationship.

Some call girls want toy boy or even male model types for boyfriend and even husbands , but not her. Perhaps money is so much more important. Perhaps she became insensitive to looks. It's true that better looking people do better but at the top are disproportionally full of the shorties and the uglies. These guys had all the incentive in the world to do well.

I'm not bad myself. I probably looked younger than her boyfriend, who is much younger than me. I had hair, legs and until recently, killer waist. And everything works :-). When we all grown up, my childhood schoolmates still blamed the thief for stealing our first (and last) guitars while taking our first lessons. We never bother to ask our mothers money to replace them. They are sure that if I learned to play, I'll sing and I will have groupies and they will have the surplus.

Good times, when she was a phone call away.


Aneris said...

That was raw and revealing. But I expect nothing less, Player.

The Player said...

Agreed, it's raw. So are you back, moved or something else?

Anonymous said...

It's not only possible to get serious with a call girl, it's almost inevitable in my case, being the romanticist that I am. I've already done it having seen Ramona only twice. Yet, I couldn't stop thinking about her. Now she's leaving town.

I'm new to this, Player. I'm awed at the length and breadth of your experience.

The Player said...

Get hold of her more and you will find out.